BNP Gaining Ground

bnp Shock BNP council win brings fear of rise in extremism | Mail Online

A win for the British National Party yesterday sent a tremor through Labour amid growing fears the recession is driving angry voters into the arms of extremist parties.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, as the major parties falter, lie, dither and fail to take action on what people believe are important issues, parties like the BNP will gain more and more ground.

People in Britain are getting sick and tired of being told what is best for them, how they should behave and worse, even how they should think.

Work for foreigners

The BNP win coincided with figures showing that a decade of high immigration has seen foreign-born workers take the lion’s share of new jobs.

With study after study showing that foreign born workers and immigrants are taking more and more jobs, Gordon Brown’s ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ is proving to be an empty and hollow promise.

The problems with the workforce has been coming for years. We’ve had a booming economy and job market in Britain in recent years, especially for immigrants. At the same time there has been a steady rise in school leavers being unable to find work.

For the past decade the number of immigrants taking jobs in Britain has been steadily rising. Over 1 million of these immigrants have been granted British citizenship. Anywhere from 75-90% of the new jobs that have been created under the Labour Government have gone to foreign born workers.

The number of foreign workers has doubled under Labour, and most of them are from outside the EU. At the same time the number of British born workers is at its lowest since Labour came to power, 12 years ago.

“The number of British workers had increased by 242,000 between 1997 and the end of last year. However, the number of foreign workers in the UK increased by 1.45million in the same time.”
Daily Mail

A shocking statistic indeed. Just a quarter of a million jobs for British workers in more than a decade. There are one million young Britons who are not in work, not in education and not in training, not really surprising if immigrants are taking all of the jobs, and now with the huge recession taking effect, this figure is likely to increase, exponentially.

In the last 12 months, the cost of paying benefits to the newcomers has more than doubled to an estimated £170million a year, with 145,000 immigrants now claiming state handouts.

And it just gets worse.

In 2007, another 214,510 eastern Europeans registered to work in Britain, equal to 600 arrivals a day.

Skills shortage

The most ridiculous part is that business leaders claim that they prefer foreign workers as British workers suffer from a  “skills shortage and increasing welfare dependency,”

Skills shortage? Are they seriously saying the Eastern European education systems are churning out better skilled, better qualified and better educated young people, than Britain? Bulgaria has an adult literacy rate of 97/8% (Britain has 99%), and boys in Bulgaria leave school at 13, girls 14. In Romania kids leave school at 14 and the literacy rate there is about 96%.

Of course Eastern Europeans do not have better skills and qualifications than British kids, the fact is you don’t need any real skills for fruit picking anyway, and it is shit jobs like that which most immigrants end up doing.


Eastern European fruit pickers – Cheaper, despite the minimum wage

No, what the business leaders meant to say was that British workers have too many rights and are far too aware of them. They can treat the Eastern European like peasants, and they’ll rarely complain for fear of being kicked out. That is what they mean by a better work ethic. No doubt most are underpaid and do not receive the same benefits as British workers, despite the legal requirements.

All that Labour have done in attempting to create a level playing field is tilt it in favour of immigrants. Now employers can only employ foreigners, claim that they are being diverse and then claim that British workers just didn’t want the work anyway.

In their pockets

What Labour and even the Conservatives, have failed to realise is that immigrant workers cannot vote. Those that are voting are the unemployed, unable to find work, newly redundant British workers who have now found themselves struggling to survive.

Turnout was an above-average 31.3 per cent.

I am sure that the voting figures will continue to rise. Few like being unemployed, having no prospects or income and they are going to vote for those they feel can help them.

The victory was the first for the BNP in the southeast outside London.

I am sure that it won’t be the last. It is fine claiming that Britain should be diverse and multicultural and an open door society, but this is scant comfort to those that are under threat of losing their homes and that are only feeling the effects of this cosmopolitan, dynamic and diverse Britain, in their pockets.

With nine out of ten new jobs going to foreign workers it is unlikely that those made redundant will ever find work again, making them second class citizens within their own nation.


A job queue, most likely queuing to sign on, rather than for jobs

Add to this the fact that huge council tax rises are needed to cope with the influx of immigrants, few of whom can speak the language, which places a massive strain on hospitals, schools, housing and local government. It is not uncommon in modern Britain for whole classes to be unable to speak English.

This means that even those that have managed to retain their jobs are under pressure trying to cope with sky high council tax bills, likely to rise by another 25% this year.


Despite all this, it appears that our politicians are completely oblivious, and why should they even notice, their jobs and pensions are safe and we pay all their bills for them.

Last autumn, when it emerged that the BNP was opening an office in Sevenoaks, the Tory MP Michael Fallon said the BNP had no history in the town and branded the move ‘pointless’.

This just shows the lack of understanding our politicians have of public opinion. What was he expecting, that the BNP is only popular in towns full of knuckle dragging skin heads? Sevenoaks probably once had a history of jobs, decent housing and schools that didn’t have to spend a large portion of their budget on translations, but things change quickly in multicultural Britain.  

He said: ‘Sevenoaks is not the sort of place for extremists of any kind, right or left.’

This is the problem though, many MPs seem to equate voting for the BNP as the preserve of racists and xenophobes, rather than the reality. Many of the voters are probably ordinary decent folks, who aren’t racist, they are just tired of handing their country to foreigners one piece at a time, whilst leaving nothing for themselves.

After 10 years of a massively increasing immigrant population, a huge immigrant job market and a decline in the fortunes of the indigenous population, the tide has inevitably turned even amongst one of the world’s most tolerant societies.

Unless the likes of Labour and the Conservatives wake up and start doing what people want them to, rather than what they believe people should want, then more and more people are going to vote for the BNP as they are being left very little option.

6 responses to “BNP Gaining Ground

  1. Foreign worker

    Why are you so biased against foreign people working in the UK ? It’s the world of globalization, free market, supply and demand, etc… We work harder for less, we fill jobs where there is lack of domestic workers such as IT and we even pay for your grannies’ pensions and social security !

  2. Thanks for the comment Foreign Worker.

    I am not against foreign workers per se, just against an avalanche of them.

    You claim that you worker harder for less, but there is a minimum wage in the UK, so how can foreign workers be under cutting UK born workers?

    The problem is also that foreign workers can afford to work for less, for many their dependants remain in their home country, and so their pay goes much further than a British workers would. Some would call this an unfair advantage.

    Also the problem is far bigger than simply foreign born workers taking 90% of all new jobs in the past decade. We have 3 million unemployed in the UK, and this is increasing, all whilst the immigrant job market increases too. At the moment we need the immigrant workers to pay for the benefits of the unemployed British born workers, which is foolish. We should not be paying foreigners to come here and work, whilst British workers are sat on their arses claiming benefits.

    The British education system is meant to be amongst the best in the world, but clearly it isn’t as good as the Government makes out if we need so many foreign workers to make up for the lack of skilled workers in Britain.

    Foreign workers aren’t the solution, they just hide the problems, all whilst the number of unemployed British workers sky rockets.

  3. Underpaid, last weeks Express did an expose on foreign workers accepting 1 to £2 an hour!
    With a population now at 80 million plus, this small island cannot cope.
    Whats’ the point of waiting for food shortages etc before speaking out?
    2010 the EUMED comes into operation and although signed upto in 1995 to this day the British people are kept in the dark!
    Free movement given to approx 11 Arab muslim areas.
    One doesn’t need much imagination to see the outcome of such a suicidal police/agreement. [ The Barcelona Agreement-signed by Tory MP Malcolm Rifkin 1995}

    No time i guess to explain this to Britons?

    Truer stats for unemployed-5 million today and rising.

  4. Truer stats for unemployed-5 million today and rising.

    I knew it was higher than the official Government statistics, as they don’t cover those on training courses and the like, nor those that are not claiming Job Seekers, but 5 million! Worse than I thought.

    Hadn’t heard of the EUMED, just reading about it now, very worrying indeed.

  5. tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick…………….!

  6. The indigenous people are sovereign. Kick out the foreigners and the traitors who lead. Noboby and I mean nobody will miss either. Your leaders have lied and have committed treason. They have not protected you and your culture.

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