Harman’s Crime Ridden Constituency

Harriet Harman said that she wore the now infamous stab vest simply to fit in with the other officers, but it appears that she’s not the only public servant scared to walk the streets of her constituency.

Council staff too scared to walk streets get free bus rides home | Mail Online

Council workers are getting free rides on a private, taxpayer-funded bus service because they are too frightened to walk the streets of their own borough to get home.

The oft used phrase, ‘You couldn’t make it up!’ seems to apply quite well here. I shouldn’t really be shocked or angered by this kind of thing anymore, but I am.

“A total of six journeys are made each day, at a cost of £3,900 a week, to ensure the workers do not have to cross the notorious Aylesbury Estate and risk being mugged.”

Nearly four thousand pounds a week to take council workers home, that’s enough per year to pay for ten police officers to patrol those estates and make them safe for everyone, instead the money is spent making sure just a lucky few get home safely.

Even more annoying is the existence of a regular bus service to and from the area, that everyone else has to catch, yet the Council still decides to pay for a private bus.

A Southwark Council spokesman said: ‘We implemented the service in December 2005 after a series of violent attacks on staff. Three were mugged on their way home within a four-week period and the council decided to provide a secure, safe bus service.’

Three in four weeks? I wonder how many plebs have been mugged since the Council decided that the problem was solved. No wonder Harman wore a stab vest and needed several police officers to protect her; for her it must have quite literally been a walk through the bad lands.

The thing that makes me angry, is why are we knee deep in this crime, violence and poverty when the people that are meant to be sorting out these problems wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole? Harman is paid a small fortune by the taxpayer and yet clearly she couldn’t give a toss about the people that pay her, and that she is meant to represent.

Perhaps if it were law that an MP must reside in a constituency whilst representing it in Parliament she’d actually care, although I doubt it. She probably just get big fences and guards.

3 responses to “Harman’s Crime Ridden Constituency

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