In Britain the death penalty was abolished in 1971, but to all intents and purposes it ended in 1964 when the last man was hung in Britain.

There were many who believed that hanging someone for a crime, any crime, was simply wrong. There were those who argued that the death penalty served as no deterrent, Gordon Brown and other MPs seemingly chief among them, even though the statistics on the Parliament website contradict this view.

Homicide Rate

According to those statistics, the murder rate stood at quite a high 9.6 homicides per million people in 1900. This steadily dropped until it reached a low in 1960 of just 6.2 murders per million. When the death penalty was abolished the murder rate began to climb to an all time peak of 14.5 murders per million in 1995, more than double the rate at the time of the abolition. In 2007 it was at the low, by modern standards, rate of 14.1.

Naturally there will be other, socio-economic factors that may account for the doubling of murders; but personally, I don’t buy any of them. Poverty and hardship are excuses that are often bandied around, yet during the Great Depression on the 1930s the murder rate was almost half what it is today, despite many people then going through poverty and hardships that we today cannot even imagine.

For me the real reasons why we have such a high murder rate is down to the erosion of values, lack of discipline and the idiots that believe that everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt and a chance to mend their ways. This softly softly approach, spearheaded by a vocal minority, who have managed to brow beat everyone else to taking their point of view for fear of being branded primitive, uncivilised or barbaric, has been wearing thin for years.


We now have out of control children, kids as young as 14 regularly being convicted of rape and murder, and a sky high murder rate.

The PC brigade are now on thin ice, and the overwhelming majority of people in Britain are now once again in favour of the death penalty. Unfortunately, our Government and Parliament have decided that regardless of what the people want, they know what is best. Recently a petition was started calling for a referendum on the death penalty on the PM’s petition page, the Government response was:

“There are various reasons why capital punishment no longer exists as a form of punishment in the UK, and why the Government will not be reintroducing it or holding a referendum on it.”

They know what is best for us, whether we like it or not. Clearly many do not, and in the absence of a sense of justice or punishment within the British legal system, are taking the law into their own hands.

Convicted paedophile ‘who struck again’ stabbed to death, stripped and mutilated in suspected vigilante attack | Mail Online

A paedophile was hacked to death in a frenzied assault by a suspected mob of vigilantes.

This is becoming more and more common, but isn’t this precisely what happens when the people feel that the state is not protecting them or listening to their concerns?

While the victim clearly deserved what he got, this kind of rough justice invariably leads to innocents being harassed or even killed. There is no reasoning with a mob, no chance to rebut evidence and certainly no chance of appeal. Of course the Government will claim that it will clamp down on such vigilante actions, but the ineffectiveness of the justice system is what has caused such occurrences, and so the perpetrators are hardly likely to be quaking in their boots, fearing a dreadful punishment.

The only way to stem these vigilante groups is for the Government to convince the populace that it is able to mete out justice and punish wrong doers adequately, with punishments that fit the crime, like hanging. Otherwise such incidents will become more and more common.


It will start with the most reviled of crimes, such as paedophilia, and then slowly trickle down to other crimes that people are fed up with, after all such actions do work and act as a deterrent. I am sure that every sex offender in Wandsworth has packed their bags and left. This attack will no doubt serve as almost as good a deterrent as if Cunningham has been hung on a gibbet on the road into Wandsworth.

Buoyed by this success, I am sure that the mob will be eyeing up drug dealers and other problem people now.

If evidence that Cunningham was up to his old tricks were needed, it can surely be found on the card that a 15 year old girl left for him.

“To Andy, the best man alive no matter what people say. Me and the family will miss you. May you rest in peace.”

Disturbing indeed. The mob may have reached him just in time.

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