Global Warming Scam

Global warming isn’t man-made – Climate science is ‘ancient astrology’

Japanese scientists have made a dramatic break with the UN and Western-backed hypothesis of climate change in a new report from its Energy Commission.

It is always good to see this cult taken down a peg or two. Most of these enviro-mentalists would have you believe that theirs is the only theory, except that they don’t call it a theory. For these zealots it is clear cut, there is no debate nor any discussion, and the media has largely towed the line.

Climate Sceptic

Those that do not follow the gospel are sceptics or worse heretics, so it is refreshing to hear the other side to this one sided debate.

Global mean temperature rose continuously from 1800-1850

We are constantly told that the current rise in temperature is unprecedented, that it displays clearly to even those who are not climatologists, that the world is doomed. Yet, there is a precedent. This level of warming has happened before, many times, and all long before mankind was pumping out billions of tonnes of CO2.

However, since 2001, this increase [in global mean temperature] halted. Despite this, CO2 emissions are still increasing.

Another point that the enviro-mentalists don’t wish for you to hear about. Despite the increase in Co2 emission, the mean global temperature hasn’t increased since 2001. Yet still, day in day out we hear of the forthcoming Armageddon, just recently Chris Field warned that global warming was actually far worse than had been predicted.

Prof Field said the 2007 report, which predicted temperature rises between 1.1C and 6.4C over the next century, seriously underestimated the scale of the problem.

It seems that Field may be making this up as he goes along. Despite the apparent massive increase in CO2 emission the global temperatures have remained the same. I am no climatologist, nor even a Professor, but surely if the two are correlated, when one rises, shouldn’t the other? Perhaps I just don’t have enough faith?

Global Warming has ceased

It strikes me as very odd that even though there is no further evidence for global warming getting worse, the enviro-mentalists have ramped up the rhetoric considerably. We are quite literally talking end of days for some, others aren’t so optimistic.

For that reason, in 2000 Global Warming stopped, after that, the negative cycle will probably continue.

I can’t help but wonder whether this is the reason. They are in denial. Despite the predictions of increasing temperatures, whole swathes of the world turning into desert, the oceans reclaiming parts of continents etc, all we have seen is a levelling out of the temperature for almost a decade.

Global warming has ceased, worse than that though, it is apparently now reversing. A scenario that the countless computer models could never predict, because it is a possibility that was never allowed to enter the minds of those controlling the data, ever. Such a thought would be sacrilege, blasphemy even. Such people could not countenance a future where they were unable to save mankind from themselves, dictate to the masses how they should be living and point out the ills of their lifestyles.

So they came up with even more evidence, more proof, using their computer models to justify their half baked theories. Professor Field is an example, claiming that “warming is likely to accelerate at a much faster pace and cause more environmental damage than had been predicted,” despite the fact that the planet is no longer ‘warming.’

The best though has to be this quote:

While skeptics are already using it as evidence of some kind of cooling trend, it actually illustrates how fast the world is warming.

This from a an Associated Press article by Seth Borenstein. Yes, the world is getting so hot, so fast, that it is actually cooling! Such hysterical propaganda would have made even the Nazi’s hesitant, no so for modern media; factual inaccuracies and hyperbole be damned, they just print it anyway.

This kind of scaremongering propaganda is all that is keeping the global warming movement going, evidence has long since ceased to matter to them and why should it when they have computer models that justify and bear out their theories, and when they have reporters more than happy to print their theories as fact.

Fortunately the average person on the street is not as stupid as the global warming brigade believe them to be, so we can expect more and more panicked end of the world predictions over the next few years. Unfortunately I think that it is going to be many, many years before Greenpeace finally realise that they are not wearing any clothes.

One response to “Global Warming Scam

  1. Global warming ,the greatest fraud ever .Even bigger than,the world is flat theory . All the evidence is the absolute opposite . While the majority of the people of the world do not believe in this fraud it is still being imposed on us by the minority.Why, only because the majority choose to ignor this imposition and don’t speak out which can only result in fear taxes and God knows what else.
    I would say to Gore’s disiple’s ,in canada since 2000 our winters have been longer and more severe not as you would have us to believe or would (that is the results of global warming )

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