Mother takes on Hoodie thugs

Brave mother frogmarches two hoodie vandals to justice – while dressed only in her pyjamas | Mail Online

In hindsight, storming out into the street alone during the early hours to confront young vandals was not the most sensible thing Nina Stevens has ever done.

Surely the police must have been having an off day? Why wasn’t this vigilante thug prosecuted for assaulting and imprisoning these poor innocent children? Are the police starting to realise that she had every right to apprehend and detain these vandals?

Chief Constable Colin Portly

This is the same police force that arrested a man and placed him in a cell for five hours, simply for taking a photo. Perhaps Aqil Farooq was off that day.

If this is a new approach by Avon and Somerset Police it is most welcome, perhaps Colin Portly can give Michael Fuller a call and give him a few tips. Fuller’s force arrested a man for doing virtually the same thing in his shop.

I don’t think that this is some kind of new initiative though:

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: ‘Officers attended and found two youths had been detained by local residents. In relation to detaining offenders, police would ask residents to be aware of their own personal safety and not to put themselves at risk.’

In other words Miss Stevens, should have waited for the police to handle it, by which time the offenders would have been long gone, and the police could have claimed that they had nothing to go on. Besides, if this street has been terrorised by this gang for months and hundreds of pounds of damage having been caused, we can assume that the police have been pretty ineffectual.

Clearly Miss Stevens thought, ‘If you want a job doing…’

I take my hat off to her, if only more people thought and acted like this. It sounds like these kids were doing it simply because they could and no one had ever told them that they shouldn’t; her actions have probably brought these kids into line and stopped them drifting into worse crimes.


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