Police on tea break, again…

Wealthy Arab student, 16, dies after race attack by gang of thugs in seaside town | Mail Online

A foreign student visiting Britain to learn about its culture and traditions has been murdered by a mob of thugs in a drunken racist attack.

More scum, another innocent killed and once again the police were as useful as a chocolate teapot. Unless we start handing out severe, or better yet, permanent punishments for this sort of crime, it is only going to get worse.

I am sure that the boy’s assailants didn’t mean to kill him, but that doesn’t matter much to Mohammed right now, so who cares, murder is murder. If Mohammed’s murderers thought that they’d be hanged for killing him, they may have stopped after a couple of kicks, perhaps just leaving him with a few scars, but what reason did they have for holding back?

Manslaughter carries a sentence of what, ten years? Which means they’ll serve just five years, less if the prisons get a bit full and that is assuming that they’re caught. Hardly a deterrent.

The police naturally were in the area and aware of the situation, and as it became apparent that there may be trouble, they quickly made a sharp exit.

Mr Tanriverdi said: ‘After I asked them to leave, I noticed a police car pull up, so I went over and spoke to the officers. I asked them to keep an eye on the boys, and they said they would – then left. Less than an hour later, Mohammed had been beaten to death.’

The police probably preferred to keep an eye on the boys via CCTV, at a safe distance. It is becoming increasingly clear that in Britain you can no longer count on the police, they are either corrupt, useless or both. It is better to deal with the situation yourself, rather than wait for the police to come and save you, and deal with the consequences afterwards.

Many people claim that hanging has no effect on crime rates (despite the evidence to the contrary), but I am fairly sure that if those responsible for this were hung in the town square, nothing like this would happen in that area for a long time.

As for the two girls, if they do not come forward they should be subject to the full extent of the law and sentenced accordingly. Ideally a public birching, I am sure that afterwards they, and their friends, won’t find the type of scum that did this quite so attractive and fun to be around.

Of course I am dreaming, in modern Britain these thugs would be given a lenient sentence, probably be out in two years. The girls, whether they come forward or not, will get off Scott free.

The message will be clear, life is cheap in Britain and the scum that run the streets, are nigh on untouchable.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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