Gay or Else

Home for retired missionaries loses grant – because it won’t ask residents if they are lesbians | Mail Online

A care home where elderly Christian residents refused to answer ‘intrusive’ questions about their sexuality is at the centre of a bitter legal battle after its council grant was axed.

This doesn’t surprise me. The councils around the UK give out more money to gay/lesbian and ethnic minority services and charities than majority ones, so I assume that it must receive more money from the Government to do so. Likely Brighton and Hove council needs this information to collect bonuses from the Government.

That is the situation that we have found ourselves in, in modern Britain, where it pays to be a minority group. I am sure that if this Charity were a Muslim/Hindu or other minority religion, there would be no problem. I very much doubt that they ask Muslim organisations to answer the sexuality question.

It is also ironic  that equality laws are now used to pry into the sex lives of people, even pensioners, surely equality laws should mean that no one needs to know such information and that everyone should just be treated the same?


Brighton and Hove is unique in the UK, it is the only place in Britain where there are more Jedis than just about any other group. Yes, 2.6% of the Brighton and Hove population consider themselves as followers of the force, almost double those that consider themselves to be Muslim or Jewish, almost three times more than those that consider themselves to be gay, and five times more than consider themselves to be Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh!

Yet, as far as I can tell, the Brighton and Hove council gives no money whatsoever to Jedi charities or organisations and the question ‘Are you Jedi?’ is not on any official documentation!


The most bizarre point that the council made was:

It cited the ‘resistance’ to using images of elderly gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in the home’s leaflets, saying this meant gays and lesbians ‘would not feel comfortable’ applying for a place.

Precisely how would does your average gay, lesbian or transgender 90 year old differ from your common or garden 90 year old in terms of appearance? What a ridiculous statement!

Again it is all the more surprising in that the home, which houses just 39 people and so statistically is highly unlikely to be home to any gays anyway, but the council’s attitude is take in gays, or lose all of your money, even though 99% of people in Brighton and Hove are not gay! The message is clear – gay get grants, non gays do not. So much for equality!

Even more annoying is that statistically there is probably one Jedi living there. No mention of having Jedi on the leaflets though from the council.


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