Pregnant Woman Attacked In Own Bed

Last week I was shocked by the actions of two men who apparently broke into the home of a pregnant woman and beat her around the head. I couldn’t imagine what kind of sick person would do such a thing, but it may in fact have been her partner!

Pregnant woman’s partner held on suspicion of her attempted murder | Mail Online

The partner of a heavily pregnant woman who was apparently attacked by burglars in her bed has been arrested on suspicion of her attempted murder

It beggars belief that a man could be capable of murdering the woman that is apparently the love of his life, especially when that woman is carrying his child. He has only been arrested and charged at this point so he may not be guilty.

As terrible as this type of crime is, it does appear to be becoming more common.

Just a couple of years ago I watched a disturbing episode of Crimewatch in which an intruder had broken into a young couples home, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and then entered the bedroom attacking the sleeping couple. The intruder initially attacked the man, however his girlfriend wrestled the assailant clear of her boyfriend before being fatally stabbed herself.

This terrible crime left a lasting impression upon me, even more so when it later emerged that the boyfriend had in fact stabbed her to death before staging the whole intruder story.

Then of course there is the more recent murder of Nisha Patel-Nasri, by her husband. Nisha Patel, a Special Constable, apparently left her home armed with a knife to investigate a noise before being stabbed by unknown assailants.

It later turned out that her husband, a former pimp, had been having an affair with a prostitute and had carefully arranged her murder in order to profit from it. It was also later revealed that Nisha Patel was no angel either, having been heavily involved in running brothels but the police were powerless to sack her:

‘As a woman of Asian origin, Nisha ticked all the boxes for police recruitment policy, so a blind eye was turned to her obvious wrongdoing,’ says one detective who investigated her death. ‘Politically, she was just too valuable to sack.’

No doubt a member of the untouchable NBPA.

Nerys Price’s partner (who she is still living with), was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder but because of recent events I am inclined to believe that he did.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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