I am a waster! My father before me was a waster!

Scotland on course to being the third most state-dependent country in world | Mail Online

Scots now receive £1,644 (22 per cent) more per head than their southern counterparts, up from £828 in 1999.

This is no surprise to me, the Scots have done very well out of devolution, all paid for by the English.

This is why the Scots have such a great healthcare system, free prescriptions, free parking, lower waiting times etc, it is all paid for by the English, who to pay for these Scottish only perks, have paid for parking, paid for prescriptions and jobs.

Only in Scotland

Only in Scotland is public spending so high that within the next few years it will be higher than all but two nations on earth, Communist Cuba and Iraq! The Scots of course deny this, they refuse to admit that devolution (i.e. independence whilst still attached to English purse strings) cost so much more than they receive from Scottish taxpayers, but the figures do not lie.

The public sector wage bill has risen 61% since devolution, precisely as predicted by English taxpayers. Bureaucracy balloons at an astounding rate, especially when riding on a wave of nationalism. The Scots think devolution is great, and shows what a great independent nation Scotland would be. Sadly no one seems to want to tell them that most of the UK taxes come from the English, and the Scots have almost a quarter more spent on them per person than the English. This of course means that an independent Scotland would not be able to sustain itself, an independent Scotland is just a pipe dream – at least until the English want their independence.

It will be interesting to see just how hard Alex Salmon pushes independence in the next few years, after all it is the last thing that he really wants.

The English

The English themselves are becoming more and more nationalistic, after 10 years of paying for everyone else to live the good life it is no real surprise. Let’s be honest, despite English taxes paying for most of Scotland’s lifestyle, they couldn’t be more ungrateful. The Scots hate the English, the Welsh hate the English and the Irish hate the English. This loathing is becoming more apparent the more ‘independent’ Scotland becomes.

Scars of the girl beaten for being English in Scotland | Mail Online

Lucy Newman, 22, was left with two black eyes and a broken cheekbone after a night out with friends in Aberdeen.

This isn’t the first time that cowardly Scots have attacked defenceless people, merely for being English. In fact in Scotland, such thugs would be considered quite brave, normally they’d only risk attacking a disable man who was sat in his car, like Ian Smith.

For Scots who haven’t quite worked up the courage to attack women, or the disabled, there are children. During the World Cup in 2006 a brave Scot beat up a seven year old boy for wearing an England T-shirt.

The boy said:

“The man whacked me very hard. He was a lot bigger than me. I am still going to wear the top. My mum bought it for me because I’m supporting England.”

Still the lad’s nine now, probably more than a match for the Scottish thugs.


I don’t understand all this hatred, the Scots have a lot to thank the English for, we did after all bring them kicking and screaming out of the Middle Ages into the 17th Century, or at least most of them.

The unbridled hate, the constant threats of independence (if only!) have shown the English what the rest of our British Brothers think of us, and we should dump them as fast as they claim to want to dump us, and leave them to their own devices. This economic downturn is going to hit England hard enough as it is, without having the millstones that are Scotland and Wales around our necks. Let Scotland turn into the new ‘Iceland’ if that is what they want and save English taxes for the English.

Hadrian had the the right idea for the Scots.

5 responses to “I am a waster! My father before me was a waster!

  1. interesting posts. I especially liked the closing line. Shocking the level of dependency though.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It is a terrible state of affairs and it is getting worse both north and south of the border, with some towns in England having more than half of its workforce working for the state.

  3. I’ll be damned, it’s me friend Sir Charlie. 🙂

  4. Just in case, formerly know as Tizona, I was.

  5. Hello Rodrigo,

    I was a sorry to hear about Ash on Tizona, a terrible shame.

    Do you only post on your own blog now? I like the new layout by the way.

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