Carry on Spying

Spies urged to come in from the closet – Times Online

The intelligence service MI5 has teamed up with Britain’s leading gay lobby group to recruit more homosexuals and to encourage spies to be open about their sexuality.

At the moment in Britain, it seems very cool to be gay. I am not sure what has brought this on, or why the gay community has seen the need to come not only out of the closet but to place itself firmly in every living room in Britain, but it has.

You can’t seem to turn the TV on these days without seeing an overly camp TV presenter or soap character.

In an attempt to appear cool and up to date MI5 is now apparently specifically targeting gays for recruitment, and I am not really sure why.

Ben Summerskill, director of Stonewall, said: “I am optimistic that in 10 to 15 years their [MI5’s] employment profile will look very much like modern Britain. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be a lesbian or gay director-general.”

I find this comment quite bizarre, as if somehow in ‘modern Britain’ there are more gays. According to Stonewall, who admit that they are only guessing, between 3-6% of the UK population is gay, so basically this money and this drive is going to recruit from a pool of about 5% of the population.

It also means that 95% of the population are not gay, so this next sentence is confusing….

“People from all minority communities do have experience of getting on with people who are different and of fitting in.”

Even though they have fundamentally different lifestyles from 95% of the population they are experts at fitting in? A gay man or woman may be very useful in a gay situation, but in 95% of environments they will either be inexperienced or at a disadvantage.

“They are also good at doing these things in a way that is not conspicuous.”

Inconspicuous Norton

Right…that is certainly the impression that I get, I mean I barely notice homosexuals at all now…

There is also another concern, as most of our ‘enemies’ today appear to be strict Muslims and radical Islamic Governments, won’t the homosexuals stand out a tad amongst groups that view homosexuality as a sin?

I don’t know what happened in Britain but it seems that our democracy has been turned on its head and is ruled by small vocal minorities. If MI5 wanted to reach a minority why not target the poor disenfranchised youths that crowd the working class estates?

Maybe because they don’t have a vocal lobby group and their cause in not in vogue.

Far better to keep one small minority happy, and quiet, than to actually do something worthwhile.


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