Too pale to be a victim of racism

Boy left for dead fights to prove hammer attack by Asian gang was racist | Mail Online

A white schoolboy left for dead by a hammer-wielding gang of Asians has insisted the attack was racially motivated.


Apparently, this Gora needed
to be taught a lesson

Britain is a racist nation. It is predominately made up of racist people, supported by a racist police force which in turn is backed by a racist judiciary and an overall culture of racism. At least that is what some people would have you believe about this country.

Ubiquitous Racism

The same people that refuse to accept that not all non whites are angels either. Instead virtually even instance of an attack on a non white, by the predominately white population, is viewed as racially motivated, at least initially. An attack on a innocent member of the public by a group of teenagers is sadly commonplace in Britain, but when it is on a non white, it is racist. A shop robbery is likewise racist as the perpetrator is white, the victim is not.

While the above attacks may indeed be racially motivated incidents, that fact appears to hinge on something the perpetrator had said around the time of the attack; for Henry Webster in similar circumstance however, this oddly, appears not to have been enough. Why the disparity?

According to the law, a racist incident is:

Any incident in which it appears to the reporting or investigating officer that the complaint involves an element of racial motivation; or any incident which includes an allegation of racial motivation made by any person.

Presumably this any person also includes the victim? If so why when Henry Webster reported it as a racist incident, it wasn’t reported as such?

Topsy Turvy

The answer to that might lie in the Government statistics for racially motivated incidents. In 2002/3 there were approximately 100,000 racist attacks on non whites, whereas there were 240,000 racist attack on whites. Apart from a slight increase in attacks against whites, this largely remained unchanged through 2003/2004 –  2004/2005 with approximately twice as many whites the victims of racially motivated attack than non whites. You’d think from the way the Government and press react to racist attacks on non whites, that these statistics were the other way round.

In 2005/6 this had dropped to about 75,000 attacks a year for non whites but still over 200,000 for whites, meaning that almost three times as many whites are the victims of racist attacks each year than non whites. Could this be the reason why Henry Webster has found it so difficult to have his attack recognised as racist? Could our Government be putting pressure on the police and CPS to try and fudge the numbers a little and bring them more into line?

Each year the Government claims that crimes figures are down, that the chances of being a victim of crime are significantly lower than they were. As you can imagine these numbers are fudged and a fair amount of creative accounting is employed. One area however that isn’t decreasing in any way are the number of racist incidents reported to the police. The number of racist incidents in England and Wales each year have tripled since Labour came to power.

Powder Keg



Multicultural and diverse cities such as Leicester have seen fourfold increases, as has the West Midlands and West Yorkshire. The Government may claim that racist incidents have only increased by 4% but that doesn’t tell the whole picture, for example the number of racist incidents in the West Midlands increased 24% from 2004/2005 – 2005/2006, and by 37% in West Yorkshire. This is of course balanced out by counties such as Cambridgeshire decreasing by 27% and the 98% white county of Lincolnshire seeing its number of racist attacks decrease by 57%, but still shows a worrying trend in our cosmopolitan cities; one that is not so easily blamed on racist whites.


Clearly throwing all these people together, just to give certain people high up in Government and elsewhere, a warm fuzzy feeling inside; is not as beneficial to those on the ground. 

Schools are already having huge problems, not just with having to accommodate lots of different cultures, but also lots of different languages. 1 in 9 people living in Britain right now were born outside of Britain. This is causing a huge drain on resources for the schools, police and hospitals as they try and make available their services to those who cannot speak English.

Multi-cultural Britain is something of a misnomer as the name implies several different cultures, but this isn’t the case in modern Britain. Britain now contains a myriad cultures from around the world, all in pockets around the country and all vying to be dominant.

The big loser in this is of course the culture that brought them all here in the first place, supposedly – British culture. Britishness is drowning in a sea of political correctness and religious tolerance. We are seeing traditional British celebrations, such as Christmas being marginalised through fear of offending other cultures, Christian preachers handing out flyers being accused of race hate crimes for entering a Muslim area.

What once was England

This shouldn’t be a problem for too much longer however. While 1 in 9 people currently living in Britain being born outside the country may give a disturbing picture of Britain at present, the statistic that 1 in 4 children in primary school are from an ethnic minority indicates that in future traditional British culture will play a declining role in the lives of British citizens.

british The children of the current generation will grow up in a nation that bears no resemblance to the country of their parents and they will be told that this is a positive thing. Despite the fact that this was the nation that stood alone against Hitler. The nation that gave the world the Industrial Revolution. The nation that through sheer naval power alone once controlled the largest Empire this world has ever seen.

The culture that bred such great achievements is slowly being trampled underfoot by a stampede of foreign cultures. Those that attempt to defend their heritage are assured that a superior culture will emerge from its ruins and that they should welcome it with open arms, or else.

2 responses to “Too pale to be a victim of racism

  1. Whatever the government would have us believe about multi-culturalism, the fact is we are slowly losing our identity. It is not so much that there are too many immigrants, but that they expect us to adopt and accept their cultures, rather than them trying to adapt and embrace our own. This is a small island and it is beginning to feel smaller.

    I have lived and worked in other countries and I have adapted to and/or accepted their cultural values and that was part of the learning experience.

    • I think that is the main problem, successive Governments as well as local council have gone far too far in making immigrants feel welcome, whereas they should have been encouraging them to fit in.

      Sadly this is slowly resulting in a backlash against anything foreign and I think that the longer the Government ignore this, the stronger this backlash will become.

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