Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz at it again!

Some things never surprise me, and Keith Vaz under investigation for corruption, abusing his position or taking back handers does not surprise me in the slightest. What does surprise me is that he seems to be part of this bizarre conspiracy involving the Met.

vaz Labour MP Keith Vaz faces sleaze inquiry over his outrageous bid to sway judge on behalf of crooked lawyer friend | Mail Online

A senior Labour MP is facing demands for a sleaze inquiry after intervening in a court case on behalf of a party donor.

Vaz has had something of a checkered past. He has been investigated before for taking back handers from another solicitor. The Filkin inquiry eventually cleared him after he had done his utmost to stall the investigation, transfer property into his mothers name and be generally as uncooperative as he possibly could be.

After such a close call you’d think that Vaz would keep his nose clean, but no, Keith seems to view himself as untouchable. Before the Filkin inquiry had finished he was in trouble again for helping the Hinduja brothers, and many other Asians, attain a British passport and was also found to have colluded with his wife to hide payments from the Hinduja brothers.

Vaz also tried to get a member of the public arrested for complaining about him, by incredibly lying about a telephone call to the police. This was clearly designed to intimidate the member of the public and make them appear to be some sort of nutter with a bizarre grudge against him.

Fortunately said member of the public was former deputy head of Special Branch, Eileen Eggington and Vaz’s lies were exposed. A Commons Committee concluded:

“Mr Vaz recklessly made a damaging allegation against Miss Eggington, which was not true and which could have intimidated Miss Eggington and undermined her credibility.”

Yet all the ego maniac received was a one month suspension. It doesn’t end there.

Next there was the Nadhmi Auchi scandal, where Vaz once again did favours for a rich businessman. Vaz was a director of one of Auchi’s companies and tried to help him avoid extradition to France, he failed and Auchi was convicted of fraud.

It was becoming clear that Keith Vaz was for sale and that he only had two stipulations, those he helped had to be rich, and brown.

Despite all this Keith Vaz is still an MP and has even been promoted since his lying and corruption were exposed.

dizaei This latest incident involves another rich Asian businessman, convicted fraudster and suspect solicitor Shahrokh Mireskandari. Mireskandari has also represented the Hindujas as well as Auchi. He is currently the ‘brains’ behind Tarique Ghaffur’s claim of racial discrimination against Commissioner Sir Ian Blair. As well as being a close friend of Ali Dizaei, a commander in the Met and president of the National Non-White Black Police Association.

Vaz has apparently written to the Judge asking him to stop a case that was looking like it was going against his sponsor. When questioned about this, his response was:

“…he does not have a close relationship with Mireskandari and that his dealings with him were solely motivated by concerns for ethnic-minority lawyers.”

So that’s OK then, Vaz chooses his causes based purely on race (and of course money), surely that is racist? Which may explain why Vaz played the race card when his friend (that he doesn’t acknowledge) and his law firm were being investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority after a series of complaints by former clients.

“Vaz wrote to the SRA, the professional watchdog which was looking at a number of complaints by Mireskandari’s clients. A ‘concerned’ Vaz demanded an urgent answer from the SRA to the alleged ‘prejudicial and discriminatory conduct’ against Dean and Dean.”

Ironically two out of three of Dean and Dean’s partners are white, the third is of course Mireskandari, Vaz’s friend that is not a friend. Racism? Or are the SRA just doing their job, after all Mireskandari is a convicted fraudster, just like another of Vaz’s friends.

It seems to be a recurring theme with this cadre of public servants, when all else fails – scream racism! It is becoming a tired excuse for people like Dizaei, Ghaffur, Vaz and Mireskandari to explain why they can’t achieve what they believe they are entitled to.  Sadly this is making genuine victims of racism look like the boy who cried wolf.

Dizaei, who has blamed racism for every single one of his investigations, and probably anything else that goes wrong in his life, now has three investigations into his conduct, and may finally get the punishment he deserved five years ago.

“…Mireskandari had secretly employed Dizaei as a defence consultant to undermine a Met investigation into one of Dean and Dean’s clients, an Eastern European woman charged with death by dangerous driving and attempting to pervert the course of justice.”

This triumvirate seem to think that they have Britain all sown up and can do as they please, but the Judge in the Mireskandari’s case clearly didn’t agree.

“…extraordinary letter which Vaz wrote to the High Court this year. In it he asked that a case involving Mireskandari be adjourned, pending investigations into the lawyer’s complaints [of racism] against two judges previously involved in the case.”

Extraordinary doesn’t quite cover it; like Ghaffur, Vaz thinks that all he need do is mention the word racism to get what he wants (or what he has been paid for).

“At the bad-tempered meeting Vaz attacked the SRA leadership and demanded that the body stop investigating ethnic-minority lawyers.”

Such is Vaz’s ego, he thinks that he has it in his power to make all non whites untouchable. Having the nerve to demand that the regulatory body for solicitors should stop investigation non white solicitors and basically only investigate white solicitors!

Perhaps realising (although I doubt it) that it may be a bit much to ask he went on to suggest:

“…that the National Black Police Association  –  headed by Mireskandari’s friend Dizaei  –  should work alongside the lawyers’ watchdog”

How can this man get away with suggesting that an organisation for non whites only, should be allowed to work alongside the solicitors regulators, which is meant to be an impartial organisation. Vaz would have been the first to complain had someone made the equally absurd suggestion that the BNP work alongside the SRA.

Now this bizarre network of racist non whites has finally been exposed, most of whom are public servants, they should be at the very least sacked, better yet prosecuted.

Dizaei has shown the National Black Police Association up for what it is, a way for non whites to get ahead through any means necessary; and clearly displayed that it is dominated by corrupt officers who are only interested in power and lining their own pockets.

This and Ghaffur’s lawyer have shown that his case against the Met is based on greed and ego rather than substance, and that his ‘gardening leave’ should be changed to ‘detained at her Majesty’s Pleasure’. 

As for Vaz; time and again he has shown complete contempt for the tax payer forcing a costly investigation to see whether the SRA is racist merely to save his friend; and is clearly only in office to reap the financial rewards that his influence can bring. I am amazed that the man is still elected, but I suppose this is because he pays lip service to ‘Asian or Black Issues’ in an area where almost 40% of the population are non white, all whilst lining his own pockets.

Hopefully this will be the end of Keith Vaz and his coterie of racist self serving ‘community’ servants as Vince Cable stated:

“I am not aware of any other precedent in modern times of politicians seeking to influence a member of the judiciary in this way. It raises serious questions about conduct.”

A man who behaves like this has no place in the House of Parliament, and that really is saying something.

14 responses to “Keith ‘Back Hand’ Vaz at it again!

  1. peed off honky

    why the hell do we keep seeing buildings schools shops health centre with the name merlin vaz spatterd all over them,who gave the plonker vaz the right to do this,we dont know this merlin thing,is it a indian wizard or something,they have no right decorating buildings with names like this without our permission,surely its got to stop,give us back our leicester city please and not nonesecal names on buildings,we are all getting pissed off big time

  2. i find it incredible that it doesnt matter what hits the fan with mr vaz being somehow involved it simply all comes right for him.we are a 5000 strong group in leicester and we have come to the conclusion that we can get on much better if we are corrupt, say when it comes to our tax return,are we right in thinking that we can claim for things we know we shouldnt and if browns joke brigade at the lovely plush tax office find fault we can just say we thought it would be allowed or even better DO A VAZ and me no speak today,thankyou, well its wakey wakey you dumb lot,get your ass in gear and get that voting done in all up and coming votes,if you dont he and many others of his kind will continue to suck and sleaze and hoard even more property and the like for there children and there childrens children,what about our children and our childrens children,for f**k sake wake up,we have.

    • Thanks for the comments,

      I agree about Vaz, he must have some pretty compromising photos of some important people for him to always appear to get away with such fraud and corruption. It is beyond belief.

  3. Vaz wasn’t cleared by Filkin. Some of the accusations were never properly answered because they went right back to Blair who ultimately sacked Filkin. Vaz’s criminal activities go back further; he supposedly represented the people rooked in the BCCI banking scam when one of his cronies ran the bank’s English arm. The stuff that’s been made public is the tip of the iceberg the man is totally corrupt and his links go to the top in both parties. He’s used intimidation of opponents and had links into untold scandals. When god gives the world an enema parliament will be washed away but Vaz might block the toilet.

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  5. there is a muli-race campaign to persuade corrupt Vaz to stand down for this election.Leicester East Labour party have heard Vaz is wanting a Lordship if he stands down.
    This may be a quick way of getting the Lords abolished!

    • I hope it is successful, but Keith Vaz has more lives than a cat. If he gets a peerage then the whole system should be abolished, let alone the House of Lords.

  6. Astonishing! Unbelievable. I thought I was alone until I came across Charlie. I’ve been blathering about Vaz like folk and this elite BBC/Guardian/Independent tribe on anything and everything including FaceBook, but nobody listening. Then, I switch on the box and there he is, the hollier than thou Vaz pontificating in his usual condescending manner surrounded by other luvvie psycho-crits. The kettle shouting at the pot!

    Criminals have no morals, so fallen heros or Milly Dowler or however more unsavoury it will get, hacking, tapping, or bribing, is a heinous crime itself, (unless to catch criminals) and this Guardian exposure if all true, is of course appalling. But the kettle in this case is anything but upstanding.

  7. Not being much of an advocate on conspiracy theories, I am very suspicious now. So kindly allow me a short rantathon and a bit more pontificating if I may. I’ll shut up then.

    I strongly suspect this whole thing is now bandwagon jumping on the conspiracy to bring down their BIGGEST fear ‘Rupert Murdoch’ and any attempt to establish an alternative Fox News like system in UK.
    Wait, if they still get nowhere, Vaz will burst out… “Murdoch is a Zionist”.

    It is like some dark movie, a terrible situation now with the media absolutely soaked to the core with this Masonic like society controlling society in general and it seems so few care or perceives this as agenda. They all get clean away with it! Vaz is a General in it.

    The elite of indoctrinated inbred production line robots out of journo school, along with the Labour Mullas are ‘Murdoch squirming’ and panicking. spitting vitriol at any opportunity. The BBC are front line, with its covert bias broadcasting – pumping out their devious agenda and anything else ‘Fascist Liberal’ or sexual persuasion to the world second by second, happily at the dumb tax payer’s expense and all with a polite smile or well spoken voice puppets (for most, unless this obsession with minorities to dominate our ears and eyes – and eventually ‘us’ I guess).

    ‘Nothing but endless privileged talking heads in the media and government talking ‘at us’ with such patronizing clichéd rhetoric, as if there is NO CONTEST, all protecting each other and all are as devious as Rasputin.
    With absolute deluded arrogance, this crowd believe we all agree with them as they have Politically Correctly dumbed us to such a level ‘how very dare we’ openly challenge them – Plus it is against a thousand laws now to actually say what one really thinks or believes.
    Let’s face it, they wont let anyone contra on the airwaves anyway, or fix set-up audiences, no independent thinker can win. The James Whales, Nick Ferraris and Jon Gaunts of the pseudo alternative, get a tad of a look in, but have to play the game very carefully.

    The biscuit: Unbelievably and missed by the masses, 99% of media jobs are advertised in the Guardian or Independent, nowhere else and this has been the case for the past 30 years odd. A paper with one of the ‘SMALLEST’ circulations yet controlling every aspect of our lives. Hello!!!! Clever, very clever.
    If not through the Guardian, then the BBC recruit very carefully from within their own closets. ‘Go with the flow or else’ Doesn’t this tell us something? Apparently not.

  8. i am sitting here watching stephenson being interviewed by the home affairs committee in the commons guess who is the head of the committee vaz can’t believe that surely this committee is tainted with him at the head of it!!!! can’t believe it…….

  9. You suck camel balls, you hack! LOL

  10. Who do we complain to . We came to england because of british standards .it seems vaz wants a third world corrupt style .why do brits tolateate obvious cheating scum like these .

  11. It is a closet Anonymous. Apparently Vaz is an obsessive friend of Doris himself. Well that’s ok, each to their own, but when it is used as graft and discrimination which it is these days to the Nth degree, then we live deep in this sickness.
    They are all in it. Right through the BBC across European governments and spreading. From CEOs of old public concerns to so-called charities. So complain to Vaz, as he will automatically be head of any pseudo committee set up to oversee corruption and under-hand agenda. Unfortunately, this clan have made ‘deviance’ a law to be accepted – now taught to five year olds in order to guarantee the sect’s future. At the same time, they have made it illegal to be against it. This lot will eventually make paedophilia legal. Slowly but surely. Many suspect the justice system wreaks of it.

    I had coffee with an ex politician\diplomat the other day. Vaz’s name came up. Hmmm! Suspicions well ‘ard cemented now. Someone in these comments mentioned that Vaz must have so much juice stored on each and every one of them, they fear him. Maybe, just maybe perverted voyeurism is his bag, happily taking the photos while getting off at the same time. But one could not possibly say that. But but but…as extremely slippery as this guy appears to be, just one day, he might get caught in a George Michael grip in the Victoria station cottage toilet as well

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