Lord Ahmed, meet Bubba

Ahmed discovers the real reason why soap is sold on a rope.

Lord Ahmed jailed for sending texts before fatal crash – Times Online

The Labour life peer Lord Ahmed was today sentenced to 12 weeks in jail for dangerous driving after he admitted sending text messages from behind the wheel before a fatal road accident.

My favourite Muslim rabble rouser is at last behind bars! Of course he isn’t really likely to do proper time. I am sure that Lord Ahmed’s (do I still have to called him Lord even though he is now a lag?) time behind bars will make Paris Hilton’s stint seem like serious hard time.



Genial Harry Grout – Porridge

I am sure that Nazir Ahmed will actually have his own cell, away from the rest of the population, no doubt a cell that would make Grouty’s cell in Porridge look like a Victorian dungeon. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had converted a large office for him somewhere, probably the Governor’s office.

Like Paris Hilton I also expect that his actual stay behind bars will be amazingly brief, and in just a few days he will be released with a tag.

Lord Ahmed pleaded guilty to dangerous driving but Mr Justice Wilkie made it clear that the offence had no causal link with the fatal accident.

Does that matter? Causing a death by dangerous driving carries a maximum sentence of 7 years, even though it cannot be proved that Ahmed’s texting caused the other man’s death he could still have gotten 2 years for dangerous driving (the Portuguese truck driver got three). The very fact that he was driving dangerously surely made the difference as to whether Martyn Gombar lived, or died.

One driver saw the Audi at the last minute and managed narrowly to avoid a collision. Another clipped the Audi before Lord Ahmed’s car ran into it.

Precisely, the other two drivers were paying attention, clearly Ahmed was not. He may not have sent a message right at the time of impact, but who is to know whether he was composing another message, or reading one? He had already sent five long messages before the accident.

After all what kind of maniac drives at 60mph on the motorway with his wife and mother in the car, whilst reading and sending text messages?

I think it is a fair assumption that had Ahmed been paying attention, Gombar would probably still be alive. Yet still the firebrand peer only gets three months in prison.

A Prince

hamed There are many parallels with this case and another aristocratic dangerous driver, this one a prince.  Prince Naseem Hamed was sentenced to 15 months for dangerous driving in 2005. Hamed was driving his £325,000 McClaren-Mercedes at 90mph when he lost control and smashed into another car, although badly injured, his victim lived to tell the tale.

Odd then that although Hamed didn’t actually kill anyone, he was given a sentence four times longer. Admittedly he was released in just four months but Ahmed will be out in a few weeks, if not days.

Hamed may not really have been a prince, but he was an MBE. After his conviction for dangerous driving he was stripped of his honour.

This of course begs the question; will we see Ahmed stripped of his peerage? No, of course not!

I am sure that Hamed believed that his losing his MBE was more to do with race than anything else, after all Lord Archer is still a lord despite being convicted of perjury.

Now though, he will see that it isn’t about colour, but your place in society and who you know. 

Ahmed has been expelled from the Labour party, however this is just for appearances sake, and once a free man he will be reinstated.

Nazir Ahmed  – the hypocrite

Lord-Ahmed I am not a fan of Mr Ahmed. Not only is he a trouble maker but he is a hypocrite. Ahmed is the man that hosted a book launch for Israel Shamir, the infamous anti-Semite, in 2005. Shamir claims, amongst other things, that the Jews are responsible for everything from the Beslen school massacre, the Madrid Bombings, through to the genocide in Sudan and that they are all carried out to discredit Muslims.

Ahmed clearly believed that free speech was rightly upheld in this instance as it wasn’t his religion or his people being insulted. Sadly there wasn’t a threat from a Jewish peer to bring down 10,000 angry Jews to stop the launch, unsurprising really, this is after all, a free country. Still such sentiment didn’t stop Ahmed from blocking Geert Wilders coming to Britain and insulting his religion.

Shamir said during the launch:

“Now, there is a large and thriving Muslim community in England . . . they are now on the side of freedom, against the Empire, and they are not afraid of enforcers of Judaic values, Jewish or Gentile. This community is very important in order to turn the tide.”

Yes and it looks as though Ahmed sees himself at the head of this community and it is certainly aiding him to get things done.

Apart from being a hypocrite and a subversive, the man has little or no principles. During the 2005 election in Dewsbury (Dewsbury is where Ahmed was driving from when he had his accident), Ahmed broke party ranks and supported a Conservative, his ‘friend’ Sayeeda Warsi (now Baroness Warsi) rather than the Labour candidate. Putting his friends before his loyalty to his part and his job, if that isn’t corruption I don’t know what is.

Incidentally it was the same Baroness Warsi that went to the Sudan with Ahmed to secure the release of Gillian Gibbons. Warsi, who despite never having been elected as an MP is not only working in the Shadow Cabinet, but is also a peer, all at the tender age of 37! Unsurprisingly she is the youngest peer in the House of Lords. Some may say that she is the product of positive discrimination and of the Tories attempting to reach out to both women and ethnic minorities. But no, her peerage was reward for working as a lawyer for less than a decade and getting soundly beaten in an election.


Despite the fact that it is unlikely that Ahmed is going to get a shower room initiation from some big gorilla named Bubba, it is still good news that the man is behind bars. It is a shame that Geert Wilders didn’t plan his trip better and come over now that Ahmed the agitator is locked up, albeit briefly.


5 responses to “Lord Ahmed, meet Bubba

  1. so whats up between sayeda warsi and lord ahmad, an affair or more

  2. and why she did decide to break her marriage up by divorcing her husband only after sudan visit ‘honeymoon’

  3. Thanks for the comment Anonymous,

    Ahmed is still married so not sure whether they had a fling, an affair or really were just ‘friends’, but it certainly seems a little odd that they should have such a special relationship.

    Warsi’s marriage was apparently arranged, and despite the fact that such marriages are illegal in the UK, she is very pro arranged marriage. Even claiming that they usually last longer. A silly conclusion really, a woman who was forced into a marriage in the first place is not the sort of person likely to stand up for themselves further down the line and ask for a divorce. I am not sure if Ahmed’s was an arranged marriage.

  4. Charles you dick, you don’t know the difference between ‘arranged’ and ‘forced’ marriages.

    • Is there really a difference? People arrange dates for others, but what sort of people arrange a marriage? People should marry because they want to, not because someone has arranged something for them. The very fact that it has to be ‘arranged’ means that one, or both, aren’t too keen.

      Besides, does a teenage girl with both parents pressuring her understand the difference between arranged and forced? Or to her, are they both the same?

      Thousand of British school girls disappear from the school system each year, then turn up years later married. Arranged or forced? I really don’t see the difference.

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