MPs keep addresses secret

We sell yours, but ours are PRIVATE

kirkbrideTory MP reveals she keeps home address secret to prevent nuisance letters from male admirers – Telegraph

Julie Kirkbride said that she had felt vulnerable after receiving disturbing correspondence. She disclosed that other female MPs were experiencing similar problems.

Sometimes I think that MPs are a little odd, other times I really believe that they live on another planet entirely!


I have to admit, just typing this post is problematic due to adding the picture above. I am more than man enough to admit that since adding it, I am unable to take my eyes of the beautiful, no, positively enchanting, Julie Kirkbride. It is little wonder Julie Kirkbride needs to hide her address, men would be beating a path to her door. Alright I am being sarcastic. She looks more like a fishwife than anything else; she’s not even nice looking for an MP, and that is saying something.

I presume that by disturbing correspondence, she means letters from her constituents trying to find out what the hell she is doing, as she is clearly not representing them.

The arrogant mare claims:

“I have had cause in the past to talk to the police about people that have become a nuisance,” she said.

I daresay that anyone that has lived on any housing estate in Britain has had cause to do the same, but they are unable to hide their address from the masses.

Nice little earner

There is far more to this than simply not publishing addresses. Kirkbride has been against any form of a transparent Parliament right from the off, and I am not surprised, she also claims the maximum housing entitlement, despite her husband being an MP and also making the same claim! They couldn’t stay together when in London? They need £50,000 a year for accommodation in London for the two of them? Between them they also rack up nearly £300,000 in expenses.

Add to that their salaries and being an MP is clearly a nice little earner for the two of them. Well, I suppose that there is an upside, at least she can’t hire her spouse in a ridiculously well paid nothing job like many MPs do.

No wonder she voted for a law that would remove the public’s right to know what is going on in Parliament, and keep all MPs’ correspondence secret. She also voted against any form of external audit for MPs’ expenses. And who can blame her? Any sort of real audit would reveal that she and her husband both live and work in the same place, yet appear to claim separately. If not entirely against the rules, it is a little odd.

For Kirkbride this isn’t about personal safety, but personal gain and making sure that the people who pay for her to live the life of Riley are oblivious to precisely what they are paying for, nor even what she is doing to earn it.

Make their own rules

The big problem here is that the rules themselves are decided upon by MPs, who therefore decide to give themselves as much as they possibly can. If that isn’t enough, they simply need to justify their claims to a committee of MPs.

In a democracy it is simply not right to have one group of people deciding on what is allowed and what is not allowed for everyone else, such concepts should be consigned to the 20th Century. What is beyond belief however, is that we have said elite making their owns rules, their own pay and creating their own guidance to follow.  Such a thing would not be allowed in any business, so why do we allow the most corrupt, dishonest and self serving people in the country do it?

she wouldn’t want weirdos at her door

milligan Incidentally Julie Kirkbride is most famous for being engaged to Stephen Milligan MP, up until his death. For those that don’t know who Stephen Milligan was, perhaps too young to remember the scandal that started the whole Tory sleaze era. He was the MP that was found dead draped over his kitchen table, wearing women’s underwear and stockings with a piece of cord tied around his neck and ankles, and with a piece of satsuma in his mouth . The supplier of the satsuma was never found.

His death was apparently the result of auto-erotic asphyxiation, the same thing that claimed the life of Michael Hutchence.  There were some suggestions at the time, and that still persist, that he was murdered and then dressed in that manner to destroy his character.

Sadly the scandal wasn’t quite enough to ruin the career of his fiancee.

3 responses to “MPs keep addresses secret

  1. Memories’ just poured back with the mention of the Tory sex scandel.
    That morning the story was covered, a dozen of us in work, tried to fathom out where the fruit and tights came into sex.
    The ruling elite never fail, when we’re allowed into their perverted world, to let us all see that in reality we the people stand high above them in morality.

    This site researched well, how they get away with it.
    The system is designed that way.!

    The For Profit Corporation They Belong to, have lawyers guiding them in their fleecing of the British tax payers.
    One of the biggest frauds ever, in whats’ laughingly called Democracy.

    I Call it legal theft by westminsters Highwaymen and women.
    Legal, the wrong word- it’s illegal theft.

    • I have to admit that the whole scene with Miligan seems a little far fetched, but then again you never know with these people.

      Apparently the fruit was to take away the taste of the poppers, but not really sure about the women’s underwear. The whole thing seemed to imply homosexual sex.

      Some of the his friends claim he was murdered as he was about to break ranks. But I don’t suppose we’ll ever know, or be allowed to know the truth.

      Interesting link by the way.

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