Britain safe from terror threat

Britain is fighting the war against terror using the most sophisticated tools available and ensuring that in Britain, there is no safe hiding place for terrorists. Britain has hi-tech planes patrolling the skies listening in on the phone calls and even the Internet connections of suspected terrorists.

hi-techBriton’s can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that both of these planes are protecting them. 

Yes, both. Britain has just two of these 40 year old surveillance planes in its arsenal to cover Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and West Yorkshire.

These planes apparently carry the latest sophisticated listening devices and are able to listen in on mobile phone calls as well as recently being fitted with the ability to listen in on Wi-Fi Signals, at least according to the Daily Mail.

“More recently they have been fitted with equipment capable of picking up signals from wi-fi computer networks.”

“…flying at between 12,000ft and 15,000ft.”

Now, I am no expert but I am fairly sure that Wi-Fi has a range of about 100m, or 350ft in all directions, so those planes would be well outside the range of Wi-Fi. Either those planes are flying really, really low or they aren’t picking up Wi-Fi at all. But 12,000-15,000ft would be ideal range for WiMax, sadly Britain doesn’t have any real WiMax networks. Pakistan apparently has the world’s largest WiMax network.

Besides, this means to remain safe a terrorist need only use a land line and a wired Internet connection to avoid detection from Britain’s state of the art surveillance planes.

An even more ingenious way of avoiding such hi-tech surveillance would be for the terrorists to move to Cornwall, where the planes apparently do not patrol.

No, this story smells like bullshit. No doubt someone, somewhere within MI5 weighed up the costs of actually purchasing equipment capable of this kind of surveillance and ways to deploy them, then decided it would be much more helpful if terrorists didn’t use mobile phones or Wi-Fi, and so released the above story to deter them.


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