Judge and Jury to clean up politics

Sir Paul Judge

Tycoon finances ‘X Factor’ party to clean up politics – Times Online

A NEW political party aimed at “cleaning up politics” is being set up by a multi-millionaire businessman.

I suppose it would take a businessman to have the vision for this sort of thing, it’s a great idea and may be the last chance our form of democracy has.

Joe Public

This is also an excellent way of getting ordinary people involved in politics, not only voting, but also standing. Today, many see politics as a waste of time as you really only have a choice of two parties, and not really of the actual nominees; once ‘in’, those that are elected are only obliged to follow the party rules and tow the party line. Independent MPs are generally just a waste of a vote, as they rarely, if ever, are likely to have any influence over polices due to the party system that we use in Britain.

This party could make all the difference, as it is basically a party of independents MPs. It is certainly a chance to take a pop at the ruling elite and allow Britain to have an opportunity to be run by real people, rather than privileged people.

X Factor

Spaniard from X Factor

This party will use the only area where politics that is actually growing and gaining in interest, online.

Nominees will have their details and interests published online; the public will then vote by text message, X-Factor-style, to choose the party’s election candidates.

Hopefully the public will be able to vote online as well as via text. It will certainly make a difference being able to look at candidates and be able to vote for the candidate that you’d like to have represent your area, rather than the current system where the party chooses who they would like to stand for a particular area.

Of course it is early days yet, it may well amount to nothing, certainly some people are sceptical.

Anthony King, professor of government at Essex University, is sceptical. “The idea that a non-party party could get very far is far-fetched.”

Personally I think that Professor King is underestimating just how disillusioned most people are with politics, the idea that voters could vote for an MP that has the same ideals and principles as they do, rather than a vague resemblance, is very appealing.

I for one will certainly be keeping an eye on the website: http://www.juryteam.org to see if they have any nominees in my area. My local MP voted against a transparent Parliament, for ID cards and for laws to stop climate change, all of which I disagree with. With any luck at the next election I will be able to make him an ex-MP!

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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