Adolf Hitler alive and in Britain

Adolf Hitler has been discovered alive and well and living in Barnet. The spry 119 year old WWII veteran still wears his uniform with pride although he claims to be a reformed character. Adolf’s lawyer said he wouldn’t comment on claims that he was responsible for the deaths of more than six million people.

Both Israel and Germany have put in extradition requests to try the former German dictator for war crimes but the Home Secretary today confirmed that these requests would be denied. He said:

“To extradite Mr. Hitler would be a breach of his human rights, and therefore we must refuse.”

Of course I totally made all of the above up; but apart from Hitler still being alive at 119, it’s not all that unbelievable. In Britain we don’t extradite anyone, ever, for any reason whatsoever, except of course British citizens, like the Natwest Three, or hacker Gary McKinnon.

If you’re a foreign born terrorist though, you’re quite safe, no matter what you’ve done or how you came to be here. Dictators, such as Pinochet, will also find Britain to be a safe haven.
Surviving Iranian Embassy siege gunman freed to enjoy life of sight-seeing on benefits | Mail Online

On a trip out in London just days after being freed from jail, this is the only terrorist to survive the Iranian Embassy siege – enjoying his new life on benefits.

Yes amazingly, one of the men responsible for perhaps the most infamous terrorist siege of the 1980s, is being allowed to remain here, on benefits, for life! This isn’t a one off though. Six Afghans who hijacked a plane to Stansted Airport were placed in prison, briefly, before being allowed to remain here, on benefits.

Abu Qatada is another example, as is Yasser Al-Sirri, both of whom are on benefits, and of course the infamous Abu Hamza, well at least until the Americans wanted him. Which is another point, why is that whomever the Americans request, they get, but no one else is ever handed over to another country? And if this is the only avenue open why the hell don’t we make use of it and hand the likes of Abu Qatada, Yasser Al-Sirri and all the others over to America? They have Guantanomo bay after all.

As for Fowzi Nejad:

“He was completely understanding that what he did was wrong. He has apologised to those people who were involved. He is completely reformed.”

Who gives a shit? What about the two people that he killed? They didn’t get the chance to reform their characters or do anything else with their lives, they are dead and unfortunately, sorry just doesn’t cut it for dead people.

He’s an Iranian, he does not belong here, he has no reason to be here, he’s a criminal and after all there is no place like home.

The Home Office said it could not comment but a Whitehall insider said Nejad was eligible for a full range of benefits including free housing, council tax benefits and jobseeker’s allowance, which could total more than £1,000 a month.

Well Iran’s OK I’m sure, but I bet that it doesn’t pay quite as well as Britain. £1,000 a month for doing nothing. We may has well hang a sign up.

The ironic thing is Nejad was almost killed too, he made it outside by posing as a hostage and when exposed was almost dragged back inside to be despatched by the SAS. Sadly the reaction of the hostages and the possible media reaction stayed their hand. Bet they wish they’d kept their mouths shut now and let the SAS do their job. 

As one hostage later said,

“To me it doesn’t matter whether they were armed or unarmed. They were terrorists.”

Precisely, they showed no such compunction when shooting the unarmed hostages, why give them the same respect? Now we are all paying for this terrorist to live the life of Riley. Still, I shouldn’t complain, what’s one more convicted terrorists living on benefits these days?

4 responses to “Adolf Hitler alive and in Britain

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  3. i can’t belive Hitler is still alive and kicking.., but any way with God every thing is posible…let Hitler enjoy the last phase of his life, let him be free. (Derrick.M. in Kampala, Uganda.

  4. It’s so great a man can be forgiven for what they thought was the worst crime. I mean look at saddam they killed him. It a great thing the world is ushering in such a state.

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