Some are more equal than others

Queen’s Speech: Firms free to favour female and black job applicants | Mail Online

Companies will be free to discriminate in favour of women and black job candidates under proposed ‘equality’ laws.

Well, it has been coming for a while, and now it is clearly on the Government’s agenda, white men can finally say that in the eyes of the law, they are less than equal.


If people like the BNP couldn’t get away with claiming that immigrants are taking the jobs of white people, well now they certainly can. I am sure that many white men, particularly those that are unemployed, will believe that positive discrimination (the Government can dress it up, but that is what it is) is to blame for their lack of promotion, lack of meaningful work, and everything else, whether it is or not.

While I firmly believe that women and men should be paid the same, and that blacks and other non whites should also have the same pay and opportunities, I don’t believe that anyone should be discriminated against to improve the lot of another group.

The Government claims that this should only take place if the two candidates have equal qualifications, but this can only be interpreted one way, it will soon no longer be possible to discriminate against white men.

An Asian business owner can have 100 jobs, and give all of them to Asians without fear of being taken to task over it; as they are simply balancing things out!

This is not how you combat racism and ensure equal representation within the workplace; this is how you sow discord and resentment. If companies are not employing women or black candidates, they should be confronted about it using existing legislation, not by passing laws allowing positive discrimination.

the stats

This further attempt at demasculinisation of white men is surely going to meet with a backlash, 45% of the those that live in Britain are white men, and this legislation would mean that they can now be legally discriminated against.

Whatever way the Government tries to spin this, the meaning is clear, white men are racist misogynists and in order to combat that, they must be discriminated against by allowing employers to select a female or black candidate over them, purely because they are a white male.

Statistics show that twice as many white people are victims of racist attacks each year than non whites, so white people are not the racist bunch this legislation is attempting to counter. Although I am sure that many of them are now checking out the BNP as a viable election choice, after all who do you vote for when everyone seems to be taking away your rights and making you a second class citizen?

Not so far right

The BNP is lapping up this discontent and making themselves appear less and less extreme and are enjoying a fair amount of voter swing. No one really knows whether this is because the party is attempting to make itself appear more respectable, or because the other parties are doing such a poor job of representing the majority white voters. As the old adage goes – ‘you can’t please all of the people all of the time,’ ergo you must attempt to please the majority.

ZaNu Labour and other parties attempts to please everyone at the expense of the majority is playing right into the hands of the far right. After all the BNP makes no pretence to be inclusive or represent the views of everyone, just the majority. This recent piece of legislation is giving white voters a stark choice, vote for someone who will place other groups above them, or vote for someone who will only represent their rights.

Vote for any party, but that one

The fact that many people probably discovered for the first time recently, that members of the Police are not allowed to be members of the BNP, whilst also hearing about the National Black Non White Police Association’s top men suing for racism, is only going to further the BNP cause.

What idiot dreamed up that little rule? No wonder the BNP didn’t protest too much about it, it plays right into their hands. Stopping white police officers from being part of an all white club, whilst at the same time allowing black and Muslim police officers to be part of the their own exclusive clubs would be bad enough, but banning a bone fide political party? An excellent way of making the BNP appear to be the victimised opposition party.

The Government would never dream of passing a similar rule for Muslim officers, prohibiting them from being part of the Long Live Islam Platform, or an extremist party, like the Green Party.

BNP – A Viable choice?

I don’t think anyone with half a brain actually wants the BNP party in power. The BNP would make ZaNu Labour look caring, honest, and transparent. But the more that the major parties pander to the minorities, the more that those who feel discriminated against, disenfranchised and unrepresented, and the more that people are going to turn to the BNP, and it isn’t going to take a large percentage to start winning seats.

7 responses to “Some are more equal than others

  1. Hi Charlie, I was over looking for anything you may have written about the global warming scam and how its affecting Brits. You guys are much further along in your eco-commie take over than we are and I thought it would be a good idea fro us to see what the end result is… let me know if you ever put something like that up so I can share it to the dunderheads over here…

    Looks like the PC madness is pretty bad there…..

    The world is gonna look like Greece does now pretty soon I think…..

  2. LMAO!!!!!! How did you get banned from Stephi’s Blog!!!?????

  3. Haven’t written anything about Global Warming for a while, and when I did I got a barrage from the loons about how I was wrong and an indication of the next twist in the scam, cloud seeding. Whatever that is.

    We pay a lot of green (aka guilt) tax over here and with the last two winters being very cold, even though they were predicted as being ‘the mildest ever!’ people have been getting sceptical.

    The best article I have read recently was this one on The Register. About how the Met Office felt the need to post an update to Global Warming on their site as people were getting more and more sceptical.

    As that article points out, those who decide our policy on Global Warming get money from the Government to prove global warming.

    That said, it’s important to note that today’s rather strident statement comes from the Met Office’s subsidiary Hadley Centre, which exists purely to do climate change research. It is funded partly by the government and partly by taking fees from businesses to advise them on ways to cope with global warming.

    That’s the situation we’re in here, the experts get taxpayers money to continue to justify their existence.

  4. I’ve been banned from Steph’s blog for about a year now. I wish I could say that it was over some big idealogical disagreement, but it wasn’t, she’s as mad as a hatter.

    I basically stumbled across her site reading other blog posts about the little girl who went missing, Madeleine McCann and contradicted her. Big mistake. At first she edited out any comments that contradicted her, then I was banned.

    That wasn’t the end of it though, the crazy woman went on other blogs and claimed I was some kind of Cyber stalker who had been hounding her for years, that I was emailing her (even though I didn’t have her address as she’s never commented here), and posting comments on her blog under different names; basically anyone that disagreed with her she thought was me even months after I was banned. She even accused me of sending her porn links!

  5. LMAO! I think I remember a dust up about someone claiming she wasn’t actually who she said but actually a moooslim or something like that. I read there form time to time and enjoy it because even though she is often unhinged, she doesn’t appear to be your typical idiot…

    I’ll make sure to tell her hello from you next time I go over….

  6. But would a Fabian/Lenninist Party make Zanu-labour look better than the BNP?
    Take a peek behind the mask the Westminster mobsters wear so very well.
    Search; Fabians are a worldwide Communist movement.

    Start there,then continue the hunt directly back to the halls of power.
    Start at the top with Fabian Brownski!

    Additional info
    Under Betraying the British people;The Fabian War Within.

    Sorry, these people make the BNP look rather timid and docile.

    CFR USA = Fabians- infiltration the name of the war game, started decades ago.

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