Britain’s Hoodie Thugs

Non-smoker fights for life after thugs attack him for failing to give them a cigarette | Mail Online

A gas engineer is fighting for his life today after he was beaten and left for dead by a gang of thugs – over a cigarette.

Martin Bramhall – Victim

A callous act but sadly one that is becoming common place in ‘modern Britain’. Naturally these thugs will never be caught, and unless he dies we won’t hear any more about Martin Bramhall, he’ll simply be just another victim of Britain’s Hoodie Thugs.

Even if he survives and somehow manages to overcome the severe brain damage he has received, he’ll never be the same person again.

An innocent man has had his life completely destroyed for absolutely no reason, his girlfriend has also had her life turned upside down and is now very likely to have a vegetable for a boyfriend.

What surprises me most is that there are still sections of the British community that believe that thugs like this should be given a slap on the wrist, or a lenient sentence, as if afterwards they will be reformed characters. In reality they will laugh at us for being idiots and do the same again, and again and again. These are the kids that grew up with too many rights and too few boundaries.

The reaction of the police us just plain baffling:

“Many witnesses have been coming forward, but I don’t think the offenders realise the seriousness of their actions.”

Mahjabeen Ansaru – Girlfriend

Who cares? A man is in a coma and most likely brain damaged, it doesn’t matter how the heartless scum that did it view what they did, only how the rest of society views the offence. Murder or attempted murder in my book.

“Martin had gone to the taxi rank and was asked for a cigarette. He said no and they just launched into him, it was three on one he had no chance.”

People like these evil thugs probably assault someone on every night out, sadly if their victim isn’t seriously hurt, it is probably never even reported, such is life in Britain today.

Urgent action is needed if we are to turn around this descent in violent chaos on Britain’s streets. Less police on the streets, lenient sentencing, poor school discipline and lazy parenting have led us to this point and sooner or later it will be breaking point. How long will it be before the decent folk start taking the law into their own hands?

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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