Remote psychiatrist keeps job

Lunatic running the asylum

Doctor who freed mental patient who stabbed cyclist to death wins fight for job | Mail Online

Dr Gillian Mezey, a consultant psychiatrist, decided to let paranoid schizophrenic John Barrett out of hospital for an hour’s unsupervised leave without even seeing him in September 2004.

I mentioned this Doctor recently, she was the supposed psychiatrist that allowed mentalist John Barrett to have ‘ground leave’, which he took to mean leave the grounds, whereupon he stabbed to death poor Denis Finnegan. So I was quite astonished to find out that she has been allowed to keep her job!

Work from home

Apparently she decided that John Barrett was really a good sort, and wouldn’t hurt a fly, despite not having ever met him and being too busy on ‘other duties’ to assess him.

Barrett repaid her faith in him by not only being late back, but by purchasing a stack of knives (not sure we he got the cash for that, did she give him pocket money too?) and then stabbing the unfortunate Mr Finnegan who happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Still, it was apparently completely not her fault.

Mr Justice Underhill upheld her challenge, agreeing with an investigating panel that it was ‘a case of a pure one-off misjudgment’.

What rubbish. Perhaps I could give the local health trust my telephone number and dispense equally pointless, hit and miss advice. Chances are I too will only make one misjudgement and I’ve had no psychiatric training whatsoever.

You’d expect an expert to be able to tell a dangerous mentalist from a normal, functioning member of society, but if she’s just blindly accessing the patients then she isn’t doing her job and therefore should not be looking after such dangerous patients.


As far as I know the family of Denis Finnegan have not received any compensation for his tragic death. Yet the person most responsible for that day’s events, is after some for herself!

She is suing her employers for damages to her career for breach of contract. She claims the disciplinary action against her was unlawful and ‘humiliated’ her.

She humiliated herself by conducting assessments over the phone, and not even with the patient. I am no expert but that seems to me to be a sign of incompetence and incompetence should never be rewarded.

Of course all that is irrelevant, no doubt she’ll get hundreds of thousands for her ‘misjudgement.’

I only hope that the family of Mr Finnegan sue her, it is probably the only way that they will see any form of justice, however unlikely.

2 responses to “Remote psychiatrist keeps job

  1. wow, that is utterly pathetic. i hope SOMETHING of substance happens to this lunatic. (and i’m not talking about the patient)

  2. It would be nice if she used some of this money to start a memorial fund for the man who died because of her lack of professional care. Of course this might indicate admission of responsibility, which would never do…

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