The madness of King Gordon

brownApologise for the recession? Brown’s credit crunch tantrum at 30,000ft | Mail Online

The full depth of Gordon Brown’s anger over suggestions that he should apologise for the recession was laid bare in extraordinary scenes on the Prime Minister’s plane last week, 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.

People complain about Gordon Brown, calling him our ‘unelected’ Prime Minister as if they didn’t vote for him, but they did. We don’t have Presidents in Britain, we don’t vote for one man to change the country, we vote for a party to run the country; a lot of Britons seem to forget that.

Voters weren’t electing Tony Blair at the last election, they were voting in Labour, and that included Gordon Brown. It was up to Labour to decide who they’d have as their leader, and they chose Gordon as the best man for the job. Which should hopefully tells us everything we need to know about Labour at the next election.

Raving Mad

Domineering, a control freak, mirthless, and unstable were just a few of the words used to describe Gordon Brown by his peers, yet Labour chose him anyway. I think now, slowly, they are realising their mistake. Frankly, I think in a leadership contest Tony Benn has more chance of winning, and he’s no longer an MP.

The Prime Minister stormed: ‘You want me to go on television and apologise, but I am not going to do it.

‘I have nothing to apologise for. It is not my fault. Get in the real world.’

Not his fault? The Iron Chancellor? The man who controlled the British economy since 1997 and who had Tony Blair by the short and curlies throughout most of the past decade, claims that it isn’t his fault? The man is raving mad, it can only be his fault, he’s never let anyone else near the economy.

Brown always seems to be on the verge of losing it at the best of times, but sadly he never does for the cameras.

Mr Brown had a tantrum after he asked him to say sorry. ‘Off camera, the mike was ripped off and we exchanged a few tart remarks,’ said Mr Bradby. ‘He has a bad temper.’

People like Brown always do, being a one eyed Scottish idiot doesn’t help either.

Night of long knives

Tony Blair must be laughing his head off over all this. Since emerging from Tony Blair’s shadow Brown has lurched from one disaster to the next and every week there are more whisperings of a leadership challenge.


Way out of his depth

His speech to the US Congress was apparently a success, despite the fact that he has been blaming America for the economic crisis since the start. 

His inability to acknowledge that he may be even partly to blame for the economic crisis is not only making him look foolish, but it is making his peers increasingly frustrated with his leadership, and giving many the opinion that they could do a better job.

Surely the reign of Mad King Gordon is nearing its end?

2 responses to “The madness of King Gordon

  1. Brown is akin to a spoilt child who must always have his own way. He reminds me of a schoolyard bully, one day, he will meet his match, unfortunately, in politics, most of them have a yellow streak running down their spines. So maybe he needs to meet with the people a little more often.

    • With any luck Brown won’t be around much longer, either through a leadership contest or an election. Either way I don’t think his pride will allow him to stick around afterwards. Hopefully it is sooner rather than later!

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