Tragic Murder of 17 year old Brit

Man ‘admits Brazil girl murder’

A man has confessed to the murder of a British teenager whose torso was found in a suitcase in Brazil, police say.

This case shocked me for many reasons. Firstly and most obvious were the callous actions of Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho Santos, murdering his girlfriend and then heading off for a night out before returning to chop her up and scatter her remains.

murder The second thing that surprised me was the tragic British girl’s age, just 17. How could the girl be living in Brazil at just 17? What sort of parents would let their child move to a foreign country, and one so far away, at just seventeen?

She wasn’t going away for a holiday, she was going to live there.

Were it my daughter my response would be ‘Not a chance, anything could happen!’ and to this poor girl it did. But there is more to this story.

Santos was not some upstanding member of the community, who had asked Cara’s mother for her hand in marriage and permission to take her to Brazil to look after her. No, he was an illegal immigrant and a drug dealer and was using Cara Burke in the hope she’d marry him and he’d be given permission to stay in Britain. He was caught out and deported and the naive Miss Burke followed him back to Brazil.

Amazingly her mother seemed to be OK with this, even though she couldn’t afford to fly over there should her daughter need her, nor pay for her daughter to return (she has been unable to fly over to Brazil to bring her daughter home), but if you look at Cara’s life, it isn’t that surprising.

Cara’s sad tale doesn’t begin in Brazil, or even with meeting Santos, she had:

…recently served three months in a young offenders’ institution for breaching an Asbo which banned her from entering shops in Southfields.

Clearly she had been heading toward an unfortunate end for a while. I don’t know the mother and cannot really make judgements on her parenting, but it certainly looks to me as if this may have been a case of the lazy parenting that seems to pervade Britain at present,

“She’s misbehaving, but how am I meant to stop her?”
“She’s stealing, but how am I meant to stop her?”
“She’s dating a drug dealer, but how am I meant to stop her?”
“She’s moving to Brazil, but how am I meant to stop her?”

Tragically, all she is able to do now is bury her daughter or at least the pieces of her that they have recovered.

5 responses to “Tragic Murder of 17 year old Brit

  1. so her upper body was found in a suit case ? :l

  2. It brings me anger to my heart when i hear stories like this. These are things that happen everyday all over the U.S. its dispicable. And it doesnt matter what kind of parenting she had or how she lived her life. Nobody deserves to die like this. Nobody has the right to decide to end an innocent persons life.

    • Thanks for the comment and I totally agree. Situations like this are borne out of our apparent inability to adequately punish wrongdoers.

      He was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Hopefully in Brazil he will receive the justice he deserves, something that wouldn’t have been likely here. When he gets out he will be 41.

  3. I knew Cara since she was 4 years old, she was the apple of her mothers eye who happens to be a woman who brought up 3 kids single-handedly while working numerous cleaning jobs and had also overcome severe domestic violence which left her with a plate in her head. She has been far from well for a number of years now and gave her best to her baby, Cara. Yes Cara did get into trouble, she fell in with the wrong crowd but everyone has things they regret doing in their teenage years and she should have had the chance to outgrow that and mature into the great woman she would have been. To read that Anne (Caras mother) was fine with Cara going to Brazil infuriates me as that poor woman had a breakdown when she left for Brazil after actually locking Cara into their home to try to stop her getting to the airport but Cara rang the police saying that she was being locked away by her mother so they came round and let her out and off she went. As Cara was 17 apparently she was legally an adult when it comes to air travel even though she couldnt have bought alcohol or cigarettes her mother was told there’s nothing she can do to stop her going as as she was over 16! Cara had got her own passport and even had it delivered to a local post office to prevent her mother stopping her from going. Cara was not going to live there, she was a naive young lady and thought why not go away on holiday as the tickets were paid for by that animals sick mother. The media do enough making up facts to make stories, silly people who have no idea what they are talking about are not needed thankyou charlie

    • Thank you for the clarification. But I did say that Cara’s mother seemed to be OK with this, not that she was, partly because I was sure that anyone under 18 needed parental permission to travel abroad.

      Regardless, it is a tragic tale and a sad waste of a young life.

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