Naomi Campbell needs a good kicking

It seems that when you have money, you can get away with anything. I am sure that if I had a history of violence and had assaulted several police officers I would have been put inside. Not Naomi Campbell, once again she gets community service, even though what the spoilt bitch really needs is a good beating from a big fat lesbian.

Nutjob CampbellNutjob Campbell, who has been in trouble an incredible six times for losing her rag with people, usually her employees, and never seems to get any kind of real punishment, she certainly doesn’t seem to show any remorse or make any attempt to mend her ways.

She’s a bully and the epitome of a spoilt brat. After having her luggage lost at Heathrow, the captain made the special effort to apologise to her personally in her seat. The obnoxious cow then ordered him to get out of the plane and find her bag!

“I can’t believe you have lost my fucking bag. Bring me my fucking bags now. You are not leaving until you find my fucking bags.”

Like she really expected the captain to jump off the plane and start rummaging through the hold for her bag! Then again she probably did. When she realised she wasn’t getting her own way the brat sunk even lower and played the race card.

“You are a racist, you wouldn’t be doing this if I was white.”

Clearly ignorant of the fact that thousands of people lost their bags at Heathrow, most of them white, crazy Campbell thinks that it is some kind of personal vendetta against her or at least black people in general.

After refusing to leave the plane and having had her race card trumped she decided to take a different tact when the police arrived.

“You can’t fucking touch me, (into phone) make sure the press know.”

“You can’t arrest me, my cousin is in Scotland Yard.”

I am sure that her cousin really appreciates the mention, but if he’s anything like Campbell he’s probably only cleaning toilets and doesn’t really hold much sway over the senior officers.

Clearly living in some sort of alternate reality where she believes that people give a shit about her, and that it is some sort of criminal offence to misplace baggage she screamed into her phone…

“They have lost my fucking bags, get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer.”

When that failed she tried to kick the police officers in the bollocks, and then spat at them like a cornered cat. She still had one more trick up her sleeve, although she has played it earlier she was probably banking on it working this time.

“It is because I am a black woman, you are all racists. I am going to sue you. I am going to fuck you.”

Showing her class by pulling out the race card for a second time.

Despite all this the court gave her just 200 hours community service. As the chairman of the police federation said:

“Our job is hard enough and lenient sentences will be seen by some as a green light to attack officers without any fear of the law or justice being served. We trust that she won’t use the community sentence imposed as just another opportunity to gain publicity.”

I’m sure she will, that is what she did in New York and she gained nothing from that either, she’s still a crazy bully. The problem with Campbell is that in her everyday life she doesn’t meet anyone that will stand up to her, even the police could only restrain her and then only briefly. She needs to be on the receiving end of someone else’s violent temper, perhaps then she will pause before lashing out at innocent people.

3 responses to “Naomi Campbell needs a good kicking

  1. a good beating from a big fat lesbian……



    You nailed it in the first sentence, money buys people out of law problems….. OJ Simpson, and the one that really has me baffled, the 15 year old Jamie Lynn Spears BF who was 18 is not an offender where any other poor kid in a trailer park would have been

  2. There was another here in the press recently a billionaire couple were stopped at the US Embassy bringing in cocaine, a search of their property produced £3000 worth of cocaine and heroin, enough for your average Joe to be accused of being a dealer and sent away for a very, very long time.

    Naturally they got off Scott free!

    I’m surprised about Jamie Lynn Spears, 15 here is just under the age of consent (16), but isn’t that 18 in the US? We have the same problem in the UK, teenage girls leaving school pregnant, but no one is ever charged. If they cracked down more on this there would be less teenage sex and therefore less teenage single mums.

    At the very least they should have made an example of Spears as her and her sister are role models.

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