That’s not a knife, this is a knife!

OK, so it was a crowbar and not a knife but that didn’t fit so well. But it must have been quite reminiscent of the famous scene in Crocodile Dundee to apparent drug addict (if it is not drugs that have left him with such a vacant mien like that, then he must have suffered some severe trauma,) and all round scumbag Deryk Traylen.

70-year-old fends off knife wielding robber with iron bar – Telegraph

Harbhajan Singh showed no fear despite being locked in the shop and having the long 12 inch blade waved in his face.

We have all come across scum like Deryk Traylen before, people who like to give themselves every possible advantage before taking on someone whom they believe to be harmless. Traylen didn’t take any chances whatsoever, entering the premises with a gun, which unbeknownst to those in the shop was an imitation firearm, and taking a hostage!

I am going to assume that the hostage was either a woman or a child, and that he most likely grabbed them from behind.

the turbonator

Traylen had failed to take into account the possible presence of the Turbonator.

Harbhajan Singh – Brave

Harbhajan Singh, a 70 year old grandfather, grabbed an iron bar and struck Traylen in the arm in an attempt to disarm, not knowing of course that Traylen’s gun was just for show.

Traylen, clearly not realising when he was beaten, ran presumably to his car to grab a knife and try again. Thankfully Singh was still alert and this time struck Traylen on the head – but sadly only the once.

This really could have ended badly, no one in the shop could have known Traylen’s state of mind or what he was capable of, and it could have easily been another horrific attack, or a fatal tragedy. Harbhajan Singh took a real risk picking up that bar, and he wasn’t just at risk from Traylen’s deranged cowardly actions.


The police in Britain take a very dim view of anyone (except them), defending themselves, so it was quite surprising to see their reaction.

Detective Sergeant Kerry Bull, from Hertfordshire Police, said: “I am pleased that no one was hurt during this offence. Deryk Traylen has been given a considerable custodial sentence that reflects the fear that he subjected his victims to. Mr Singh’s actions that morning were commendable….”

As I said, surprising, normally under these circumstances Traylen would have been taken away, given a slap on the wrist and then released. The police would then have returned and arrested Singh for assault, false imprisonment and any other ridiculous charge that they could think of. An example of this kind of response can be found here, and here.

Have the police stumbled across a modicum of common sense? Or was it just a case of the do-gooder being off that day?

The Judge awarded Singh £300, but I believe that he deserves a medal.

Out in no time

Five years isn’t a long time, Traylen will be out in about two years and next time he may well take a real gun to give himself an even larger advantage.

Scum like Traylen have no place in civilised society, and someone like Harbhajan Singh may not be around to tackle him when he is inflicted on society once again. This means it is highly likely that some poor innocent will have to suffer because of society’s inability, or unwillingness, to deal with scum like Deryk Traylen.

5 responses to “That’s not a knife, this is a knife!

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  2. you are a dick and you don’t have a clue what you are talking about!!!

    • I’m going to assume that you are the real Deryk Traylen as this post was written three and a half years ago, so undoubtedly you are out. I don’t know why Judges don’t just sentence half the sentence, at least then we’d know where we are.

      Presumably the Judge, prosecutors, courts and your old school teachers likewise didn’t know what they were talking about? Del, you are scum. Anyone who threatens innocent people with guns, knives and violence is scum. I do hope that by some miracle the modern rehabilitation centres aka prisons may actually find in you someone that they can rehabilitate and that you learn from this and improve your life and become a useful and productive member of society. However, with the UK having a 75% re-offending rate, I think it unlikely. More than likely you’ll be back behind bars with some innocents blood on your hands in the next 18 months.

  3. Charlie sucks buffalo dicks for a nickel a herd. He’s probably off in a felching contest right now.

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