Thank you Mr. Kember

A pair of terrorists

Pictured: Hate preacher Abu Qatada wearing a bulging rucksack

He claims almost £8,000 a year in benefits because a serious back problem means he is supposedly unable to work.

But as these pictures show, that doesn’t stop Abu Qatada hoisting a backpack on to his shoulders – leading to calls for his disability to be investigated.

Not to mention the £800,000 house that he lives in. In all fairness it’s not everyday you see a pair of convicted terrorists walking down the street side by side, but thanks to people like Norman Kember, it could well be soon.

Kember, who provided Qatada’s bail security, probably sees nothing wrong in him falsely claiming benefits, or meeting with convicted terrorists and relaying information through him.

The man to the right is Yasser Al-Sirri, who like Qatada fled his home country to evade punishment for his part in a terrorist attack, and like Qatada he arrived on a false passport, again like Qatada Britain welcomed him with open arms, granted him asylum and has given him a council flat and benefits. Also like Qatada, Britain has refused to extradite Al-Sirri to his home country, in case he gets what he deserves.

It sickens me that we actually allow people like this to walk free. Worse, we preach to the world about terrorism, the war on terror and demand that other nations aid our counter-productive and fruitless war on terror, all whilst refusing to hand over non British citizens over to their home Government, and despite the fact that said persons have been convicted of terrorism!

Double standards or just plain stupidity?

This also surprises me:

The judges said that – even though the Home Office had an agreement that Qatada would not be harmed – some of the evidence used against him may have been obtained by torture.

Yet we extradite actual British citizens, such as Gary McKinnon, to the US, even though our own Government has stated that the US definition of torture and our own may differ, ergo they may torture suspects, and that is acceptable?

Something is seriously wrong here.

As for an asylum seeker falsely claiming benefits, well hardly a surprise is it?

4 responses to “Thank you Mr. Kember

  1. It’s actually a form of therapy you see. He also has two bags of groceries which with the back pack helps to align his spine. The laying on the rug bowing 5 times a day helps too.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if he said something like that if he’s questioned about it, he’ll probably get away with it too.

    We are complete mugs in this country these days.

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  4. You need to get a job mate and stop dossing around writing nonsense. Tosser…. Looool

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