The Battle for Britain’s Streets

Caught on CCTV: The moment a drunken gang kicked man unconscious while a girl rifled through his pockets | Mail Online

Caught on CCTV: The moment a drunken gang kicked man unconscious while a girl rifled through his pockets

It’s been a while since I have posted, over a month in fact, but nothing much has changed. The violence on Britain’s streets is still of epidemic proportions and still the Government keeps telling us that crime is down.

This man received a terrible beating at the hands of a young gang, all under 21 years of age. The robbery was an after thought, this was just about violence, these young thugs did it because they could and there was no one to stop them. The police don’t patrol the streets anymore, like the fire brigade they wait by the phone for a phone call from the CCTV operators saying that a crime is in progress. They arrive along with an ambulance, view the footage and possibly catch the criminals, at some point in the future.

What is most disturbing about this case though, is that the ring leader and one of the bystanders were female. This is a disturbing trend on the back of many previous disturbing trends. First British criminals started getting younger, then more violent, then this spread to girls, who are now also getting younger and younger and increasingly callous in their use of violence.

As stated in the report:

“He could have been dead or dying yet she could not give too hoots about him. His money and cigarettes wee more important. There’s just no such thing as the fairer sex these days.”

The Government released crime figures today that show that Gemma Stafford is not a one off.

The number of females arrested for violent crimes has more than doubled in four years. Naturally the usual round of idiots stand up and point the finger once again at binge drinking and 24 hour drinking, and anything but the real causes and offer anything but solutions.

“These figures show an alarming rise in the number of violent offences committed by women, fuelled by this Government’s lax approach to binge-drinking.”

Missing some very important points in their magic bullet analysis, firstly:

In just three years there has been a 25 per cent leap in offending by girls of ten to 17.

Who are under the legal drink limit, ergo 24 hour drinking should not affect them. Secondly the rise was 21% in 2003/4, 20% in 2004/5, 16% in 2005/6 and 10% in 2006/7. Now unless my maths is incorrect, as 24 hour drinking came info force in 2005 it means that 24 hour drinking has led to a slowdown in female violence, in fact it has halved the rate of increase in just 2 years. In fact judging by these figures had 24 hour drinking not been implemented we’d now have 96192 arrests of females a year for violence, rather than the 87200 we do have.

The fact is binge drinking and 24 hour drinking just grab the headlines, just what the politicians want them to do, without getting to the real nitty gritty of the problem, which like me Civitas believe is due to a breakdown in social values:

“There are now so many children growing up in broken homes or with disruptive backgrounds that the self restraint taught to previous generations is no longer there. They think when they are angry they can just lash out. These figures reflect multiple failures; the breakdown of the family, the lack of discipline in schools and a criminal justice system that does not send out a clear enough message. These problems have been ignored or mishandled for so long we have become a more savage society. It is very difficult to see a way out of it now.”

There is only one real way out, drastic measures to curb the scum that control our streets. These people tend to start out young, and that is when they should face the harshest punishments and discipline, whilst they can still be saved.

Persistent offenders should be stripped of citizenship and forced into the army, regardless of age, a sort of National Service where the aim is regain the citizenship that was lost. Their parents too should be forced into the same system. If they cannot be bothered to raise their children properly, they must pay for their children’s rehabilitation and education, the hard way.

As a law abiding citizen my patience has run out for this scum, and also for the whiners that complain that these people need a chance, miss out, need understanding….etc. Things are getting worse and worse despite the Governments claims.

The Government said:

“Crime is down overall and violent crime is down.”

The statistics paint a different picture:

“Overall, the number of people seized for a recorded crime was 1,482,200 – an increase of four per cent.”

Which would appear to me to be an increase in overall crime?

“There was a nine per cent leap in arrests for violence while arrests for robbery increased by 5,400, or 15 per cent.”

Violent crime too is on the up, so why did Gordon Brown say the precise opposite just two weeks ago?

3 responses to “The Battle for Britain’s Streets

  1. In the States many people are newly alarmed at the rise in girl crime. There have been a number of incidents of beatings that are caught on video and shared.It seems both sides of the Pond have an issue needing attention.

  2. Free to think, free to believe...

    Ah well – the feminists always wanted equality…

    Do you think they like the look of it? There was a presumption, daft as it was, that the ‘fairer’ sex wouldn’t get physical…

    It even persisted after Thatcher went and reclaimed the Falklands…

  3. I agree, I have often heard women say things like ‘If women were in charge there’d be no wars.’ and ‘Only men are violent,’ etc

    A complete contrast to what is seen in town every Friday and Saturday night. Women, it seems, can be just as callous and violent as men.

    I think some women are confusing being equal with being the same as, you often see women today trying to out drink, out shag and even outfight the men. The feminists have really missed with their minds.

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