White Boys Don’t Count

An 118 year old boys club is under threat because the local council claim it does not tick enough politically correct boxes. The club, which caters to boys of any colour, and also girls as much as possible, may have its funding cut because it doesn’t score enough ethnic points.

Bristol’s Broad Plain Boys’ Club is renowned for its work with children, but this isn’t enough for the local council who want it to change its name or they will cut the measly funding (just £11,000) that they provide, claiming that having Boys in the name is divisive.

Boys’ club threatened with funding axe unless it accepts girls and changes name | Mail Online

A historic boys’ club is facing closure after council bosses threatened to withdraw funding – unless it changes its name and allows more girls in.

Ironically, or should that really be unsurprisingly, although the Boys club would cater to at least 50% of the young people in the area, that is not good enough. Apparently it is not how many you help that is important in council funding, but who they are.

Diversity Quotas

Helen Holland – The Glorious Leader of Bristol City Council – Email Her

The council is quite happy to support other organisations that are even more specific in who they help. The Bristol Pakistani Welfare Community, which is aimed at only women, gets almost the same as the Boys club, even though it only helps 0.6% of the population of Bristol. The Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group gets almost three times more a year, even though it is aimed at helping less than 0.3% of the women in Bristol.

The Bristol Muslim Cultural Society gets slightly more (£32k+) even though less than 2% of the population of Bristol is Muslim. Clearly this isn’t about getting the most money to those that need it and support the most people, there is something else at work here.

The Figures

If you break down the figures for the Boys Club, the council spends £1 for every youngster that uses the facilities. There’s no figures for the other groups but let’s assume by some miracle that they serve all of their target group. This means that the Bristol Pakistani Welfare Community get £4 from the council for every woman that the group could possibly help! So that probably means realistically anything from £16-£40+ per person (or should that be per Pakistani Woman?) The Bristol Muslim Cultural Society gets a similar amount.

Unsurprisingly, it gets worse. The Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group gets £26 for even Chinese woman that it could possibly help in Bristol, which means that the council pays anything from £96-£240+ per Chinese woman.

Quite shocking, but just the tip of the iceberg. This page makes me wonder just how valuable a Congolese woman would be to the council, or a Vietnamese woman? What about a Mauritian? Perhaps it is like scrabble and something such as the Guyanese Lesbian Women’s group could be a triple word score and get big money funding for ticking three boxes. That’s not there, but clearly someone has missed a trick.

The table below shows the bizarre priorities of Bristol City Council.

Table: Bristol City Council’s funding table of worth
Value Per Person
White or not specified
Pakistani Woman
Chinese Woman


Clearly the council has to prioritise spending, but in a city where 90% of taxpayers are white, why is it giving so much money to non-white organisations and so little to organisations that offer support to everyone? Something tells me that Bristol is not an isolated case.

The questions is, where is the Labour run Bristol City Council, and countless others around the country, getting these kind of diversity values from? It has to be Whitehall and it makes me shudder to think of all the pointless and exclusive organisations my taxes are going on in my area. Organisations that I will gain no benefit from, my children will gain no benefit from and 90% of the people that live in my area will get no benefit from.

It’s all well and good saying that these types of organisations are needed, and perhaps some are, but no council can be justified in taking away funding from inclusive organisations such as Bristols Broad Plain Boys Club, yet handing it out willy nilly to divisive and restricted organisations that benefit a tiny, tiny minority.

All in a name

It is probably a little misleading then to say that Broad Plain Boys’ Club needs to take ‘Boys’ out of their name in order to receive funding. I am sure if they added a word so it became:- Broad Plain Black Boys’ Club, there would be no problem, or for even more cash Broad Plain Chinese Boys’ Club.

Fortunately for the young people of Bristol, those that run the club are not in it for the money.

It is also quite ironic that on the councils homepage is a huge banner stating “Young People Have Your Say!“, when despite all of the kids at the club saying that they didn’t want to change the name, the council still wishes to press ahead with it.


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