You Can’t Touch Me!

Asian shop owner cleared of assault for trying to restrain a ‘racist’ yob | Mail Online

Since taking over a corner shop five years ago, Sheikh Tariq Mahmood and his family have endured endless problems with vandalism, theft and abuse by lawless youths.

It’s no surprise that Mr Mahmood has suffered this kind of abuse, any small business open to the public these days must get more than it’s fair share of louts and uncontrolled kids walking in.

What is surprising is that when some kids decided to use Mr Mahmood’s shop as a football pitch and caused criminal damage to his premises, and Mr Mahmood did what he is entitled to do by law and restrained one of the offenders until the police arrived, it was him that was arrested by the police!

“But it was Mr Mahmood who ended up being arrested, held in a cell and taken to court – and not the 15-year-old vandal, who was heard shouting racist abuse while he was being restrained.”

Not content with criminal damage, the youth also hurled racist abuse at Mr Mahmood, which is itself another crime. The police apparently arrived and liberated the vandal and promptly arrested Mr Mahmood.

The Cock in Charge – Kent Police

Despite the evidence, the witnesses and the fact that he was arrested at the scene it was decided by the CPS not to prosecute the poor mite. Giving the little shit an excellent example of how the law works in the UK, basically he can do whatever he likes, to whomever he pleases and like the police, he is above the law.

Mr Mahmood wasn’t so lucky. He has had this case hanging over him for a year, only to have it thrown out (and rightly so) as it was decided that he had acted reasonably and more importantly – legally. It is still perfectly legal in the UK to make a citizens arrest, or have the police and the CPS forgotten this?

This was absolutely no reason for the police to arrest him, let alone the CPS to prosecute him, what a complete waste of taxpayers money, there should be an investigation into precisely why it was thought that there was even a case here.

The other thing that raised an eyebrow in this story was this:

“The shopkeeper, who speaks no English, came to the UK from Pakistan several years ago to build a better life.”

Mr Mahmood has been in the country for seven years, owns two shops and minds the shops himself yet speaks no English? Then again an ability to articulate himself clearly to the police would have done him no good anyway.

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