Mandelson’s Face Melted in Bio Terror Attack!

Mandy undergoing facial re-constructive surgery after vicious attack: WARNING shocking photo.

The aftermath: Mandy may never regain his looks

BBC NEWS | UK | Arrest in Mandelson custard probe

Police say they have arrested environmental campaigner Leila Deen after an incident in which green custard was thrown at Lord Mandelson.

A terrible tragedy and Mandelson has shown incredible stoicism and bravery by appearing on television afterwards, despite his horrific injuries.


It was fecking custard for crying out loud! Custard! Apart from screaming like a girl when it hit him, Mandy has been living up to his name by also making outrageous statements such as:

Lord Mandelson said the custard had given him a “slight” facial irritation.

Come on, I am sure that Mandy has had worse things on his face.

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show of his “surprise” his attacker had been able to avoid security outside the Royal Society on Friday morning.

What? A woman, holding a cup of custard had managed to evade security? The outrage! How could a pleb possibly get so close to his august majesty? This man (and I use the term loosely) lives in a different world. Does he think that he should have round the clock protection from members of the public? If so, perhaps politics isn’t the game he should be in.

Lord Mandelson also told Andrew Marr that he was “slightly surprised” his attacker “could just saunter off without being apprehended”.

I can understand his confusion as I doubt that he has ever had cause to think about such things, but a woman chucking a drink over a man, is sadly not illegal.

Plane stupid

I am not fan of Plane Stupid, in fact I think that the name sums them up brilliantly. They’ve been told that planes, and carbon emissions are bad, so they go after them like a dog chasing traffic, and with the same effect. They cause massive inconvenience to the general public who are, unlike the plane stupid campaigners, living ordinary lives with real jobs and just trying to do the best for their families.

If the wacky campaigners must make their point, this is how they should do it, by targeting politicians. They certainly won’t make any enemies with the public this way, and who knows, they may even make some friends.

We have a great tradition in this country of being able to tackle politicians personally, a tradition that they are hell-bent on taking away from us but I think that it gives you a great way of finding out about a politicians true character. Take John Prescott, who was viewed by many as a useless piece of lard, but his reaction to getting an egg thrown at him at point blank range was pretty impressive.


Prescott shows no fear when confronting the burly farmer, and soon wipes the smile off his face. Although criticised by namby pamby liberals at the time, it gave an insight into Prescott’s psyche. When confronted by violence from someone younger, fitter and bigger than him, Prescott defended himself. Of course Prescott was still a useless hunk of lard, but at least it demonstrated that when the chips were down Prescott would come out fighting, and shared not only the face but also the spirit of the bulldog.

It certainly increased his popularity at the time and, despite my contempt for the man as a politician, I do still have a grudging respect for him. If memory servers even the egg chucker himself, Craig Evans, said that he had new-found respect for him after the incident.

Mandy squealed and then complained about it as if it were some kind of assassination attempt. In fact from his reaction you’d think it was; perhaps he’d been watching 24 and fancied himself as David Palmer, or just plain fancied David Palmer. Which tells the public all they need to know about the man.

In such a situation there are only two satisfactory ways of handling it, with a smile/laugh and some witty banter, or by tackling the protester.

men from the boys

In the 70s Edward Heath ably demonstrated how to look like a big girls blouse by running away as if he’d been confronted by a knife wielding maniac, rather than a lady with a pot of ink. With a reaction like this is it any wonder that he lost control of the party to a woman? Heath also managed to avoid doing any real fighting during World War II, and yet still ended the war as a lieutenant-colonel.

Brian Mawhinney hid behind his wife when protesters threw flour and paint at him. His career subsequently nose dived, although he is now a Lord. John Major also got egged around the same time and just looked annoyed, no witticism, no threat of violent retaliation.

When Bill Clinton was egged he made a quip about his attacker getting better after missing him the first time, before being buried under secret service types. There was of course Bush recently who dodged a shoe thrown at him, not famed for his quick wit he didn’t say anything back, but his smile after ducking the first shoe said it all!

Tony Blair, although not egged (he was floured in Parliament), was once tackled by a woman outside a hospital about the care her terminally ill husband had received. Watching him squirm and look to escape displayed just what a snake he was.

Sadly voters won’t get the chance to vote Mandy out, he’s not even an MP but a newly made Lord.

Jacky Smith


Sir Paul Stephenson is well aware who pulls his strings

It is worth noting the comment of our Home Secretary, who said:

“I don’t think in a democracy where people are able to speak up that anybody should chuck custard at anybody in the street. It’s not appropriate.”

Neither are rapes, murders, robberies, benefits frauds and expense cheats; as she’s incapable of solving the other problems, my advice to her would be to keep quiet about something that the public will not view in any way, shape or form as a priority.

The very fact that the police are investigating this clearly shows that the police are now nothing more than Labour Party enforcers. It is not in the public interest to pursue a prosecution here, and it is highly unlikely that they will gain one, yet I have no doubt that they will attempt to; Jacky has spoken.

3 responses to “Mandelson’s Face Melted in Bio Terror Attack!

  1. I’m outraged at the attack made on Mandy!
    The colour was all wrong, she should have used RED!
    Bless her, she made my day.

    When the police can ignore REAL threats.
    Where women end up in their graves due to inaction by the police SERVICE.
    Should they now investigate custard that gives us all an idea of their limited SERVICE.


    We need a Force!!

    Cat litter delight would have been a more fetching colour, supplies available free to anyone interested can deliver!!

    • As I understand it they haven’t actually charged the lady, presumably because they have no idea what to charge her with!

      Modern policing in Britain is a joke, they have no officers to investigate rapes, burglaries, murders etc and only investigate 4 in 10 crimes, yet have plenty to spare for things like this, raiding the offices of those that criticise the Government and for protecting racist Muslims from British citizens.

  2. My YouTube upload of the Green splattering of Mandy:

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