Sick baby beater

Father rained punches on friend’s baby boy ‘because he was bitter that his daughter had Down’s Syndrome’ | Mail Online

A father attacked a baby while it slept in its cot – then claimed he did it because the boy’s parents taunted him about his own daughter’s ill health, a court has heard.

vile scum

I don’t know what was more sickening, the actions of this detestable man, or the fact that the Judge thought that he only deserved six months for beating a defenceless baby.

His excuse of being bitter over the illness of his daughter and the perceived slights that he had received are no excuse for attacking a sleeping baby.

During a party at their house Carty, 39, was caught on camera landing heavy blows on the baby in its cot.

The tot was later found covered in vomit and with bruising to its back.

The baby was fortunate not to suffer permanent or even fatal injuries from this senseless attack.

Anyone who would do this to a child really doesn’t deserve to be a part of society and more importantly, society doesn’t deserve to have someone like this among them.


3 responses to “Sick baby beater

  1. This mother fucker deserves to die. I hate him. KIll that mother Fucker and the parents are fucked up too. Get off the drugs!!!!!!!!!! That wouldn’t help you sick mother fuckers though

    • Thanks for the comments Megan. I couldn’t agree more.

      Sadly the scum has been walking around free for almost 18 months now. So much for justice.

  2. I hope you live in hell forever along with all the other sociopaths. You do know that you are not normal right?

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