A Can of Whoop Ass

For me, when you break the law you cross an important line, the line between useful members of society, and scum. A 56 year old, drug addict, burglar would to me, be the very definition of the word scum.

Brazilian student faces GBH charge for ‘defending home from serial burglar’ | Mail Online

A student appeared in court yesterday accused of attacking an alleged burglar.

At 56 I am guessing that the man is not new to the drug addict game, nor is he likely to be a novice burglar, what with him starting off his criminal career back when England last won the World Cup, so he has almost certainly pissed away, or injected, all of his second chances, Government schemes and rehabilitation.

The ‘early retirement’ of the man, Nicholas Edwards, should surely be encouraged by the justice system, which in 42 years has not only failed to cure or rehabilitate him; but also to protect decent, hard-working and law abiding members of society from him.

Self Defence

Instead we have a man who protected himself from the nefarious Edwards and has ended up in court for it. You have to feel for the accused, Andre Mergulhao, who:

“…has been in England for four months to learn English to help him run one of his family’s lace shops in Sao Paulo Airport”

His English course has now turned into a crash course in legalese. I am sure that he doesn’t really understand what is happening to him, nor even what he has done wrong, you see I believe that in Brazil self defence is still legal. In Britain one must allow oneself to be murdered brutalised or, best case scenario, only robbed to stay on the right side of the law.

As Mergulhao has learnt to his cost, self defence in Britain is a serious offence, much more so than say, burglary or theft.

What is even more surprising in this case is that Mergulhao is being prosecuted, even though the malefactor was armed with a knife. In those circumstances, at least according to Government statements on the matter of self defence, reasonable force is justified.

not very sporting

The only thing that I can think of is that Mergulhao made the grievous mistake of not just beating Edwards until he ran away like a whipped cur, he selfishly thought only about the harm a knife wielding drug addict could do to him and so he took no chances by beating Edwards unconscious. Clearly this was unfair of the unarmed Brazillian and not very sporting at all.

You’d think with the current epidemic of knife crime and the Government’s pitiful attempts to quell it, the police would be pleased that a member of the public tackled a knife wieding maniac and came off unhurt. Sadly not.

The trick is clearly to disarm the maniac, reason with him and let him beat a hasty retreat, then perhaps recount the incident amongst friends whilst drinking port.

In September last year Justice Secretary Jack Straw announced a review on what ‘reasonable force’ was permissible when a citizen confronts a suspected criminal. He also said that on four occasions he had intervened to deal with muggers and burglars.

Seems that Jack Straw has the gist of it.

4 responses to “A Can of Whoop Ass

  1. Pretty sad. I never understood how whether in your home or on the street one is supposed to accept being victimized. You get knifed (or shot) and seriously alter the rest of your life I can’t imagine one saying ” Wel lat least I didn’t break the law and defend myself” as any solace

  2. Unfortunately we have a long list of those that have tried to protect themselves, and then ended up in prison for it, Tony Martin for one.

    The lunacy doesn’t end there though, some local councils have banned barbed wire, because it is dangerous – to thieves! And there was a council recently that told people not to use locks on their sheds, just in case thieves injured themselves breaking in.

  3. Whilst this case doesn’t surprise me, it does anger me. In my view, we can clarify the law quite easily. If anyone enters your home, this is a direct threat to you and your family, therefore, you should be able to beat them until such time as YOU, decide that there is no longer a threat. No 3rd party can possibly know what it is like to be confronted by an intruder armed to harm. They know the risks, they must accept the consequences.

  4. Completely agree UK Voter, people like Jack Straw keep saying that the law is clear and on the side of the home owner, yet we keep having cases like this.

    If someone breaks into your house it should be automatically classed as self defence, whether they are armed or not.

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