ONS are a bunch of racists

If you’re with me, you’re inclusive; against me, then you’re racist

Immigration minister attacks Office of National Statistics for publishing ‘sinister’ race numbers | Mail Online

The independent statistics body for Britain has a ‘sinister’ attitude to immigration, a minister has claimed.

It is clear what he is implying here, that the Office of National Statistics are racists, pushing a racist agenda by publishing the truth, rather than hiding it in a wave of multiculturalism and diversity.

Ministry of information

This minister, who is actually the minister for immigration, doesn’t like people exposing his lies, half truths or manipulated data:

The immigration minister revealed that he had tried to prevent the organisation publishing the data and accused it of ‘playing politics’.

Very worrying indeed that an immigration minister should attempt to prevent the publication of data on immigration, especially when that data is from an independent body, set up purely to collect and disseminate such information.

As for ‘playing politics,’ it seems to be me that the ONS is doing precisely what it is meant to do, publish accurate information on issues the public are concerned or inquiring about.

It revealed that the number of foreign workers increased by 175,000 to 2.4million last year while the number of British fell by 234,000 to 27million.

You can understand why the immigration minister would be annoyed. There he is telling anyone who’ll listen that immigration is good for Britain, that foreign workers benefit the economy and the people of Britain, when the statistics paint an entirely different picture.

Rather than trying to get the ONS to stop publishing statistics that contradict him, he should stop lying.

He can’t keep claiming one thing whilst the evidence clearly says that the opposite is true. To wilfully do so is to lie. His opinion doesn’t make something correct, no matter how strongly he believes it, nor how much his superiors tell him that it is the case; facts and evidence show the actual state of play. Facts and evidence which it seems he, and the Government, are quite content to ignore.

entirely new information

The strangest thing that Woolas said:

Mr Woolas insisted the fact that one in nine people who are in Britain were born overseas was ‘neither new nor informative’.

Yet to the majority of people in Britain, it was both. Also if it was neither, why on earth did Woolas fight tooth and nail to avoid the publication of the statistics? Clearly it was not new or informative to him, it was just not what he wanted anyone else to hear.

Tory MP Chris Grayling hit the nail on the head:

‘When they can, they manipulate the figures for their own political purposes and when they can’t they launch hysterical rants at the independent statistics office.’

Sadly this isn’t unique to this particular Government.


Apart from the obvious irony of a minister from a Government that is doing anything and everything it can to gather as much information and create as many statistics as possible from the population, complaining about someone else releasing such statistics; there is hidden amongst his statement the tired old claim that anyone who talks, or reveals accurate and factual statistics, about immigration that places immigration in a bad light, is racist.

I, for one, am getting sick and tired of such an attitude from supposed intellectuals. Doing something for the good of a minority, that either the majority does not want, or that has a detrimental effect on the majority is wrong, pure and simple. No amount of threats, accusations of racism and claims that it is all for the good of the country are going to change the facts.

Worse trying to block or even ban the publication of these facts is a serious affront to democracy and should not be tolerated. A Government that blocks any release of information that does not agree with their rhetoric is a very dangerous Government indeed.

2 responses to “ONS are a bunch of racists

  1. The one stat that i can’t wait for is the correct stats for the population.
    That being in excess of 80 million as of October 2007.
    How much longer can this truth be held back?
    All the ministers are guilty of cover ups.
    This also includes the sainted Migration watch although they do a good job, they only release a certain amount that is allowed by Government.
    We are kind of an audience, watching a farce played out for the benefit of the elites.
    And to make sure, the people remain in their state of permanent ignorence.

    Brave will be, the first official to tell the whole truth to the British People.

    We’re we 60 million previously, with a mixture of indigenous and immigrants.
    Whom is it that makes up the extra 20 million? that is the most pressing question that requires answers!!

    • 80 million would be terrifying! That would mean 20 million in less than 10 years (since the last census), despite the fact that about 1 million white middle class Brits leave each year! If it is 80 million, I think I may become one of them.

      But I doubt the Government has any real idea of just how many people are actually in Britain, with the doors this wide open it is impossible to count them coming in, and they never leave.

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