King David the Turd

Miliband uses Queen’s Flight more often than the Queen | Mail Online

David Miliband faces questions over his use of £2,000-an-hour RAF jets after it was revealed he has travelled on the Queen’s Flight – military aircraft usually reserved for the Royal Family’s use – at least 16 times in the past year.

Clearly Mr. Miliband hasn’t grasped this whole Queen’s flight business, either that or has an over inflated opinion of himself, reminiscent of President Blair.

The major Royals, for whom travelling on commerical airlines isn’t really an option, have but to use the Queen’s flight. Miliband has no reason to use it.

No MP really has any legitimate reason for using what is basically a private jet. At a push perhaps Gordon Brown could justify it, but it isn’t a private jet for the Labour elite, as many cabinet officials seem to think it is.

The fact that he has used it more often than our Head of State is quite disgraceful, particulary as all the flights he has taken on the Queen’s Flight, could have been taken on commercial flights at a fraction of the cost.

He could even have made use of the excellent train services and with the extra time on his hands perhaps even have done some real work!

Mr Miliband’s travel arrangements were posted on the Foreign Office website in response to a Freedom of Information inquiry by a member of the public.

This sort of information should be publicly available, i.e. on the websites of all MPs and not have to be specifically requested by Freedom of Information Acts. After all the electorate should be able to make an informed choice when voting for an MP, and know who is taking the piss, a laugh, and who is really taking the piss.


2 responses to “King David the Turd

  1. Yes indeed, this man has not been a member of parliament for more than 5 minutes and already he has been promoted to one of the top 3 positions and is starting to savour the fruits of power.

    For a party claiming to have a green agenda and one that penalises the public in the form of green stealth taxes and carbon taxes, this is indicative of everything that is wrong with this discredited party of government. This abuse must stop and now.

  2. It was amusing to see him on the news today saying that everyone should get behind Gordon Brown, presumably so that no one can tell it is him stabbing Brown in the back in the crowd.

    This man would be a nightmare to the tax payers if he is ever leader.

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