Fastest White Man

One of the most viewed posts on this blog, especially over the past few days – no doubt due to the Olympics, is White Men Can’t Run. Anyone hoping for a white man to reach the Olympic final, let alone to run under 10s or even grab a medal, was sorely disappointed.


Marian Woronin

Marian Woronin’s 1984 ‘record’ remains unmatched, let alone beaten, but I thought I would take a look and see just how far the fastest white man got in the 100m and what the fastest time was.

The only non black athlete (or athlete not of African descent) who reached the semi finals was Naoki Tsukahara of Japan who ran 10.16s (he has a PB of 10.15s). No white athlete made it past the second round and the fastest in that round was Craig Pickering of Britain at 10.18s (he has a PB of 10.14s).

Pickering is Britain’s No.2 sprinter (3 if you count Dwain Chambers, but no one does), but is only ranked 13th on Britain’s all time list. The top British white sprinter is Allan ‘Wipper’ Wells, ranked tenth with 10.11s, which he ran 28 years ago.

This makes me wonder all the more about Woronin, he only ever ran that fast once, he never ran under 10.20s again, rarely under 10.30s, yet in nearly 25 years, only one man has really even come close.

The ‘official’ list of top white sprint times is:

  1. 10.00 (+2.0) Marian Woronin (POL) 09.06.1984
  2. 10.01A (0.0) Pietro Mennea (ITA) 04.09.1979
  3. 10.03A (0.0) Nicolas Macrozonaris (CAN) 03.05.2003
  4. 10.03 (-0.1) Matthew Shirvington (AUS) 17.09.1998
  5. 10.06A (+2.0) Johan Rossouw (RSA) 23.04.1988

Nicolas Macrozonaris of Canada ran 10.03s in 2003, but that was at altitude. If you’re wondering what difference that would have made, it was the same place that Pietro Mennea ran his 10.01s at the 100m and his amazing 19.72s at 200m. Macrozonaris next best after that was 10.19s ran in 2000.

Matt Shirvington ran his way back in 1998, it wasn’t at altitude, there was no wind (in fact there was a slight headwind) and more importantly for me, it wasn’t a one off. In 1999 he ran 10.07s, he has also run 10.09s. He is still running today aged 29, his best this year is 10.35s.


Matt Shirvington

Next is Johan Rossouw of South Africa, his time is also impressive, but when you consider that it was run at altitude with the maximum allowed headwind, and it was a feat that he never repeated, it isn’t so impressive.

In fact if it wasn’t for Matt Shirvington’s time, I wouldn’t believe Woronin’s mark at all unless he ran it at altitude with +4.5ms wind at his back, but he ran it in Warsaw, with the maximun +2.0 wind.

A white man running under 10.00s seems to be a physical impossibility, even today with the advances in training and legal supplements and so on it is proving to be an unattainable goal for white sprinters.

Shirvington is something of an enigma, other than Woronin’s dubious time, no one else has got that close to the magic ten second barrier other than at altitude. Linford Christie ran his best time aged 33, so at 29 Shirvington isn’t quite over the hill yet. That said he hasn’t run under 10.20s for five years, so the magic 10s barrier is likely to elude him.

But what about those who aren’t white, but aren’t of African descent? Surprisingly, the elusive ten second barrier has been reached by an athlete of non African origin (I believe the correct term is non sub-Saharan African origin).

Koji Ito of Japan ran 10.00 dead in Bangok in 1998, there was a +1.9 m/s wind but still an acheivement. The Japanese have some good sprinter, with Naoki Tsukahara reaching the semi finals of the 100m in Beijing and Japan claiming a bronze in the 4x100m relays, but they still have never had an athlete under 10s.

In fact only one athlete not of sub-Saharan African descent has ever broken the 10s barrier – Patrick Johnson. The Australian record holder has an aborginal mother and an Irish father and in Mito Japan in 2003 he clocked an amazing time of 9.93s in the 100m, aged 30 years old. Sadly that was his best time by quite some way, his second best being 10.10s, set in 2000.

Whilst this does show that it is possible for non black athlete’s to break the 10s barrier, I still think it is an impossibility for white athletes. In 1984 when Woronin ran his time the world record time was 9.93s, (the ten second barrier having been broken in 1968 by Jim Hines), so he really wasn’t far away from it. 24 years on it has been broken ten times and is currently 9.69s set by Usain Bolt, whilst Woronin’s time still stands and is now 0.31s away from the world record.

Surely if it were possible a white man would have made a sub 10s 100m by now? Personallly I think that in 100 years people will still be waiting for a white man to break the ten second barrier.

On the 9th July 2010, 20 year old Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre broke the 10s barrier with a time of 9.98s. You can read the update to this topic here. Or you can read another post, covering this topic from a slightly different angle.


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  1. Semi-final 1er lemaitre 10.06 (-1,2)

  2. Lemaitre is a champion of Europe
    Disappointing performance for all the participants (pressure? Fatigue of the semi-finals? Nobody knows)

    Finale (-1.00m/s)

    Rang Athlète Perf. Rec.
    1 C. LEMAITRE (FRA) 10″11
    2 M. LEWIS-FRANCIS (GBR) 10″18
    3 M. MBANDJOCK (FRA) 10″18
    4 F. OBIKWELU (POR) 10″18
    5 D. CHAMBERS (GBR) 10’18
    7 J. SAIDY NDURE (NOR) 10″31
    8 E. DI GREGORIO (ITA) 10’34

    • Hello mordunet, thanks for the updates.

      I worked out the 10.06s to be a 10s flat with that wind, and his final a 10.06s, both still fairly impressive, but I expected more.

  3. ugliest bend run in a 200 I have seen at this level. Christophe’s coach has some work to do

    • Thanks for commenting.

      I agree, each time he ran it it looked as though it was his first 200m when he reached top speed off the bend however, he looked amazing, not so much in the final. If he sorts the bend out he could well be challenging for medals at the World Championships in 2011, maybe even Mennea’s silly record.

  4. Very refreshing how you just simply state facts without being scared to talk about race.

    Check the comments here:

    71 fastest runners on earth: 1 white Christophe Lemaitre & 70 blacks. Are races equal?

  5. time for an update !

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      I doubt that very much.

  7. 2 Sub-10 performances in Rieti for Christophe 9.98 in the heats and a new PB and NR of 9.97 with 0.9 tailwind, once again he was clearly the worst out of the blocks with a bad reaction time.

    • Good performances, but I can’t help but feel a little cheated that he missed the big meets, I only saw him at the European Championships this year (one of the few times I have actually seen him run) and none of the Diamond League meets. Now I have to wait until the World Championships next year.

  8. haha! you can stay at my house in Sydney, Charlie. I live in a nice part where you’re likely to come and go with all bones still in tact.

    Christophe now has three sub 10s. Not yet much under 10 but certainly consistent enough to prove it no fluke. The thing is, he has so much to improve upon. As Darren Campbell said (I paraphrase), “so raw yet so fast”

    • Thanks Steve.

      Amazing really, I knew he’d go under 10s again but he is so consistent, he runs almost the same time every time he runs, or slightly faster, and I may have to revise my prediction that he’d reach 9.95 but not likely any faster. His coach said something about aiming for sub 9.90s next year, that certainly will be impressive.

  9. His top 10 runs now average 10.032 which to me puts him much further ahead of any previous white sprinter than his best time would indicate.

    He really can run that fast and repeat it whenever he’s fit and fresh.

    • Yes, it is worth nothing that no white sprinter has ever run sub 10.1s more than once before, except Matt Shirvington, who only managed it three times. I’ve lost count of how many times Lemaitre has done it this year, indeed it would probably be easier to count his 10.1+ times (two I think). You mentioned his average, when you compare that to other white sprinters you do see the gulf. Pietro Mennea’s average was 10.18s, as was Wells’ and Emmelmanns, Borzov 10.19s, Worronin 10.14s, even Shirvington’s was 10.11s. To have 10.03s is staggering, and on a par with Kim Collins and Calvin Smith!

  10. what a finish in this new race today, at continetal cup in Split!! I posted the vid here:

    his coach said several times last weeks that he his tired and not really in good shape, he did not a lot of training the last few weeks

  11. He really is proving to have that winner’s mindset. Bailey had a clear metre on him at halfway but Christophe doesn’t seem to panic as he gets more confident with his closing speed ability.
    He is now 2nd best ever European sprinter.
    Top 10 average is now 10.028 and approaching that elusive 10 mark. Only Linford Christie of European sprinters can boast a better top 10 average (9.955), with the one sub 9.90 run of 9.87.
    I’d love to see Christophe whittle this away in the next few years.

    It became clear that Bailey is the jerk I thought he was after ignoring Martin Kellar’s offer of a handshake in Berlin. He carried on last night as if he’d won and gave Lemaitre the cold shoulder this time. I hoped he’d grown up by now, but no.

  12. Lemaitre is a great sprinter running under 10 seconds already, He also has considerable top speed which showed in paris this year when he was pretty much running at the same speed as powell at the end of the race. If he can improve his starts and improve his technique then i think it is possible for him to run mid 9.8s in his career at least

  13. Is there a reason for this blog anymore? Or will Charlie the “Doubting Thomas” start pooh poohing Lemaitre’s chances at winning World/Olympic medals?

    • Thanks for the comment. You may be surprised to learn that this blog isn’t merely to celebrate the achievements of Christophe Lemaitre, or indeed athletics as a whole, so no, it has not now become defunct, simply neglected.

      As for my being a doubting Thomas, undoubtedly. To that end I am going to say that Lemaitre is unlikely to gain medals at the World/Olympic Level. This year was his best year, yet he is ranked 11th in the world on times and a quarter of a second behind the big three. Much as I’d like to hope otherwise, I think the best Lemaitre can ever hope for is to break the European record.

  14. So far this year you might be right as his times have been mediocre at best. Generally when guys start off poorly the whole season is right off.

  15. It looks like the early form was just off as he actually started peaking nicely near the end of the indoor season. The Euro indoors was a bit of disappointment but he was near his pb and the two runners that bested actually ran faster than his pb. They also have had or currently have a drug cloud hanging over them.

  16. It looks like this blog is dead. But Lemaitre looks like last seasons form was no flash in the pan. He is running times similar to last season and should break his pb at some point this season.

  17. meeting de Montreuil (+0.9 m/s), 07 juin 2011

    1er black 9″ 95
    2ème lemaitre 9 “96
    3ème Daniel Bailey, 10” 00

  18. LeMaitre 9.95 today at the Europa Cup (or whatever it’s called these days).

  19. Hi Charlie,

    I was the first guy to speak about Lemaitre here (I’m stupidly proud of that lol) and was sure he would be a sub-ten.

    And now he run his 5th sub-ten and has a PB of 9’95.

    I rule lol

    He will go faster and will break european ecord.

    Bye 🙂

  20. It looks like he has a lot in the tank and a low 9.9X or even a high 9.8X should be in the cards by the end of season. Wonderful stuff!

  21. no other white guys following at this stage. A few sub 10.20s but nothing much. Guliyev looks most capable of the rest but pops straight up at the start which kills any drive phase. I think he needs a coach better than Turkey can provide.
    So, apart from Lemaitre, I’ll see Guliyev as the only potential sub 10er around at present.
    I see both these guys with 200 as their event.
    Pickering loks better than he has for a few seasons but I think we won’t see much improvement from him. He’s possibly a consistent 10.20 guy IMO.

  22. Here is a complete lists of the fastest white men in history

  23. 9.92 a new NR. The kid is dancing around a flat 9.9 or a high 9.8X. Awesome!

  24. You must be feeling pretty stupid now. Lemaitre is delivering a series of knockout blows to the head measurers & racial theorists. 9.92! Let’s see what happens in this year’s world champs.

    • Sometimes it can feel good to be wrong, so no, I do not feel stupid.

      I also said that he’d never get a medal at a major championships, well I could be wrong about that too, but he would still need to improve quite a bit despite the worldwide 100m slump.

      I will certainly be cheering him on at the world’s, because let’s be honest, the UK athletes haven’t got a hope.

  25. Do you think though, that a caucasian kid who dedicated his life to running from a young age, could at least win the olympics?
    eg. if a countrys government picks up a kid at 12 and lets say for example hes greek or italian, no african, and they train him until his 19 then put him in the olympics, could a kid with full on training dieting and natural ability win even if he isnt black?

    • In a word, no. Had this been possible, nations like Russia and China, who do precisely what you said, would have had an Olympic champion in the past few decades.

      Having said that, I guess it all depends on Lemaitre, he’s already done what no white man has ever done before, he may well medal at the World’s, but only if he significantly improves. Even so, I think that Gold is beyond him.

      Besides, if you take out Lemaitre, whites are no further on than they were 40 years ago.

  26. The World Champs in Daegu start tomorrow so what are Honky’s chances in the sprints? A medal and 9.8x maybe?

    • Thanks for the comments Gutbucket.

      I have to admit, I thought before the championships, and have said so on here, that Lemaitre would be lucky to ever get a championship medal. However with Gay absent and then Powell and with Bolt off his top form, I thought that perhaps this could be Lemaitre’s chance to get a medal. I was hoping for a sub 9.9s, a medal and maybe a European record.

      For a man that has run 9.92s this season, and been very consistent, he performed poorly. He wasn’t helped by Bolt’s false start, Lematire had been one of the fastest starters in reactions times, but was the slowest by some way after Bolt’s DQ.

      I hate to say it, but this was probably his best chance at ever getting a major 100m medal, and he let it slip through his fingers. He is not even in the 10 fastest times this year (unless you take away Mullings and Rodgers), and this has been quite an off year in the 100m.

  27. Haha! Well, this racist shit is dead on it’s arse now. LeMaitre medals and runs 19.80!! Hooray for Honky!!

    • Well it was never about the 200m really, after all the world record holder for 17 years over 200m was white, albeit a chemically aided altitude run. Lemaitre is still only the second fastest white man, and 15th fastest of all time.

      I think if he improves his bend running, he can go quite a bit faster over 200m, and figure in the medals. It is worth noting that of the 14 men who have run faster than Lemaitre, half of them are still running. So he is going to have to seriously work on his technique to make sure he gets in the medals.

      Having said that, I think that the 200m is Lemaite’s best hope of success, I just hope he continues to improve.

  28. Charlie sorry x you and for a couple biased comments of yours posted with the intention of defaming Mennea, one of greatest and fairest sprinters ever, the last clean olympic gold in the 200m race, but truth just asks for someone to point out at lying statements & dirty lies :
    100% false that Mennea ” failed drug tests on past 15 years ” PPP , nor he failed any doping test neither he EVER took any enhance substance throgout his all career.
    100% false that Mennea EVER admitted any use of growth hormone , that’s one of the many ridiculous bs bulided up from ignorant chavinistic idiots on wikipedia anglo edition.
    Even in case he wanted to do that, he could have never get any possibility, since the HGH was not available in the 1970s and 1980s, but only at early 1990s ( at least someone should get informed and check so ridiculous and nonsensed idiocies …) !!
    Mennea was no american or british or caribbean doped cheater and enhanced clown, he has always fought doped robbers in his career
    meanwhile he was kicking the US track & field’s puffs in worldwide stadiums, both on sea level and on altitude ( like saying Bob Beamon’s long jump was a fake one ….ahahah) , he has always been a symbol of clean and fair outclass champ and still he lokks like that .
    Posting clueless comments only to share shame which is only on shamefull doped cheaters from well known countries is never a good idea …..! lol

  29. Chris Garpenborg a Swedish National ran 100m in the time of 9,82
    beating Clancy Edwards at Las Vegas Invitational 1976.
    Unfortunately the windmeter was not working so the record was not

    • Thanks for commenting Harry.

      As I recall Christer Garpenborg did run a sub 10s time in 76, but it was 9.99s and the wind gauge wasn’t faulty, but read 16m/s! To be fair to him, that works out at around 10.15s, so would have beaten his 10.25s PB.

  30. Charlie, you’re a black worshipping faggot. I hope you die and rot in hell. You defend any criticism against black intellectual inferiority yet promote white athletic inferiority. You’re a hypocrite, a loser, and a Debbie downer – all in one lowly diatribe.

    • Thank you for taking the trouble to comment Tom Jay.

      It stands to reason that if there are positives, there are also negatives – for both races. I did not state that whites are athletically inferior – only that they are inferior in the 100m. If you believe that to be a false assertion, feel free to state your case. But be warned the evidence (only one white man under 10s – ever) is stacked against you.

      As I have stated many times, there are a multitude of sports in which whites excel and which blacks do not.

      As for intellectual superiority; we have been having the same argument for 300 years now. There is little evidence for this. Besides, if you are stating that one race excels in certain areas, then it is logical that it can be deficient in others; ergo you are also being hypocritical.

  31. The fastest white man to ever live…. Paul Nash of South Africa. He ran 10.0 several times including in Zurich in 1968. He also ran 10.0 and an hour later ran 20.1 in the 200m. He would definitley have won a gold medal in Mexico if South Africa had not been banned from the Olympics at the time.

    • Thanks Ginger but Armin Hary ran 10s eight years earlier and he was also white. Besides those were hand timed. Not the same as real 10s of today, they were about a quarter of a second slower.

      I agree though, chances are that Nash would have won gold. One wonders how different sprinting would be now, if he had.

  32. Lucille Gitto

    Thanks for good info 🙂

  33. Lemaitre has now run under 10.00 seven times.

  34. the fastest caucasian man his french Christophe Lemaitre 9.95 now suck on that

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  36. Thanks for the interesting thread Charlie. Being in my sixties and an avid spectator and participant in a variety of sports for the past fifty years, I find it incredible that many people still doubt Black athletic superiority in a variety of sports.
    If you look at American football virtually all the top speed positions (like running backs and defensive backs) are occupied by Black players. There have been so few non-black players at the speed positions that the appearance of even one white player causes numerous articles about the player to be written by bemused media types.
    When I was growing up in the sixties, I became a huge football and basketball fan. One thing I quickly noticed was how fast black athletes were compared to white athletes. And it wasn’t just speed. When I first started watching basketball games back in the early sixties, it was in the Wisconsin state high school basketball tournament . The tournament at the time was just a one division tourney with all the public schools in Wisconsin, about 400 or so, eligible, The tournament would usually have one or more teams from the Milwaukee area many times composed of all black players. In Wisconsin there is a very small black population outside the big cities of Milwaukee and Madison, so most of the teams in the tournament were all-white. It startled me whenever I saw a white team play a black team how much quicker, faster, and superior leapers the black kids were. Often the black kids literally ran rings around the bewildered white players.
    I didn’t think much about that nodding my head with many of the “experts” of the day who mouthed the usual p.c. comments about black players achieving their athletic superiority by working harder than white kids.
    That p.c. theory has been pretty much blown out of the water by the almost total dominance of black athletes in many sports. If there is a sport where speed, quickness, and jumping ability are put at premiums, black athletes will dominate. That should be patently obvious to anyone watching the virtual total of black sprinters in track and field.
    In the case of American football, in many parts of the south and midwest, the sport is almost a religion. Especially the south. If black and white athletes were comparable athletically as far as speed, about 70% of the the players in the National Football League would be white instead of the approx. 33% number it’s currently at.
    Ditto for basketball. Although black kids practice more than white kids, a lot of that has to do with many white kids noticing the athletic superiority of black athletes and either choosing other sports or not participating period.
    There were and still are many black political activists, like Harry Edwards, who’ve tried to pooh pooh all the overwhelming evidence of black superiority in certain sports. But I think most people are finally coming around to the truth.

  37. Hi Charlie haven’t read all the comments but i think the idea that white men have stalled at a peak is nonsense. What i do think is strange is that how until the 1980’s ‘blacks’ and ‘whites’ pretty much intermittently shared the fastest times. Suddenly white sprinters stalled and blacks carried on. Now even if white’s had reached a physical brick wall at that point. The advances in technology, training, nutrition etc would surely have propelled faster times yet this hasn’t been the case. I suggest the reason whites haven’t progressed is much more a sociological and psychological one. A naturally fast white men is just as likely to be a doctor and/or believe that he wouldn’t make it as a sprinter by looking at the olympic line ups of the past 30 years.

    Of course the other main flaw in the blacks are quicker is that it isn’t ‘blacks’
    it’s a tiny minority subset with descendents from a small region of West Africa. The idea that saying blacks are better sprinter is like saying a group of Finnish guys from one village who are the strongest in the world means all white men are super strong, very flawed.

  38. It looks like he Christophe has stalled and Gulyev is MIA. You could well be right on your theory on white sprinters peaking young and regressing young. If Lemaitre doesn’t turn it around soon he won’t be getting top sponsorship, they all will jump to Vicaut.

    • Lemaitre was disappointing this season, he not only is no longer improving, he is getting worse. He hasn’t gone sub-10s for 3 years. He’s no longer the fastest in Europe, even on paper nor even the fastest in his own country. Vicaut is already the French No.1 at 100m and getting better all the time, perhaps in part because he travels and competes at all the Diamond League events. I barely see Lemaitre save for the big events.

  39. I find i hard to believe that there are still people believing that genetics are not behind the difference in white and black sprint times. Now, if there was a god, then we can say that all men (or women) are created equal , but if you believe in evolution you can understand that it is entirely possible that the numerous sub-species of humans evolved with slightly different proclivities inasmuch as they existed largely apart in varying environments for eons. It really is NOT about black or white confidence, and it really doesn’t matter if there are IQ differences, sprint speed and intelligence do not bear an inverse relationship even if you buy into IQ differences. No one is hiding the really fast whites – if they were out there, the world would parade them, not send them into accounting.
    Most of what one commenter said about which sports whites excel in (over blacks) had more to do with the acquisition of a skill set – something that requires lots of time and money, things often in short supply in poorer black communities. The higher the ratio of skill to nature, the more likely whites will be involved. With one exception – swimming. It really does not matter how much training in swimming West African descended blacks get – that’s not something they will excel at, with but the rarest of exceptions.

  40. Paul Nash of South Africa equalled the then world record at 10.0 sec dead held by Jim Hines in early 1968, on a cinder track near Johannesburg — which is at a very high altitude. He might well have dipped into the 9.9 sec mark at the Olympics in Mexico that year, on the new 3M tartan synthetic track. But South Africa had been expelled from the Olympics after 1960 because of their politics, so Nash never got the chance.

  41. I understand that Low had some sort of immune system breakdown after his record-tying run – he may not have made it to the Olympics anyway.

  42. Sorry Jon Low – I meant to say that Paul Nash had the breakdown. I trust you’ve been in fine health all along.

  43. Highschool Dropout Smarter Than You All

    The main reason why blacks run faster than whites at the elite level is because they start abusing PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS earlier + take more drugs + take higher dosages!
    Show me a white sprinter who took so much steroids that the white part of his/her eyes became yellow, like Ben Johnson’s did.
    Blacks do everything they can (like cheat) to be gold-medal-winning sprinters because they think it’s their only option to be successful in life, where-as whites know they have other options (because they’re smarter on average) and if sprinting doesn’t work out for them it’s not the end of the world, so there’s less of a chance that some 15-20yo white kid will take (multiple) steroids and take sprinting as serious as a black kid would.
    The reason why the Jamaican sprinters started winning all the races recently is because of PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS! They hooked up with that pos hormone specialist and he “showed them the way”.
    The reason why Usain Bolt is the fastest man ever is because he is tall with long legs, is very lean (no excess water/fat like some white runners), and can move those long legs fast because of all the PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS he takes! He wouldn’t be able to run under 10 seconds without PEDs! He’d be a lanky beenpole like all non-PED-abusing lean tall people.
    HGH alone (ALONE) improves 100m times by approx. 0.4 of a second! Now add in steroids, insulin, epo and more steroids… and that’s good for what? 1 whole second? More?
    And those thinking Bolt doesn’t take drugs; Jesus, get a clue.

    It’s NOT about genetics,
    it’s about DRUGS!!!!!
    This whole “genetics” crap started with juiced-up liars saying they have really good genetics to cover up their drug-abusing cheating-ways! And you all slowly slowly started to believe them.
    “Hey, how are your arms so much bigger than mine when I’ve been lifting weights longer than you have and lift heavier… Are you on steroids?”
    “Nah, I just have good genetics and drink a lot of protein shakes”
    “Oh, okay.”
    Lol at all these puzzled scientists trying to figure it out. What a bunch of IDIOTS!

  44. Highschool Dropout Smarter Than You All

    Just remember people; Ben Johnson was on so much PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS that the white parts of his eyes turned yellow and he “only” managed to run 100m in 9.79 seconds.
    I don’t see pro bodybuilders eyes turning yellow (from liver damage / steroid abuse) and they take MASSIVE amounts, so you can imagine how much Ben was actually taking + the fact that he couldn’t pass a usually-good-for-nothing drug test speaks volumes on how much artificial hormones were in his system.

    So, Ben Johnson on a tonne of steroids ran a 9.79.
    Tyson Gay 9.78
    Nesta Carter 9.78
    Justin Gatlin 9.77
    Asafa Powell 9.74
    Usain Bolt 9.58
    HGH alone is estimated to be good for 0.4 of a second in a 100m race.
    PEDs give an athlete (any person) a HUGE advantage.
    Do the math.
    They ALL do drugs!

    I’ll leave this here:

    Johnson, in his autobiography “Seul to Soul”, admitted that he used steroids regularly starting in 1981 on the advice of his trainer, Charles Francis.

    “He told me all sprinters used. If I didn’t, I would never win. At the time I accepted it,” revealed the athlete.

    “A team of specialists helped us to stop the use right before competitions,” said Johnson. The group that helped Ben created precise protocols for the use of the drugs. The injections were interrupted three weeks before tournaments and, that way, the body would eliminate the traces from the body. For that reason, Johnson underwent over 20 anti-doping tests between 1985 and 1988 and was never caught.

    I bet no human can run 100m in under 10 seconds without drugs and no human ever has.
    Think about it. Ben Johnson pumped full of steroids ran 100m in 9.79.
    Just 0.21 of a second under 10 seconds.
    Take away all those steroids he was on and what do you get?
    10.1 seconds? Same time those white sprinters were doing in the 50’s (pre steroids).

    • Opinions is like assholes,everybody has one.I am White and won Sunkist Invitational 60 yard dash 5,9 equalled worldrecord.I also won pennrelays 9,2 100 yards.AAU Champion the last White 1976.I beat Marian Woronin in the European Championship,I beat Steve Williams, Don Quarrie,Allan Wells,Clancy EdwardsLost to Valeriy Borsov beaten only with 100th of a second.It seems that people comenting
      have not run very fast themselves

  45. Maybe being proud to be a high school dropout has prevented you from seeing the world from a wider perspective. Tell me how is it that in this world of 7 billion plus people, no one but West Africans and their descendants elsewhere run the several hundred best sprint times ever? Tell me how it is that China with 1.3 billion people, and India with 1.2 billion people, and north and east Africa, with several hundred million people, and South America and East Asia with many hundreds of millions of people – all told, a world of billions of people with varying prospects at being successful in life – no one can find a soul that is competitive with the sprint times of the West African descendants.
    How is it that the US, with FAR more poor whites than poor blacks, and now with millions of Hispanics, many who are poor, can’t break the 10 second barrier, in fact, can’t find college and post college sprinters that can compete with black high school times?
    How is it that American blacks have been running the best times since Jesse Owens – long before steroids were on the scene?
    How is it that many of the best sprinters of many countries in the world, even in countries where blacks are a distinct minority, are black?
    Finally, how is it that you believe whites are smarter but blacks can’t possibly run faster?
    Best finish high school at the very least.

  46. I should add one more thing. How is it that you understand that body builders/weight lifters use steroids (are they all black?) but white sprinters don’t? Is it that white bodybuilders have no future prospects so they turn to steroids?
    Your argument is not only illogical it is entirely non-sensical.

  47. That’s right Chris – you were one fast white guy. But that was long ago now. At this point, a little humility is in order – especially if you are only going to talk about yourself. Our opinions are every bit as valid as yours.

  48. In the world of sprinting, you are tops on this blog, for sure. In the world of discussing genetics and human difference, your opinion counts no more than the other ‘assholes’ here.

    • Dear Barry.What is the Point of this blog?Maybe you should start a blog that blacks are better equipped in the genetal department and have bigger balls that work like bearings and therefor are faster sprinters.

  49. That might be your blog, sicko. For that matter, this is not MY blog. All you’ve proved is that you had an ancient talent for sprinting, and are pretty much a big zero otherwise.

  50. My contributions to society are in the past AND present and will outlive me. I’m proud of them. But the blog is not about me.

  51. So I am curious to see what you will say now that Christophe Lemaitre has run under 10 seconds twice. Still think white men can’t run?

  52. John Caleb – It’s so exceptional for a white to run under 10 seconds that you can name the only one to have done it! And when did he LAST run under 10 flat?
    BTW, Lemaitre has been discussed extensively within this thread. You should read the comments.

  53. Valeriy Pylypovych Borzov (Ukrainian: Валерій Пилипович Борзов, Russian: Валерий Филиппович Борзов, Valeriy Filippovich Borzov; born 20 October 1949) is a Ukrainian former sprint athlete who competed for the Soviet Union. He is a three-time Olympian.
    In 1972 he won both the 100 and 200 metres sprint events for the Soviet Union at the Olympic Games in Munich.
    He had already won the 100 m championship in 1969, when he equalled Armin Hary’s nine year-old European record of 10.0 seconds.
    At the 1972 Munich Olympics, two of the American favorites, Eddie Hart and Rey Robinson, missed the 100 m quarterfinals due to a misunderstanding about the starting time of the heats. Their times in the trials were both 9.9 with Eddie Hart just ahead. After Borzov had won the 100 m sprint with relative ease in a time of 10.14 seconds, the Americans promised they would beat Borzov in the 200 m competition.
    However, with all three Americans in the final this time, Borzov won again in a great style. The picture, featuring Borzov winning the 200 m heats at the 1972 Summer Olympics was selected for the Voyager Golden Record and later launched into space aboard two Voyager spacecraft in 1977.[2] However, the Americans won the 4×100 relay with the Soviets taking second place. Hart ran the anchor leg of that relay receiving the baton four metres in front of Borzov thus denying the great Ukrainian any chance of demonstrating his superiority over his American rival.
    Between the 1972 and the 1976 Olympics, Borzov spent more time on his studies and soccer. Still, this did not stop him from winning his third successive 100 m title at the European Championships in 1974. Rumours of a planned assassination attempt and his possible defection attempt surrounded his appearance at the Montreal Olympics. He finished third in the 100 m race behind Caribbean sprinters Hasley Crawford and Donald Quarrie, matching his 1972 finals time of 10.14, his fourth Olympic medal. In the 4 x 100 m relays, his team won another bronze.
    Rank Name Nationality Time
    1st Valeriy Borzov Soviet Union 20.00
    2nd Larry Black United States 20.19
    3rd Pietro Mennea Italy 20.30
    4 Larry Burton United States 20.37
    5 Chuck Smith United States 20.55
    so—the man run 2 times in 10 sec—look =20.00 for 200m
    and look at the year -1972.
    do U understand that stronger drugs appeared later? –in America , of course. which are difficult to be found .
    think before writing your tales.

    • The 100 meter times in the TRIALS by Hart and Robinson were faster than ANY time Borzov ever ran in his entire running career.
      Borzov was a great sprinter – and among the top few European-descended sprinters of all time – but way down the list of 100 meter times historically, way down compared to many scores of West African-descended runners. (And let’s remember he also won when much of the world boycotted the Soviet Olympics).
      As for drugs – the Soviet Union was notorious for early steroid use.
      This is no tale – no fabrication.

  54. and now a Chinky has gone sub-10 in Eugene.

  55. Chinese athlete Bingtian Su has now gone sub 10 with 9.99 in Eugene, Oregon.

  56. In 1968 a white South African, Paul Nash (21) , ran 10.0 seconds on a South African cinder track near Johannesburg, equalling Jim Hines’ world record, repeating the feat later that year in Zurich, Switzerland. Because South Africa was barred from the Olympics due to their apartheid policies, these two did not meet in the Olympics of that year in Mexico.

  57. So you were wrong, Lemaitre has run 9.92 sec

    • That’s old news here Anonymous. But as you might have discerned yourself, the fact that we can name the whites that have run under 10flat tells all.

  58. This column is now about 8 years old. Over this span there has been pretty much close to nothing that would alter the likely understanding that there is a biological basis for Non-West African descended blacks having a nervous system that manifests in slightly slower motor skills than have West African descended blacks.

  59. Armin Harry! He ran the 10.0 twice in half an hour on cinder track and was, of course, the last one without doping! (Doping started in general at 1966)
    The time measurement companies Longines and Omega have studied the TV recordings of Harry’s early (false) start running. Result: There was no false start! And: Stopped electronically he ran a 10.16. On cinder track as mentioned. Nowadays there is no doubt that he was the first sub-10 sprinter.
    ((Knut Teske, „Läufer des Jahrhunderts“))

    • Armin Hary was a very fast runner, among the best of the day. But his 10 flat runs were on a very slightly-sloped track (presumably sloped downhill), just above the legal limit – so they were disallowed.

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