BBC NEWS | England | London | Woman guilty over shopper death

A woman has been found guilty of manslaughter after a shopper was killed following a row over queue jumping.

scum This is a tragedy made all the worse by the fact that the man killed, was completely innocent.

In Richardson’s drug addled mind she had been wronged, and needed to call her thug of a boyfriend to come and dish out a suitable punishment.

Lost her looks

People like Richardson are a scourge on society. The 37 year old grandmother is also heroin addict and has been shoplifting for at least the past 16 years. Clearly any chance that she may actually contribute anything to society, other than misery, have long since passed by.

The junkie used her boyfriend like a weapon, she wound him up and then directed him to her designated target. When the idiot hit the wrong man, the callous bitch redirected the thug toward her real target, uncaring of the innocent victim lying on the floor, dying. She may as well have been using a gun rather than the dumb brute of a boyfriend, it had the same effect; an innocent was caught in the crossfire and her intended victim fled for his very life.

Thug 4 life

thug Tony Virasami, who was too stupid to go it alone in any criminal enterprise, instead relying on the brains of the operation, Antonette Richardson to do his thinking for him, was no stranger to violence. The thug has several convictions for violent behaviour, yet was still able to walk the streets ready to put his sick temper to good use, like any good attack dog.

The ruffian was even wearing a tag at the time of the attack, proving once again that tagging offenders and releasing them back onto the public does nothing to curb their criminal tendencies. The fact that the attack happened just a short time before Virasami was due back home for his curfew, and that he would not have made it, displays the relaxed attitude and contempt that offenders have for the tags, and the tagging system.

Many, just rip their tags off, such as the killer of Marion Bates, and the image of police cars turning up and arresting them for doing so is just fantasy. Most likely the probation officers are informed and give the criminal a firm, but fair, talking to at their next meeting, should they turn up. 

Any sentence this man serves will be a waste of tax payers money, and an insult to his past and future victims. Upon his release his first thought will be to feed his addiction, and continue his criminal enterprise. Once, serving in prison may have allowed him to kick his sick habit. Unfortunately in modern Britain, forcing an inmate to go cold turkey is apparently a breach of his human rights, so he will be kept topped up with methadone throughout his sentence. Not a good enough treatment to wean him off his addiction, but more than adequate to keep it going during his time at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Who killed Kevin Tripp?

The question is, who is actually culpable for killing Kevin Tripp? A career criminal and waste of good oxygen  Antonette Richardson, Tony Virasami, or an inept and inadequate police force and judicial system? The two partners in crime has already made countless people’s lives a misery, proven beyond all doubt that they had no regard for anyone but themselves, yet were still walking the streets.

Virasami was even tagged when he killed Kevin Tripp, awaiting trial for theft. As if that were not enough, the reason that he was tagged was because he had failed to appear in court! This backwards notion that we seem to have developed in this country, whereby the rights of the criminal are given priority over those of wider soceity, has to stop. Our Victorian ancestors would be aghast at our current judicial system; they would not be able to make head nor tail of it, and likely wouldn’t not even understand that is is based on their own. We have gone from punishment to caring and understanding, in a little over 100 years. No doubt the first question a Victorian Briton would ask of our current system is just who is it protecting? And clearly the answer is not soceity but the scum.  

No amount of compassion, understanding and encouragement is going to make Virasami a decent member of soceity, and more importantly it won’t bring back poor Kevin Tripp, and so like any attack dog that is no longer of any real use, he should be put down. The same goes for Richardson. They both chose a life of violence and criminality, and that is how their lives should end, violently.


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