Why an Englishman’s home is not his Castle

Pregnant woman attacked in bed – Telegraph

A heavily pregnant woman underwent an emergency caesarean section after being attacked at her home by armed burglars.

This is absolutely shocking and once again highlights the problem that we have in Britain at present with scum that care little for the lives or well being of others, only of themselves and what they can get their hands on.

They broke into the house of Nerys Price and her partner, apparently to steal their cars. This is in itself a testament to the lazy criminals we have today, whereby stealing a car now actually means using the car’s keys.

Rather than spend the five minutes or so it would have taken to quietly look around for the car keys, these two abject cowards went upstairs and proceeded to beat Miss Price around the head with a cosh, itself a cowardly act but made far worse by the fact she was nine months pregnant.

Fortunately Miss Price and the baby are OK and recovering in hospital but this really does show why a change in the law is needed. Most US states have a Castle Law, which allows home owners to defend their home using deadly force, some states such as Florida, go even further:

“Law-abiding residents and visitors may legally presume the threat of bodily harm or death from anyone who breaks into a residence or occupied vehicle and may use defensive force, including deadly force, against the intruder.

A person using any force permitted by the law is immune from criminal prosecution or civil action and cannot be arrested unless a law enforcement agency determines there is probable cause that the force used was unlawful.”

The same law should be passed here.

Currently had Miss Price’s partner heard the burglars, gone downstairs and confronted them, he would have two choices, run and call the police and hope they don’t get into the bedroom before the police arrive, or try and fight two armed men, unarmed. If he had armed himself it would no longer be classed as self defence and he could be prosecuted. As the law stands had her partner gone downstairs and confronted them he’d most likely be dead or facing charges.

A change to the law would allow a home owner to arm themselves and confront and dispatch any intruder(s) without jeopardising their own lives. It is a fair assumption that anyone in your home in the middle of the night means you harm and killing or seriously wounding them should be common sense. Rather that than take the chance of them killing or overpowering you and giving them the opportunity to attack your wife or children.

Sadly in Britain defending yourself is illegal, even in your own home.


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