Bravest of the brave…

Lumley joins Gurkhas’ legal charge – Home News, UK – The Independent

Nepalese infantrymen who have risked their lives for Britain seek right to permanent residency

I’m amazed, and quite frankly ashamed that this is even an issue. We let far less deserving people into this country based on flimsy claims of persecution and even allow them to stay when they are found out to be lying toe rags as deporting them would be against their human rights. Yet these Gurkhas face deportation for having served our country and then asked to remain here after they retire!

I grew up on stories of Gurkha exploits, I also have a kukri in pride of place in my living room. Anyone who has ever served with a Gurkha is left in no doubt as to their dedication and loyalty. My grandfather served with Gurkhas during WWII and terrorised me with stories of silent jungle men that reach around the necks of unsuspecting sentries to check their badge, before slitting their throats. 

To say that the Gurkhas have been treated shoddily for years would be an understatement. Despite the respect of their fellow soldiers Gurkha’s have always been treated as less than equals. They were initially paid far less than ordinary British soldiers, and their pensions were also lower, although this has all been belatedly rectified. 

Perhaps the most shameful part of this is that one of those appealing for the right to stay in this country is a recipient of the Victoria Cross, and is 91 years old. I am embarrassed that this is the way we treat our veterans, as if there were any doubt that 91 year old Lachhiman Gurung deserves to stay, how he won his VC quickly dispels it.

On 12 May-13 May 1945 at Taungdaw, Burma, Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung was manning the most forward post of his platoon which bore the brunt of an attack by at least 200 of the enemy. Twice he hurled back grenades which had fallen on his trench, but the third exploded in his right hand, blowing off his fingers, shattering his arm and severely wounding him in the face, body and right leg. His two comrades were also badly wounded but the rifleman, now alone and disregarding his wounds, loaded and fired his rifle with his left hand for four hours, calmly waiting for each attack which he met with fire at point blank range. Afterwards, when the casualties were counted, it is reported that there were 31 dead Japanese around his position which he had killed, with only one arm.

With only one arm! If nothing else being awarded the VC should give recipients automatic British citizenship.

I am anti immigration, I believe that in Britain we have opened the door too wide and allowed Britishness to be diluted to the point that no one knows what it means to be British. We have allowed our values to be used against us and let in the likes of Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza and many, many more people who either see Britain as a meal ticket or as the enemy and have no respect whatsoever for Britain or Britishness. All this has led to an irreparable degeneration of British values and made us the most overcrowded country in Europe.

Yet even I can think of no argument whatsoever against these men staying in Britain, so how on earth can the pro immigration Government? The same Government that recently rejected a cap on immigration despite the recommendations coming from a cross party report on the issue and despite the fact that Britain is now the most crowded country in Europe. It boggles the mind how the Government does nothing to stop the flood of economic migrants, yet bars the people that have sacrificed themselves for this country.

An ex servicemen summed it up outside court.

Ronnie Turner, 54, an artillery gunner in the Falklands, said: “I can’t recall anyone checking whether the Gurkhas had ties to this country when they fought beside us. I am embarrassed we are putting these fine men through all this now.”

So is just about everyone, so how can the Government justify fighting this?


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