Who’s been sitting in my chair?

Anglians return home to find the Taliban waiting for them

Muslim extremists shout abuse at British soldiers during home-coming march – Telegraph

A group of around 20 men in traditional Islamic dress held up banners and placards that read: “Anglian Soldiers Butchers of Basra”, “Anglian Soldiers Criminals, Murderers Terrorists” and “Baby killers”.

It must have been surreal for the Anglians; after coming home from fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, they find the Taliban appreciation society hurling abuse at them. Another bizarre point is the appearance of the terrorist sympathisers, both the men and woman dress more devoutly than those that have been under the Taliban yoke on and off for more than a decade.

Police protection

Despite the fact that such a protest was bound to incite racial hatred and anger, they were not only allowed to proceed with their protest, they were protected by the police from any backlash. And of course there was a backlash.

In Afghanistan Muslim women are forced to cover themselves up.

Perhaps I am a little misguided, but I always thought that incitement of hatred laws were there to prevent such things, after all such a protest was going to make those that had lost loved ones in Afghanistan very angry and upset. Perhaps in my naivity I assumed that the laws applied equally to whites, and non white immigrants; I should know better.

In Britain Muslim women are more liberated and can wear what they like.

Had the situation been reversed, and the protesters were carrying anti-Muslim slogans, well it would have been riot shields and truncheons all round.


Had we a Government with any modicum of national pride, or respect for Britain; these people would have been rounded up, their spouses were conveniently at hand, and put on the first plane to Afghanistan.

It doesn’t matter whether Afghanistan is their country of origin, nor that of their parents, surely if Afghanistan were ruled by such a wise and tolerant group, such as the Taliban, there would be no complaints of them being relocated there, would there? I see no downside for them. They get to live in a Utopian society were Islam is quite literally, the law. They don’t have to worry about people insulting their religion, nor forward thinking concepts such as democracy or women’s rights. Their wives are probably a little over dressed but still.

Of course they’d hate it there, not because of the Taliban, but because they’d be expected to work to survive. I daresay most of the men, and all of the women, are on benefits. Naturally most of the men will have more than one wife, despite polygamy being illegal in Britain they can claim more benefits for more wives, despite this being against Islam (A man may only have as many wives as he can support, not the state).

If we cannot deport them to their favourite state outside of the UK, then we should try them for treason. After all treason is supporting enemies of the state, and if by their actions they are not being:

adherent to the King’s enemies in his realm

Then I am quite frankly amazed. Free speech is one thing, but when this crosses over into hate speech or treason, then something should be done.


If people were losing their jobs for being members or even supporters of the BNP, then at the very least this lot should too, after all their group is far more insidious.

Care assistant Abu Omar, 30, said:’ If Hitler had committed those crimes noone would be cheering, and they shouldn’t just because they are British. They are 21st century Nazis.’

I cannot think of anything more annoying that a foreigner who has refused to integrate into this country comparing the grandchildren of those that fought a long and bloody war against Nazi tyranny, to Nazis.

The Nazis took control of most of Europe, executed gays, Jews and everyone else that weren’t part of their masterplan, which today would include the millions of Muslims in Europe; the British army is fighting extremists that use civilians, usually women and children, to kill themselves in their name. I think that his analogy is back to front.

Teacher Sayful Islam, self-styled leader of the Luton branch of al-Muhajiroun – the now banned radical Muslim organisation led by Sheikh Omar Bakri – was prominent amongst the demonstrators.

This man is teaching children?

He said:’ The anger has been rising up. The parade was the final insult. They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community. What do they have to be proud of?’

Another story from a few years ago has him claiming benefits, which I find far more likely. These people never work.

Sayful meets me at his semi-detached rented home in Bury Park, Luton’s Muslim neighbourhood. He no longer works, even though he is able-bodied, he admits, preferring instead to claim housing benefit and jobseeker’s allowance. He smiles sheepishly and says the irony is not lost on him that the British state is supporting him financially, even as he plots to “overthrow it”.

Sickening, and if this man is employed anywhere in this country now, he should be sacked and denied any benefits. The man is evil scum and once again I am forced to point out that plotting to overthrow the state is treason!


There will of course be those that read about such a man and claim that we have brought such opinions upon ourselves for being such an imperial race, albeit a century ago, and for our lack of tolerance of Islam and its followers. But as The Sword of Islam himself says,

“Although I had never experienced racism in the UK, it opened the eyes of a lot of Muslims, including mine.”

Despite never being a victim of racism in Britain, he hates us all the same. These people hate Britain and all it stands for, all whilst milking the system for their own ends. They do not care that their parents left their home country for a better life, they want this country to be like their home country, a nation that they have usually rarely, if ever visited, yet see through rose tinted glasses.

Such people are enemies of the state in even the loosest definitions of the term, they should be arrested and tried for treason or better yet deported. They should not be allowed to hide behind the fact that they are British citizens, traitors forfeit that right the moment they begin plotting treason.

6 responses to “Who’s been sitting in my chair?

  1. It was encouraging to see that the locals who had gone to show their support for the Regiment actually got to show their displeasure at another example of islams peaceful protest. Watching the video it could have become a far nastier incident, Is this a glimpse of the future in relation to muslim protest?

    No man survives when freedom fails,
    The best men rot in filthy jails,
    And those who cry ‘appease, appease’
    Are hanged by those they tried to please

    • Thanks for the link. Yes very interesting to see men and women, young and old and white and black all united in their anger. As you say it could have very easily turned nasty.

      I didn’t realise that the police were under such pressure to protect the Muslims, again it must be asked what idiot gave the go ahead for this protest? The police were really stretched no wonder they had to bring in van loads more police and dogs.

      Sadly no one thought to bring any water balloons!

  2. I did a quick bit of very minor level research and I find some aspects of this story just completely crazy.
    I will say this though. I am glad there are those in Britain who will actually use their free speech rights to counter the idiotic actions of others. The 20 + that made it a point to show up got what they deserve.

    • It is bizarre that they were allowed to have this protest, not least because of racial hatred laws. Had anyone else had a protest against this lot, it would certainly have been banned.

      I also think that the protest may have fallen foul of other laws, such as attempting to incite her Majesty’s armies to rebel/desert, and if the rumours of placards about the Queen are to be believed, the 1848 Treason Act.

      I think as the economic crisis bites we’ll see more and more Brits losing patience with these foreigners.

  3. I think the balance between integration and free rein from the government is a tricky one, from one end to the other the pendulum swings and the government is either too hard-line eg Belmarsh or creates double standards through leniency. They basically still havent got it right, and so fundamentalism is allowed to breed. I don’t agree on a no platform policy across the board, even if blatant racism from BNP or Muslim alike. However I am a bit concerned about your outpouring of distaste for the foreigner, lumping them all together as lazy and terrorists, this is what you’re saying right? It’s always the loudest group that gets the biggest publicity, how about the quiet thousands hanging on for dear life to their jobs, paying taxes and considering themselves British first and Islamic second. It would be rash to lump all foreigners together.

    • Thanks for the comment Dina.

      I think that you are misinterpreting my use of the word foreigner. By foreigner I don’t mean anyone who has moved here from another country, I mean those that consider themselves to be outsiders, those that do not belong here, i.e. place another country above Britain.

      Every single one of the Muslim protesters was likely born and raised here, but for me they are foreigners as they will always place another country above this one, even after two generations. Worse, that country doesn’t have to be their home country. People with that mentality are not British, they are temporary residents, i.e. foreigners.

      The Poles are another example, but at least they are here to work, and are not planning on remaining, at least most of them aren’t. So it is understandable for them to still consider themselves Polish, rather than British.

      For me, anyone who doesn’t consider themselves to be British, should not be living here and certainly should not be claiming benefits.

      I agree about how the Government have been too lenient, unfortunately there is no longer any middle ground, the only answer is hard line tactics. I think that the majority of people in Britain are getting sick of those that use religion as a trump card for just about every situation.

      I do hope that there are British Muslims who consider themselves British first, who wish to integrate and who find the behaviour of these extremists just as abhorrent as the majority of non Muslims, but sadly they seem to be awfully quiet. Perhaps it is just the media but there rarely seems to be any outcry from the Muslim community, and their silence is often seen as assent.

      Foolish really, as it is they who have the most to lose in the long run.

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