Gang Rape

I begged them and told them I was still a virgin, but they said, ‘You ain’t going to be no more’: Schoolgirl reveals horrific gang rape ordeal | Mail Online

A schoolgirl who was brutally raped and beaten by a gang of nine boys told today how the ordeal has destroyed her life.

O’Neill aka Hit man aka Ugly

This is sickening, these cowards behaved like a pack of animals and so should be put down like animals. This poor girl was subjected to a prolonged and disgusting assault that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

She should therefore reasonably expect that the scum who subjected her to such an attack would likewise suffer, but no. The ring leader Denton O’Neil, who used the nickname Hit Man after his favourite film (the all black remake of classic film Get Carter), will be eligible for parole in just three years.

As will the other ringleader, Weiled Ibrahim (who apparently wasn’t smart enough to think of a nickname), her other attackers, six of them, received between two and nine years, all of course in a Young Offenders institution, and most if not all will be out within 3-5 years, if that.

This kind of gang violence is becoming all too common in modern Britain. The Government’s claims of getting tough and stamping out such crimes and behaviour have been repeatedly shown to be too soft, and too lenient. These boys are probably heroes in their area.

Seeing them sobbing like babies after being birched at the Shire Hall would have made it much less likely that others would want to emulate them. It’s just a shame that such punishments are viewed as wrong and barbaric and are sadly consigned to the history books, a shame that the gang rapes, murders and beatings aren’t too.


4 responses to “Gang Rape

  1. Completely agree, Sir Charlie. Inject them. Hang Them. Electrocute them. Burn Them. Stake them to the ground.

    Maybe all four.

    Gee, after that feel rather bad asking how the holidays went…But what the hell. How did your holidays go?

  2. P.S. I’m NOT with Tizona any longer…Told those damn obstinate Aussie’s to keep the blog and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. I now know, why you Brits got shed of those people…LOL.

  4. Had a great Christmas and looking forward to the New Year celebrations, how about you?

    I did wonder what happened to you on Tizona, I thought you were Tizona? Didn’t you start that blog?

    Can’t trust Aussies, criminals the lot of them, it’s in their blood.

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