Brown Takes Swipe at Throne

The man who would be King

Queen is not amused by Brown’s Royal succession plan | Mail Online

He also intends to sweep away primogeniture, the ancient principle that says a man must always take precedence over a woman in line to the throne.

What an absolutely pointless waste of time. By my reckoning this won’t be a problem for years and years.

The Queen will be followed by Charles, who in turn will be followed by William, or should something go wrong, Harry. So we are at least three generations away from this actually being relevant.

Queen Anne

Besides which, and at least as far as I know, the Queen can choose her successor and it is Parliament that has the final say over the succession. Parliament even has the power to offer the throne to someone else further down the line of succession, i.e. Princess Anne should anything happen to Harry, William and Charles.

This of course begs the question, why are the Government worrying about this now? We are in the midst of the worst recession probably ever, the country is in an economic meltdown and yet we have the Government worrying about the line of succession, despite this not being a problem until William has a child.

Moreover, should William have a girl first and then a boy, I doubt that anyone these days would argue that the boy should take precedence, and should the Palace attempt it, they will face an almighty backlash, regardless of the law.


No, this is more likely to be a play to Jacky Smith and her feminist brigade, probably relating to some promise or other that Gordon Brown made to ensure her support some years ago. Either that or a smokescreen to deflect attention from the expenses scandal by putting the Royals in the firing line, who incidentally, have one of the most transparent expenses systems in the world and certainly in Britain. The Queen publishes her expenses for everything from toilet roll and paper napkins to how much her breakfast costs.

In fact during the time that MPs expenses have more than doubled, the Queen has managed to make hers remain pretty much the same.


This seems to be yet another ploy by Labour to undermine yet another great British institution under the pretext of updating, modernising or making it fairer. The best thing that Labour could do to help modernise the Monarchy is to tear up the civil list and stop all tax payer funding of the Royal Family. They should then give the Queen back her income from the Crown Estates and allow her to use that to pay for her lifestyle.

At the moment the Government keeps all the money raised from the Crown Estates each year, which is millions, and then gives the Queen pocket money – and just enough to tide her over. For maintenance of the palaces, the Queen either has to make serious savings elsewhere, or dip into her own pocket, something of course that politician would never do.

The Government spends millions each year on refurbishing offices, second home grants and even pays for MPs’ internet connections and Sky television, all from expenses, never from MPs’ actual salaries. It is one thing to have one family living like Kings, but to have 646 families doing it is just taking the piss.

2 responses to “Brown Takes Swipe at Throne

  1. martin copelin

    Jeremy Clarkson of the motoring program has described Prime Minister Brown as a one eyed Scottish idiot who has no idea of what he is doing. It appears he and his government pander to unwanted minorities at the expense of the
    British people. Surely there must be an alternative party who are patriotic towards the British race.

    • Thanks for the comment Martin, but sadly it seems not.

      Although initially in favour of the party system, as to me it seemed that it kept us from electing people based on their personalities, now I have to admit, I am against it.

      In the end it leaves far too much power in the hands of one group of people, who can push through whatever legislation suits them. More to the point, it leaves little or no power in the hands if the people, at least not for four or five years.

      Currently I am placing my faith in in the hope that it will lead to changes, if not we should abolish parliament altogether.

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