Compensation Britain

Tesco delivery driver sues customer after twisting his ankle on driveway | Mail Online

A Tesco delivery driver is suing one of the supermarket’s customers after injuring an ankle while dropping off groceries at his home.

Mind the step, dozy

Years ago I use to watch American TV and the news from the US aghast at the stories of people suing one company after another for trivial reasons, such as falling, tripping or generally just being a clumsy oaf.

I’d chuckle at these stories, safe in the knowledge that we are far too sensible in Britain to ever have anything like that happen here; how wrong I was!

Any excuse for the lazy good for nothing idiots in this country to make a few quid with no effort.

Oops a daisy

I’m amazed that this idiot of a van driver (what kind of a buffoon gets out of a vehicle without looking where he is placing his feet?) even has the right to sue, I have always thought that if someone tripped, fell, or somehow injured himself on my property it would be his own fault for entering my property and not taking due care; but it seems not.

Does this mean that I should beware of lawsuits from the young man that delivers that stupid free paper everyweek that I throw straight into the bin, should he ever have the misfortune to take a tumble walking down my drive? What about the milkman, postman or even those annoying charity collectors?

Will home owners now have to display signs such as:


Just to be sure that they are not leaving themselves open to court cases?

I hope that this case will just be thrown out and the driver shown up for the malingering layabout that he is. He’ll probably be caught out refereeing some football match at some point like the other fakers.

In any event there is one thing that is certain occur because of this case, my insurance premiums will go up.

4 responses to “Compensation Britain

  1. Just wait until you get someone suing because their tea was hot.
    Excellent group of postings btw.

  2. Thanks Alfie, it’s only a matter of time, every advert break has at least a couple of ‘Have you had an accident in the last five years?’ adverts, giving many peoples ideas of how to make a quick bit of cash with no effort.

  3. The amount of customers that invite you into their kitchen to deliver and don’t even bother to clean up there kids toys, cat litter trays, cycles in the hallway etc etc its no wonder deliverymen are sueing customers. If you try and say no to going in as you feel its unsafe they are on the phone to head office, so risk tripping or risk geting a bollocking from your manager.

    And peoples gardens overgrown paving loose, look after your property and you wont get sued!

  4. Thank you for the comment Tescoman.

    I agree that it is a different story in the home, if they invite you in and the place is a tip, it is their responsibility. I had to visit a work colleague at home recently, he invited me in and I stood on one his kids toys. For a brief second I felt guilty and was about to apologise, then I decided that if you leave things on the floor, you should expect them to be trodden on, and that I could have broken my neck!

    Gardens are a different matter, after all the postman and the milkman seem to be able to negociate everyone’s gardens without incident, the milkman manages it in the dark too.

    I think that it depends on the people, some people who just like to moan seem to expect a red carpet and a bannister. I had a taxi driver complain about having to walk down my path once, he claimed it was ‘treacherous’, because it sloped slightly down hill. Sadly those delivering flyers don’t feel the same, so having a well looked after property is subjective. The man in the article had a slight pothole in his drive, most people would have just walked around it. You can’t blame other people for failing to look where you are going.

    On the other side of the coin are those types who have burnt out cars, shopping trolleys and such in their gardens, but they really shouldn’t expect anyone to go into their gardens.

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