Geert Out!

Dutch MP vows to defy Home Office ban and fly to Britain to show anti-Islam film

A right-wing Dutch politician who has been banned from Britain said today he planned to defy the authorities and fly to the UK, stating ‘Let them put me in handcuffs’.

wilders It’s incredible. The Government is apparently unable to deport convicted terrorists, such as Abu Qatada and Yasser Al-Sirri but it can stop a Dutch MP from entering the country because his views may be offensive to 3% of the population.

Illegal Entry

Geert Wilder’s (no he isn’t a barrister, that really is his hair) mistake was trying to get into Britain legally, he should have followed the example of Qatada and Al-Sirri and entered the country on a false passport. Apparently once you have entered Britain in this way it is impossible to be deported or even go to prison for it!

What’s more, as Qatada can attest to, the Government will give you thousands in benefits and a nice plush house in London. Admittedly this wouldn’t be ideal for Geert Wilder’s as he is an MP in Holland, but perhaps he could claim it as a second home?

The most hypocritical thing that I have read in years was this from the Home Office:

But a spokesman said: ‘The Government opposes extremism in all its forms. It will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country.

Right, that is why it has done such a splendid job with Qatada and all those like him. Perhaps there are different rule for those that are here illegally and that are intending to insult the indigenous population? It certainly appears that way.

Not to mention the protests in support of Hamas (a terrorist group according to the Government), Hezbollah (a terrorist group according to the Government) and many others.  No action was taken there.

Abu Hamza was preaching hate for years before he was eventually arrested.


The film itself is nothing special, simply passages from the Qu’ran interspersed with images from the terrorists attacks on 9/11, 7/7 and the attack in Madrid, but like the cartoons, the Satanic Verses etc, the Muslim community doesn’t have to actually see it, they are simply ‘rent an outrage’, they are told they should find something offensive, so they do.

It would be better surely for the religious leaders to view the film and then point out that perhaps passages were taken out of context, or are incorrect. Instead they go for a blanket ban as if the film is something that they do not want anyone to see, ever.

Lord Ahmed, a British Muslim peer said:

It would be unwise to have him in the UK because this man’s presence would cause hatred

His presence would cause hatred? Or is the hatred already there just waiting for another excuse? This kind of talk and this kind of action spreads a simple and clear message – Threats of violence will work wonders.

Ahmed threatened to gather thousands of Muslims and march on Parliament, despite the fact that such a protest would be illegal, and the Government caved in.

The Muslim community needs only threaten action to get their own way. They don’t like the school head teacher, they are replaced. They don’t want their kids to celebrate Christmas at school, or any of the other kids either, it is done.

The power that this minority group has is incredible. Forcing the segregation of their children, then blaming the non Muslims for their ignorance of the Muslim religion. What other group could separate their children from their peers against the wishes of both the teachers and the Local Authority and claim that it is their right and all done in the name of religious tolerance?

If white supremacists were to insist that their children were separated from the non whites, what would the response be? What about Christians mixing with Heathens?

mother One of the idiot mothers who argued for the segregation of Muslim pupils said that it was beneficial for all of the pupils as they gained a better understanding of Islam rather than the negative media portrayal, all whilst reinforcing the negative media portrayal! What will the other children learn other than the fact that Muslims are different, and believe themselves to require special attention?

As one young Muslim said during a BBC interview, when he went to school (and when I went to school), they all had assembly together, and it didn’t make much difference then. So why the sudden need for more segregation and isolation? And if religion is that important, why not send them to a faith school?

It is worth noting that not all Muslim groups support this separation. 

diverse and multicultural

Keith Vaz said today:

“Britain should be a diverse and multicultural society”

He was talking about foreign workers, but it is becoming increasingly clear that whilst people like Ahmed and Vaz espouse this wonderful Utopia where we all live together and learn and respect the beliefs of one another, people on the ground know that it does not exist.

Despite the massive influx of immigrants, Britain is more divided and segregated than ever before. Multicultural hasn’t come to mean one group sharing many cultures, but many cultures carving out their own societies within Britain, to the detriment of the natives.

Each group wants their own religious freedoms and beliefs taught in all schools, whilst refusing to have their children taught those of others. They want their own laws, whilst ignoring current laws and they want everyone else to learn about their culture and tip toe around it so as not to cause offence, whilst trampling over everyone else’s.

4 responses to “Geert Out!

  1. great post on many levels/ points.

  2. Thanks Alfie. With any luck the whole debacle will have opened a few people’s eyes in Britain to the direction in which we are heading.

    Having Keith Vaz on TV to defend the Government position was also a spectacular own goal, he said:

    “It wasn’t the Government’s decision but up to the individual Border Agency official who met him at the border as to whether he is allowed into Britain.”

    His next sentence was then.

    “I don’t know why Wilders came over, he was told before hand that he would not be allowed into Britain.”

    So much for it being up to the Border Official.

  3. Let me guess, Sir Charlie. You are really Pat Condell…lol.

    Agree on the hair/barrister shot..Great one, just as your article is.

    Geert Wilder’s, problem? He wasn’t carrying a beheaded’s, head.

  4. Thanks Rodrigo.

    It will be interesting to see what Muslim radicals they allow into the country following this, if any, from what I understand there has been a shift by the Government into banning any form of hate speech but it will be interesting to see if they actually stick to it or whether they are just making an example of Wilders to keep a minority quiet.

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