Blow Street Runners

‘Bonkers’ council dreams up new way to curb binge drinking…. blowing bubbles | Mail Online

Forget tougher sentences and more bobbies on the beat, the latest weapon in the war on drunk yobs is… bubble blowing.

Only in Britain! I presume next they will giving away shiny things, then perhaps throwing sticks for the drunken yobs to chase. When all this fails, they will finally turn to giving the yobs something that they actually want, like free alcohol, in an attempt to get them so drunk they’ll fall asleep.

If it were not my taxes paying for this rubbish I’d find it hilarious. It is also ironic that the council are investing in such calming measures at the same time that the Government is purchasing a taser for every bobby in Britain.

The problem with law enforcement today is that they just don’t like getting their hands dirty or getting tough. The police force has now become a police service, because force sounded too harsh! No doubt following on from the hospitals and local councils, they will soon be calling the criminals their customers.

They need batons, pepper spray and now tasers, simply to face the criminals, all whilst arresting anyone else for carrying anything that could be construed as a weapon.

Just about everyone in Britain complains that they rarely, if ever, see a bobby on the beat these days. They are apparently too busy filling out forms to carry out trivial matters such as police work. Personally I think that it is more of a case of hiding in the police station, or picking on easy targets, as like the hospitals and the schools, it is scoring and quantity that matters, not quality.

I am quite fortunate, I see a police patrol every day, at least once, albeit in a car. My neighbourhood is regularly patrolled by the boys in blue. This could be because the police are exceptionally diligent were I live, but I think that it has more to do with the fact that the local councillor lives on my street.

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