Christmas Cancelled

Christmas Cancelled

Sneinton schoold [sic] cancels nativity for Eid

A SCHOOL cancelled its Christmas performances to make way for Eid.

It had to happen sometime, Muslims make up almost 3% of the population of the UK, so it was always a matter of time before we became an Islamic State, not at the request of Muslims, but because of do-gooders who try and keep everyone happy.

Said do-gooders have struck at a school in Nottingham, where it was decided that the celebrations for Eid should take precedence over Christmas. Nottingham does have a slightly higher number of Muslims than the national average of 3%, at 4.6%, but that still leaves 95.4% of Nottingham residents non Muslim, so why has a school cancelled Christmas, in favour of a Muslim celebration?


I’m not Christian, but I understand that as 57% of people in Nottingham are, most celebrations are aimed at them. Personally I think that any form of religious celebration should be banned, especially at Christmas, which should be a time for fun and laughter, not religious brow beating, but I really don’t understand why schools are giving precedence to minority religions.

I know the Sneinton area, it does have a large non white population,  and is a poverty stricken area, but I am pretty sure it is not 51% Muslim. So I don’t really think that this ‘multi-faith school’ has to give priority to Muslim celebrations, they obviously just wish to be seen as embracing the modern face of Britain.

Either way I know that they are not allowed to have nativity plays anymore, they have to stick to pantomimes, as Muslims and others faiths may find Christian celebrations offensive. They do, however, celebrate Eid, Ramadan, Diwali and just about any other non-Christian religious celebration, regardless as to who finds it offensive, and generally speaking it is about 95% of the people probably do but are unable to speak out for fear of being branded racist, xenophobic, or small minded.

These days it is also  difficult what one can legally say, and what one cannot.

Muslims can get nasty

But as one Muslim parent pointed out:

“If you do not have both it becomes a racist thing and that’s why you have to be careful – if an issue is made out of it it could become nasty.”

Right, I am sure that she is complaining loudly now that one of the two celebrations has been cancelled. Of course not, it isn’t racist to discriminate against the majority, only the minority. She couldn’t care less that one celebration has been cancelled to make way for her own, like all religious folk she cares only about her own version of the good book.

She also probably believes that it should have been cancelled, all in the name of religious tolerance.

I am not religious at all, and people like me get discriminated every which way even though we make up at least 15% of the population, five times more than Muslims or any other belief system except Christian. Although 71% of people in Britain claim to be Christian, I am sceptical, I think the majority of people in Britain probably have no religion.

This of course makes the religious arguments even more intolerable. Britain allows believers to practice their religion in peace, it does not mean that we should all make special concessions for those foolish enough to base their lives on a book.

Britain though is, or at least was, a Christian nation and most of the principles that make this country what it is are based on the Christian religion. I love Christmas, in spite of the religious connotations, and accept the nativity and other Jesus related stuff because it is Christmas, it is tradition, and like it or loathe it, it is what I grew up with. Today, despite Britain being 90% either Christian or no religion, children grow up celebrating a myriad of non Christian religious occasions.


The school issues a statement saying:

“As a multi-faith school, like many schools in Nottingham City, we represent a wide variety of faiths and due respect is given to each one appropriately.”

What is a multi-faith school anyway? Surely a junior should be teaching the fundamentals and leaving religion to RE classes at secondary school? Why are they wasting valuable school time educating the kids on every religious holiday going?

I presume that there is some kind of points system for this, if I were to send my child to that school and put their religion as Jedi, I doubt that they’d let the school celebrate any religious holidays for that, or Scientology.

This is depite the fact that 1.6% of people in Nottingham state their religion as Jedi, that is more than are Sikh and also more than the Jews, Hindu’s and Buddhists put together! As I have mentioned though, this kind of thing has nothing to do with numbers, but who make the most threats and who are the most outspoken.

The Jedi follow a peaceful religion and so are unlikely to say something like, ‘if an issue is made out of it it could become nasty.’ But the threat there is clear, be tolerant to our intolerance, or else.

5 responses to “Christmas Cancelled

  1. {{ But as one Muslim parent pointed out:

    “If you do not have both it becomes a racist thing and that’s why you have to be careful – if an issue is made out of it it could become nasty.”

    Right, I am sure that she is complaining loudly now that one of the two celebrations has been cancelled. }}

    Charlie, I don’t understand your negative comments about what this woman said. She’s correct, isn’t she? Postponing the Christmas HAS caused problems, but do you have evidence that this parent was behind it? And did local Muslims get together to make this request, or was it a decision made by the school board?

    Also, according to this article (below), the “Christmas” performance in question is “Cinderella”. Apparently other Christmas festivities are still going to be observed in the school throughout December. Since Cinderella has no religious significance, what is the big deal with having a January performance?

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    It’s a bigger issue than just cancelling the play. The Muslim parents had been campaigning to have Eid celebrations for some time, and also for them to have similar, if not the same significance as Christmas within the school, when they got that most of them promptly decided that their children should celebrate it at home, so those ‘celebrating’ Eid at school are largely non Muslim.

    The real problems arose as some parents wanted one day, others two, still others four for Eid. In other words a large portion of the pupils were going to be off for between 1-4 days, basically the whole of that week.

    The choices were move the Christmas play to the last week, but with so much other stuff going on that week, it wasn’t really possible. Take all the Muslims kids out of the play, or allow only one or two set days for Eid, or cancel the play. The school took the easiest option and cancelled, and then hastily re-arranged. The first letter made it clear that the play had been cancelled. The second letter, which came after the uproar, said it would be staged in January.

    It is the do-gooders at the school who are mainly to blame for not making clear early on what the schedule would be. I am guessing this had something to do with speaking to Muslims about Eid and probably being told that Muslims would need just one day to celebrate, the school probably naively assumed everyone would celebrate it on the same say. When it came around, it turned out that parents were asking for any or all of the four days off, i.e. a whole week would be lost to Eid, then two weeks to Christmas….

    My annoyance with the woman wasn’t that she caused the problem, but that she claimed to be angered by it, yet didn’t help prevent it. If the Muslims parents can band together and form a vocal minority to have Eid put on the curriculum, why couldn’t they have chosen a day that they could all have had off for Eid? Rather than leaving it up to the school who were to afraid to upset any of them.

    Christmas isn’t a Christian celebration anymore, if it ever was. I doubt more than a handful of kids at the school are actually Christian, but it is still a special time for non Christian children and the play, whether religious or not, was a Christmas play that the kids were looking forward to as part of their Christmas celebrations. A January performance isn’t a Christmas performance, it doesn’t have the same excitement and magic and the kids are rightly upset about it.

    I should point out that the post wasn’t a dig at Muslims, or even really at religion in general, but at the pathetic people we have in top positions in this country who are prepared to bend over backwards to suit the needs of the smallest and most ridiculous groups, who are then going to take these idiots, and the rest of us, for everything they can, and who can blame them?

    I went to school with several Muslims, I never heard anything about Eid, or any other religious celebration (except Ramadan – from the Muslims themselves), back then people adapted. Today it seems that everyone else has to adapt to the foibles of the minorities.

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