Muslim Girl

Foster mother struck off for letting Muslim girl convert to Christianity | Mail Online

A foster mother has been struck off the register for allowing a Muslim girl in her care to convert to Christianity.

Allowing? What else was the foster mother expected to do? It is not like drinking, taking drugs or getting pregnant but a positive decision about how she wants to live her life.

A Muslim girl

There are no laws against converting from Islam to Christianity, at least not yet, so I fail to see what the poor foster mother did wrong. The girl, who was sixteen at the time, was perfectly able to make her own mind up, at least in the eyes of the law.

Arranged Marriage

Today it appears that there is far more to this story than was initially reported:

“The foster mother struck off for allowing a Muslim girl to convert to Christianity took the child in after she was threatened with an arranged marriage.”
Muslim girl in baptism row was fleeing an arranged marriage

No wonder she was running away from Islam. Arranged marriages are illegal in Britain so all that people such as this girls father do, is take them to Pakistan to visit relatives – for about six months.

Then they return ‘happily’ married, and there is nothing that British authorities can do.

“Her father beat her just for chatting to boys and warned he would haul her off to Pakistan to marry against her will, a friend claimed.”

No wonder she wanted to escape the lifestyle she associated with Islam. She had probably grown up watching her mother take beating after beating and didn’t like the idea of following in her mothers fate; when freed from her parents she most likely took the first opportunity to get as far away from them as possible i.e. she was hardly likely to bump into her crazy father at the local Church.

Family Honour

This is a problem area in modern Britain. There has been an alarming rise in the number of young Muslim school girls who just disappear, there are believed to be around 250 who have gone missing from the school system in North Yorkshire at present. Some may have moved out of the area, others to Pakistan but that still leaves a large number unaccounted for, who may have been married against their will, illegally (i.e. underage) or worse.

The recent case of the nine year old girl granted a divorce in Saudi Arabia once again shows that there still is no lower age limit for girls to be married in Islam.


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