David Kelly’s Body Moved

David Kelly’s body may have been moved as it has emerged that a police helicopter, fitted with thermal imaging equipment, flew over the exact spot where Kelly’s body lay, yet didn’t seem him.

Why did a heat-seeking helicopter fly over the exact spot where David Kelly’s body was found – and detect nothing? | Mail Online

Police failed to find the body of missing Government scientist David Kelly despite using a helicopter with heat-seeking equipment and flying over the exact spot where his corpse was later discovered.

I never really believed that David Kelly had committed suicide, and the more I read about it the more convinced I became that Kelly had been suicided for making Tony Blair look the idiot that he was. There was just too much that didn’t make sense, especially the fact that there wasn’t an inquest just a pointless whitewash of an inquiry led by Hutton. The more I saw of that inquiry the more I thought there was something more to it.

This latest information just reinforces that belief. If a state of the art thermal imaging camera that can read a car number plate at 1000ft didn’t seem him, then there appears to be only one rational explanation, he wasn’t there.

Norman Baker, the MP who wrote a book about the death of David Kelly and claimed to have had evidence that proved Kelly murdered wiped from his hard drive, will probably make a second book of this.

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