Qatada to face music – eventually

‘Bin Laden lieutenant’ Abu Qatada can be deported after Lords ruling – Times Online

The radical cleric Abu Qatada can be deported to Jordan to face trial on terror charges, the House of Lords ruled today in a key victory for the government as it attempts to remove terror suspects from the UK.

qatada Welcome news indeed. It has only taken 8 years so far to get this scum out of the country, and it looks as though it will be at least another 2 before he’s deported back to his home country.  Not bad for a man who arrived here on a false passport in 1993, with his wife and four kids in tow.

on the lam

It appears that Qatada may have seen this coming though, as he had planned on going to ground after his release on bail late last year, but fortunately he was re-arrested before he got the chance.

I just hope that Norman Kember, who provided his bail security, lost the lot. He certainly won’t have learnt his lesson though, Kember is probably now planning on selling his wife to finance Qatada’s appeal.

With any luck the Jordanians will have prepared a nice surprise for him when he gets home, the death sentence.

It’s a shame that his mate, Yasser Al-Sirri isn’t being deported too. With any luck, Al-Sirri, who is also facing the death sentence in his home country, will be deported next. 

human rights

The human rights mob made the same round of protestations that they always make:

“Eric Metcalfe, director of human rights policy at Justice, said that the ruling was a step backwards in the international fight against torture. He said the promises not to torture made by countries where Britain was seeking to send terror suspects were worthless.”

shami It seems that Metcalfe’s idea of justice differ from my own. The idea that Qatada should stay here to avoid answering for his crimes in Jordan is not justice, but cowardice. Qatada was involved in a plot that took the life of a 12 year old girl and was planning attacks on several hotels in Jordan.

He is wanted in eight countries around the world on terrorism offences. Just about every major terrorist attack in the West since 9/11 involves this man in some way, Mohammed Atta (leader of the 9/11 attacks ) had tapes of his sermons, Qatada also had links with terror cells in Madrid, and Richard Reid the shoe bomber attended his sermons. After being arrested initially in 2001 and then bailed he went on the run for months to avoid going to prison here.

This isn’t a case of mistaken identity, apart from being convicted here,  he is also wanted in the US, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and of course Jordan on terrorism charges. If Metcalfe and his bunch of freedom warriors seriously believe that any conviction against this man is unsound because there is an outside chance that someone may have been slapped around a bit, then they are deluding themselves.

What do such groups believe they gain by supporting the likes Abu Qatada? Do they really believe that he is innocent of all charges and that he is the victim of some bizarre far reaching conspiracy? They make think that they are standing up for Freedom, Justice and the American Way, but in reality the only ones who benefit from their aid, are evil scum like Qatada.

Metcalfe and his barmy army of liberal bed wetter’s should be more concerned about the human rights of his victims and the taxpayers of this country, who are paying for Qatada to be kept alive.

European Court

Now it seems that the European Court of Human rights has decided that Qatada deserves compensation for his treatment in Britain, either not taking into account, or not caring, about the fact that Abu Qatada is a wanted terrorist in many countries and currently undergoing extradition to Jordan. To them, the only thing that matters is that everyone is treated as if completely innocent and wholly good, regardless of the weight of evidence to the contrary. Ten other terrorist suspects were also given similar amounts of compensation.

It is a shame that the European Court of Human Rights won’t take up the human rights of the countless victims and potential victims of Qatada, and his evil comrades. But of course that would actually involve him facing justice somewhere so that his victims can be identified; something that the European Court of Human Rights seems wholly opposed to.

What makes this even more disturbing is that Qatada’s appeal against extradition  is ultimately headed to the European Court of Human Rights. This bunch of fools make British Judges seem down to earth and blessed with amazing common sense. If they decide that Britain is unable to deport Qatada and the other wanted terrorists to their repective homelands, then we should send them all to Strasbourg and see what they make of them there.

This compensation is another victory for the naive middle class public school kids that make up the likes of Liberty and Justice and those other human rights groups as well as yet another blow for the people of Britain, and it does not bode well for Qatada’s appeal.

3 responses to “Qatada to face music – eventually

  1. Very kind of New Labour to breach his human rights and thus provide him with the money, at the expense of the UK taxpayers of course!

  2. Pingback: Oh Goody- Pensioners can die from cold- While another handout given to Scum that has no right to be here! « Centurean2’s Weblog

  3. Thanks for the comment Michael.

    I suppose the other side to that is that he has been enjoying thousands, upon thousands in benefits since he arrived here in 1993 (he has never worked in Britain), this money is probably just the benefits he was owed whilst in Belmarsh.

    Still it’s a small price to pay if we get rid of him once and for all, he gets about £50,000 in benefits a year at the moment.

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