Jacqui Smith Just Can’t Cope

Jacqui Smith under fire as Home Office data-loss firm will be kept on… and they’ll be handling ID cards too | Mail Online

Jacqui Smith was under fire for failing to sack the private contractor which lost personal data on thousands of criminals.

I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, such as them offering her a place on their board.

I have never been averse to women in politics, in fact I quite liked Maggie Thatcher, but the current crop of women in the Government is making me change my opinion.

There is Hazel Blears, who is so stupid that she thinks computer security just means putting a password on her Windows account, Harriet ‘Danger’ Harman who feels the need to walk around her own constituency wearing a stab vest and protected by several police officers. And now we have Oxford educated Jacqui Smith, who believes that personal data is irrelevant unless it refers to her.

When MPs lost their right to fight Freedom of Information Act disclosures regarding their expenses, a change in the law was proposed to stop the public from finding out about the internal workings of Parliament or any letters between MPs or government departments. Initially Smith didn’t vote but she later voted for exempting MPs from the Freedom of Information Act and also against auditing or making public MPs expenses, such as claims on homes and furniture, in fact she voted to reject virtually all the recommendations made by a committee appointed to review expenses and the transparency of Parliament.

In almost every instance citing privacy and security concerns.

Jacqui Smith visits the shops, just like a normal person.

Clearly she is not so stringent with the information of others. The company responsible for this latest loss, bearing in mind her department was responsible for the loss of the data of 25m people last year, hasn’t even been punished for their glaring breach. Why would she want to? Any kind of monetary punishment would probably have to come out of her backhanders.

Would she have been so uncaring had the information been personal information on a different group, say MPs? Of course not, but then that is not likely to happen, after all that kind of information would be kept securely somewhere.

Fortunately this time the information lost was on criminals, so I find it difficult to care, but this company is also responsible for the forthcoming ID cards, which I do care about.

Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg summed it up:

‘Charlie Chaplin could do a better job running the Home Office than this Labour government.’

PA Consulting, for some reason has an offender management contract, whatever that is. It seems that today Government privatises almost every aspect of governing the country, so someone can make millions.

“The firm, based in London, has been paid £95,577,902 by the Home Office alone in just three years.”

A shocking figure, surely with that much money they could afford simple encrytption software? They also have responsibility for the Criminal Records Bureau checks, which are plagued with delays and incorrect information, as well as the probation service, which is utterly useless at present.

The irony is they are being paid millions, most likely billions to develop the government’s hi-tech and state of the art biometric technology which is meant to be foolproof yet they can’t even encrypt their own memory sticks.


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