In Britain, not all men are equal

Ethnic minorities to get extra Government help to protect them from the recession | Mail Online

Ethnic minorities could receive extra help during the recession following Government fears they will be hardest hit as the economy deteriorates.

No real surprise. The white male is becoming the most discriminated against group in the country, and all perfectly legally.

Second class


Some aspects of British culture are picked up immediately

It beggars belief that the Government can not only do something like this, but that can announce it and somehow justify it as fair. How is it that in a country where apparently 90% of the residents are white, that white people can be treated with such contempt?

Whatever happened to equality? Everyone being treated fairly? For some reason this Government thinks that it is OK to treat one group worse than all the rest. If this were a minority there would be an outcry, as it is the majority it is seen as alright?

‘In the past too many were left behind in bad times. Ethnic minority workers suffered most in the Tory recessions,’ he said.

I am willing to bet that it was no bed of roses for white people either. How does he define too many? I am pretty sure more white people suffered than non white, so why the clear distinction?

‘Just think of the waste of human potential. Whole communities were abandoned, families where no one then worked for generations.’

Again this is a problem just as prevalent in the white community, if not more so. I can’t help but wonder why all these initiatives to get non whites, foreigners and immigrants into jobs, all at the expense of white, indigenous folks. In other parts of the world this kind of thing would be called forced migration, transmigration (more than 1 million middle class whites leave Britain each year, and not just because of the weather), or even ethnocide.

Cultural genocide

The United Nations describes cultural genocide, or ethnocide against an indigenous population as:

Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

For some such a comparison may seem far fetched, but those who spend their days living in modern Britain, especially the inner cities, it is a fair comparison.

It is one thing to call whites racist for believing that non whites, foreigners and immigrants are getting benefits, jobs and housing in their stead, but when the Government actually starts legislating to make this possible they lose their moral high ground.

Conservative MP Philip Davies said:

‘The Government should be colour blind when it comes to looking who needs help. Doing otherwise will only entrench racism, as far as I’m concerned.

Quite right, but is it racism to be angry at one or more ethnic groups because they receive more than their fair share, legally?

The Government seems oblivious to this. In times of hardship it is human nature for people to feel persecuted, discriminated against and hard done by. For a Government to actually be doing this, and to the largest group within the country, is not only foolish, but dangerous.


3 responses to “In Britain, not all men are equal

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  2. Posting a list of British values, or defining British culture has been done to death on many message boards and blogs. To attempt to define what it is, is to bring those “holier than thou” out of the woodwork to tell me how the values are actually about wife beaters, alcohol and drug problems, teen pregnancies, std’s etc etc, etc accompanied by much mocking of the British people, and how Islam has all the answers. They can do this because they do not consider themselves to be as I am. Most of them will never feel as I feel.

    I feel my culture. I have reached where I am through being immersed in my family, my community, my friends, my heritage and my institutions. I feel my culture through the life I have had, the life my parents had, and the life my grandparents had, and no doubt they felt as I do, for the reasons I do. I am a product of centuries. Their lives and mine, and millions of others share a common heritage (very important), a common history, a history of this land and all of its highs and lows, the life of the nation and its working class people. Their struggle was everyones struggle. It got us where we are today and it defines me as a person.

    I have travelled all over Europe and find much agreement, culturally, everywhere I have been. I feel culturally at ease in Europe, which is more than I can say for certain areas of this country in which I have been unfortunate to find myself. I have been able to communicate in English around Europe, which again, is more than I can say for certain areas of this country.

    This county is divided because of the idiotic multiculturalism foisted upon us by foolish social policy that encouraged separate lives and separate communities. We were supposed to “celebrate” this failed social engineering, the consequences of which will be with us for a very long time. There are some tough decisions to be made and the Government should not back away from confronting the problems.
    I hold dear what Kipling wrote THE STRANGERS AT THE GATE.

    • Thanks for the comment Charlie.

      Some very good points and I think that many people in Britain are feeling this way, and the tide is rising. I remember during my days in Birmingham having a friendly discussion with a second generation immigrant who was telling me how good immigration was, and how it developed the culture and how we needed it as Britain, or the English, don’t have a culture of their own. Sadly I had no response to that at the time.

      He also went on to say that his country of origin was far better than Britain, but when I asked if he’d ever live there he said no! Then changed it to ‘perhaps one day’!

      This is the problem, these people rarely consider themselves British, most consider themselves to be Indian/Pakistani etc living in Britain, even when they are third for fourth generation immigrants. They are so immersed in their own culture that they have no time for British culture, worse they often see their own as superior and feel they need to impose it on the native Brits.

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