Crazy people

Lucy Yates, stabbed 17 times in Somerfield, is a ‘living miracle’ – Times Online

The family of a young woman who was stabbed repeatedly in a supermarket described her yesterday as kind, gentle and caring.

Another example of an innocent happily going about her daily business, and ending up being stabbed by a mentalist. I can only imagine the sheer unbelievable terror this poor girl must have felt when this man, who apparently didn’t know her, suddenly decided to stab her to death. Fortunately he hasn’t succeeded and the young girl is still alive, but fighting for her life.

A Sussex NHS organisation that helps patients with mental health, learning disability and substance abuse problems issued a statement yesterday saying that it knew the accused man.

As usual this was yet another mental patient that no one knew what to do with and so let him live as if he were a normal member of soceity, when clearly he was not.

The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said that it was “very shocked to hear of this terrible incident”. The organisation said: “We can confirm that the person who has been arrested is known to our services. We are unable to comment any further at this stage.”

Another example of a patient being declared as ‘not a danger to the public’ before going on a loony rampage. It isn’t too much to ask for taxpayers to expect to be able to go about their normal business without fear of being attack by some nutjob.

I don’t think that anyone would dispute that these sorts of people need specialist care, and that they should receive it, but in the absence of such care or a cure, they should not be released into the community and left to their own devices.

This month another former patient of the Sussex health trust, Benjamin Frankum, was sent to Broadmoor Hospital after he was found responsible for the murder of a 34-year-old landscape gardener last year. Frankum had broken into Daniel Quelch’s parents’ house in a Berkshire lane and stabbed him 82 times.

Quelch was only staying there with his children to keep his mother company. For reasons known only to the mad as a hatter Frankum, he broke into the house, took a knife from the kitchen and began stabbing Daniel Quelch. When Quelch refused to die, Frankum returned to the kitchen to find a sharper knife before returning to finish off poor Mr Quelch.

These events are becoming more and more common as our healthcare systems fails this people, and then fails to protect the rest of society from them.

We only seem to hear of these events when they are fatal or particularly brutal and this makes me wonder just how many of these cases there are each year. There was a woman stabbed by another mentalist in a shop near me just a few months ago, fortunately it wasn’t serious and she survived. This incident barely made the news, and then of course only the local news.

The two incidents above are from one health trust in the past year, and these are only the serious incidents, there are another 151 primary care trusts. Just how many people are stabbed or assaulted by these mentalists each year?

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